Bulgaria’s government in confrontation to judges

As Yuri Galev in the early morning hours of 20. Junis on the drive of Borovets in the Rila Mountains to his hometown Beli Iskar with a Kalaschnikoff, this was not the first attack on his life, but the last one. Ten days later he succeeds his injuries. The biography of the 47-year self-made-one can be exemplary for a generation of Bulgarian Mutri, D.H. sampling "Businessmen", which came after the collapse of communism in 1989 to influence and wise. Most of them were in a young age successful martial artists or belongings of police and intelligence services, many of them already died a violent death. Yuri Galev had had a FULLE preliminary investigation in the neck in the last twenty years; Corper injury, unauthorized arms possession, rowdytum … They all went smoothly and also prevented him to become Prasident of the Samokover Fubball Second division Rilski sportsist and to operate as a samokover city council of the nationalist party Ataka local policy.

To around 150, the number of public mandames in Bulgaria has been estimated since the beginning of the 1990s, as good as none of them was decreased undoubtedly. The indity or the invalidation of police and justice to pursue criminal offenses and punishes, have the reputation of the "state" lower under the Bulgarians to a low point.

Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro Feeds the Japanese people with his electronic ego

Japan has again a reason to celebrate: According to Tamagotchi and I-fashion, the new Prime Minister highly delivers the ultimate update in terms of self-stilization via gadget consumption. Since Thursday, the not only as Populist sends reformer a personal newsletter to millions of Japanese burger.

After taking office April of this year, the rapporteur with portraits of Koizumi, which mainly celebrated his personal style celebrated. "His Free Market Thinking Gives Him The Air of A Rebel", wrote the Wall Street Journal. He was even described as radical because he wants to catapult himself from the office if he did not succeed in the Japanese party landscape completely. His slogan: changed the LDP, transforms Japan. Observers also know that the confessing heavy-metal fan is not only a devoted driver, but also a famous self-actor, one who knows how to sit in scene.

Empty promises in mobile games: reward often fails to materialize

U.S. trade regulator accuses an advertising company of taking advantage of cell phone users. The company Tapjoy mediates advertising in mobile games. It promises rewards such as virtual coins, diamonds or gold bars if players meet certain requirements. These include purchasing from advertising partners or disclosing private data. Alone, the rewards are said to have often failed to materialize.

Hundreds of thousands of affected people have complained to Tapjoy according to the report. "Many consumers complained that they spent significant amounts of money to fulfill Tapjoy’s various offers, or disclosed sensitive private information such as their medical history or contact information, but still did not receive the promised rewards", the FTC announces.

FTC offers settlement

Wankel for europe: mazda rx-8 facelift

Leverkusen, 22. July 2009 – For a while, it was not clear if the new Mazda RX-8 introduced in January 2009 comes to Europe. Now the decision has fallen in favor of the local Wankel fans: at the IAA (17. to 27. September 2009 in Frankfurt am Main) the new Wankel athlete can be considered.

Trimming on Prasens

Optically, the new RX-8 is bully: wide xenon headlights, double-rich swelling Olkuhler airptings on the right and left as well as a newly drawn windsheller Prage the front of the Japanese. The extended hydrochlorians help to keep the OL in full load operation by six degrees kuhlers than before. Timebeam rays the jerk lights now with LEDs, the rear spoiler has been newly shaped and two coarse tailpipes send their grub to the strain.

Cabin upgraded

In the interior of RX-8, Mazda wants to leave a high-quality impression. So the surfaces were handled and the otherwise existing in the RX-8 special models black piano varnish applications in center console and steering wheel are now standard. New: The red area of the tachometer is variable, so hikes at the warm engine in higher regions. This technique is known, for example, from the BMW M5. As equipment, Recaro sports seats are in front, a Bluetooth hands-free facility, a light and rain sensor, a connection for external audio gates and a Bose sound system included.

The national standards, according to the opinion of associations, is not enough for an environmentally friendly and secure traffic. "Most countries refer to only legally required tarpaulins of the municipalities," criticized the transactions of the Allianz Pro Rail, Dirk Flag, in the presentation of the current "Federal Grand Index Mobilitat and Environment" on Wednesday (7. November 2018) in Berlin.

According to the study of the research institute Quotas Does Baden-Wurttemberg most for a sustainable traffic, followed closely by Thuringen and Rhineland-Palatinate. Lower lights are Niedersachsen and Bavaria. Germany Konnen after words of flawing his transport policy goals only with the help of the national. Also the chairman of the Environmental Organization Federation, Hubert Weifer, emphasizes that there were no sufficient losses for a road to a road. Critically, the federal government is above all the still high nitrogen dioxide values.

The investigation on behalf of the federal government, the Allianz pro rail and the German Road Safety Council (DVR) rated funf factors: traffic safety, larming, flat consumption, climate protection and air quality. In addition, traffic policy objectives included in the evaluation.

