Online conference: mastering websecurity - making web applications secure

Almost every company today has to deal with the development of web applications. However, this also brings with it the challenge of uncovering security vulnerabilities and thus fending off attackers. In the online conference Mastering Websecurity on 21. April, you will learn from experienced developers and security experts how to make your web applications secure.

Starting with an analysis of the OWASP Top Ten, the online conference will provide practical knowledge in cryptography and basic web application security. The experts show how agile threat modeling can help in terms of security and which security holes lurk in Node.js and npm. A look at modern authentication techniques rounds off the conference and gives you the necessary know-how to protect your web applications from attackers.

Participants can follow the presentations of renowned experts from the comfort of their own desks – the event will be livestreamed. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without interaction options: You can ask questions via chat during the presentations, the speakers are also available for questions after the presentation and you can exchange ideas with like-minded participants.

The apache xmlbeans xml data binding framework reaches version 5.0.0.

The responsible team behind the Apache project POI ("Poor obfuscation implementation") has the completion of Apache XMLBeans version 5.0.0. announced. The new release of the XML data binding framework offers among others a Maven plug-in and now uses Apache Log4j 2 for logging.

While Apache POI serves Java developers as a library for reading and writing Microsoft Office file formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, Publisher, and Outlook, XMLBeans opens a way to access XML through bindings to Java Types. Among the bug fixes in version 5.0 there is a breaking change to be aware of: XMLBEANS-555 (Partial method generation and remove inner factory classes). The fix resolves an error when creating jar from wsdl files, which led to the message "too many constants" guided.

Changing history

Apple did unveil an audio product at its keynote on Tuesday – the compact HomePod mini. A new high-end headphone. called AirPods Studio, however, wasn’t there – even though Apple had just purged its e-commerce and in-store offerings of speakers and headphones. Instead, its Beats subsidiary is now coming out with a new product. The Beats Flex are likely aimed particularly at new iPhone owners – the 2020 vintage will lack the wired earpiece in the future – and come at a relatively moderate price by Apple standards.

Orientation to the Beats X

The hardware is based on the Beats X model, which had appeared in 2017. The in-ear earphones have a flexible connection cable ("Flex Form" and on the left and right small "Knob". These are used for operation and for connecting a charger – Beats now conveniently installs USB-C here. With a price of 48.65 euros, they are the most favorable current Beats models.

Four bright colors and "only at Apple"

Fourth mobile network: 1&1 drillisch accepts offer from telefonica

The roll-out of a fourth mobile network in Germany can start: 11 Drillisch has accepted a contract offer from its competitor Telefonica Deutschland for national roaming, the company announced Monday. Final details of the contract are to be clarified by May, but the agreement is already binding.

The cooperation with Telefonica is a prerequisite for Drillisch to build its own network. Germany currently has mobile networks operated by Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica (O2). Drillisch wanted to become number 4. Telefonica had presented its latest proposal as "a competitive final offer that is fair to both parties" . 11 parent company United Internet has to pay rent for the capacity used in the O2 network.

No own grid without roaming

2019 had 11 Drillisch buys frequency spectrum for around 1.1 billion euros for the first time at auction. However, Drillisch did not want to use this for its own network until its cell phone customers were not in a radio hole during the years-long construction phase away from the first locations, but were instead supplied via national roaming.

Google tv basic makes tv dumb on demand

Google is developing a basic mode for its upcoming television platform Google TV. This mode is intended for the variant of Google TV, which will be preinstalled on TVs from brands such as TCL and Sony in the future. It gives users a greatly reduced interface if desired, which locks out smart features like apps, movie or series recommendations and the Google Assistant.

The Basic Mode was discovered by the 9to5Google magazine in a preview version of Android TV 12. Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the feature is primarily intended for Google TV – a rehashed user interface based on Android TV. Manufacturers such as Sony and TCL have already announced that they will deliver future TVs with Google TV.