Bernhard Knierim relies on new technologies in the solution of traffic problems instead of new technologies for prohibiting, increasing and a culture

An interesting phanomen in the opposite sustainability debate is the fact that the pradicate "consistent" not for environmentally friendly products, but for good, which produce less pollutants than ubroad. In his book eating in the tank, the transport expert Bernhard Knierim does not sit down in the technical reorientation "sustainable" Fuels and means of transport means a meaningful key for an ecological redesign. Instead, he plads on a change of mobility behavior.

Mr. Knierim, they call the city of Los Angeles in their book as the "Dread image of a car-oriented city". why? Bernhard Knierim: I have not seen any other city in the world that is so high on car traffic and protruded by this. Los Angeles is from up to sixteen london "Freeways" – which are never free – crossed and people try to structure their lives primarily afterwards that they can handle the stucals possible effectively effectively. Nevertheless, it can happen at midnight that you are in traffic jam. For me, the city is the symbol of how a one-sided orientation on car traffic to the disaster leads – and how hidden you can make a city. After all, however, Los Angeles now sets a change: only a few urge to double the number of traces on the highways again, by making them two-sized now. Instead, the subway lines are gradually expanded. But in a city in which the public transport system has been broken many decades ago and the meanwhile, due to the self-reliably adopted individual transport to the above 1000 square kilometers, is now again to build a really well-usable public transport, is an almost impossible undertaking. Which problems and density are to be expected globally if the traffic-related way previously advanced? Bernhard Knierim: Traffic is at least responsible for a good 20 percent of our emissions from climate-damaging gases, and that we are heading for a massive climate change and hardly have a chance to keep it under the two-degree limit, is meanwhile undisputed. In addition, exhaust gases also the local environment, we further seal in coarse mabe flat, destroy the structure of our city, consume valuable resources and generate enormous lot. Traffic is not only an environmental but also a social problem: With our current model, we often express people from self-determined mobility – namely minors, seniors and disabled people who can not drive themselves or the people who do not want it. In addition, our model of mobilitat is not translated globally, because the resources were not sufficient and collapsed the climate within a short time. So if we only want to live at ancillary sustainable, nothing else remains elevated to us as the way of how we currently organize our traffic to throw passports on board.

Almost a week before the official presentation of the next generation of the Windows operating system, a pre-release version is leaked. This confirms the name "Windows 11" and brings a new surface design with. However, it is still a happy, not completely finished version of Windows 11, so that with other changes is expected before it is released for users.

On the Developer Conference Build 2021 Microsoft-CEO Satya Nadella has a short time "Next Generation"-Windows knows that you "as the big update of the decade" would be introduced to the afternut. Details or a name Named Nadella. This should be on the 24. June 2021 at a present at 17:00 German time present presentation, which will be streamed live. The preview of pre-release version gives a taste and betrayal that we have it with Windows 11.

Centered taskbar, start window insteadmenu

The most obvious changes to Windows 10 can be seen in the taskbar. This is centrally positioned with start menu and quick start and app symbols, but can optionally be set as usual left-bundled. The start menu is no longer upside down, but open in a separate window. The windows are also rounded to the corners.

Picture and the sister blade image on Sunday find less buyers

As can be seen from the official task statistics relating to the second quarter of 2006 published on Friday from the IVW in advance, the boulevard sheet lost within a year above 160.000 seasonal buyers. Pity for leading politicians – they had just used to their new "leading medium".

When Germany at the Fubball World Championship in France in France in the quarter-finals against Aubensiter Croatia, who still wanted to know about 4.6 million builders, who held picture of the blam. Four years later, when Oliver Kahn was appointed "Titan" at the World Cup in the Far East, the leaf still set off 4.2 million copies. In the second quarter of this year, there were hardly 3.6 million, despite the "black-red-horny" weeks-proclaimed weeks during the Fubball World Cup in his own country.

US Prasident Bush is looking for the nation behind his war with the ever-the same rhetorical offset

War planning is criticized. The rapid media-friendly advance on Baghdad, the hollow of the boses, has come to a standstill for the time being. The regime, which should tent like a card house when the troops come from Bush with the destructive spectacle of Shock-and-AW, showed unexpected resistance. Civil victims multiply, especially as a result of the first suicide attack. Prasident Bush is still looking for the public to convince with the a happy message that everything is good and you are steadily pretending.

Success on entire line

So a warlord for the woman house has to occur: surrounded by soldiers, in a fighting jacket and over, from his head coming, the national flag.

From the online nest box: Kohlmeisl's daughter must sit

HeeggGnissicher was the past week in the editorial nesting box. Wednesday morning, shortly after 4 o’clock: Kohlmeisl’s daughter visibly awakens nervous. Father after some movements that think about stretch abdements, then suddenly slightly flashed by the probably chubby warm spring upholstery of the nest. The first egg was laid.

From the online nest box: Kohlmeisl's daughter must sit

When the tit in love in love, one could recognize the reason for the strain subsidy: the first egg was laid.

Breeding, however, was not yet announced. The egg was left alone daytime, but cuddled well in the feather bed. Only at night the tit spent in the nest, standing, so that the egg or the eggs are not warm than 25 °. So the bird reaches that the development of embryo in the interior is not yet used, but no harm occurs.