Decision at setup

Microsoft brings new features for the voice assistant cortana

Microsoft launches new features for Cortana. The voice assistant is to become a personal productivity assistant for Microsoft 365 users, revolutionizing the workflow of professionals in the film and video industry. For Windows 10, Cortana will then be available as chat-based help to get information from Microsoft applications – such as appointments entered in the calendar or to retrieve tasks from the To-Do app, as well as to create entries by voice input. In addition, the search engine query via Bing is possible. The functions are initially available with the May update only in the U.S., other countries are to follow.

Cortana reads and responds

Outlook for iOS gets an update for the "Play my Emails"-function. Cortana will be able to reply to mails and create appointments, as well as write standardized replies, for example, that you will be a little late for a meeting. In the coming weeks, the mail reader will be released for Android for the first time.

L+f: the riddle of the missing 9s

The American crypto expert Matt Blaze tells in his blog a highly interesting and probably true spy story. According to this story, spies were provided with instructions via regular radio transmissions. In it, an automaton voice read out numbers in Spanish. The radio station was located in Cuba, the receiver or receivers could be anywhere within the reception range of the shortwave transmitter – in other words, just about anywhere.

The messages were encoded, as usual in the spy field, with the provably unbreakable one-time-pad encryption. To decipher them, one needed the corresponding codebook with the corresponding real random numbers. But Blaze (and apparently others) noticed something odd about the messages: Some of them did not contain 9s. So in the complete announcement there was no "nueve" in front of.

Treacherous dummies

Robert koch institute establishes new center for artificial intelligence in wildau

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is getting a location in Brandenburg. Since January, a center for artificial intelligence in public health research has been under construction in Wildau, the RKI announced on Monday. Already "in the next few months" it should be ready for use. Around 100 jobs are planned, it said, and a manager is currently being sought.

AI to help tap complex data sources

The project is called Center for Artificial Intelligence in Public Health Research, abbreviated ZKI-PH. According to RKI, the technologies can be used to harness coarse and complex data sources in the future, "for example, to analyze epidemics more comprehensively and further develop early warning systems". The structure is financed with demand funds from the structure strengthening law coal region, it hieb. Cooperation talks with the TH Wildau were ongoing.

Fdp: government must make more speed with digitalization

FDP parliamentary group vice chairman Frank Sitta has called on the federal government to pick up the pace in digitizing the country and finally set up a digital ministry. Looking ahead to this Wednesday’s meeting of the Digital Council, Sitta told Deutsche Presse-Agentur: "The Corona crisis has made it abundantly clear what potential lies in the digitization of our country and how important a good digital infrastructure is today. Unfortunately, the federal government has slept through the digital revolution for years."

Vouchers and hatch closure auction

The grand coalition must significantly increase the future portion of the stimulus package, which is estimated at around 50 billion euros: "We need a digital ministry as a central coordinating body and more investment in digital infrastructure and management", said Sitta. He reiterated the FDP’s call for a massive acceleration of fiber-optic expansion through low-bureaucracy gigabit vouchers for households and businesses. With such vouchers for gigabit connections, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as local residents are to be given the opportunity to have their own connection upgraded. The network operator would take over the expansion and be paid the equivalent value of the voucher, according to the FDP’s idea.

Jailbreak for ios 13.5 'coming soon''coming soon'

Good news for jailbreak-fans with Apple-devices: According to this, there will be a cracking software for iOS and iPadOS 13.5 give. The new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating system had only been officially released by the manufacturer on Wednesday. According to the jailbreak team unc0ver, the new version of the tool is 95 percent ready, currently working on "final stability tests".

iOS 13.5 with kernel bug

Interestingly, the unc0ver team claims that not only older iPhones and iPads can be jailbroken with the tool, but also the youngest models iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, respectively, iPhone SE 2020 as well as iPad Pro 2020 in both roughs. The reason for this is that a zero-day hole in the current kernel was obtained from the iPhone hacker Pwn20wnd.

All devices, all operating systems