WLAN router in the sights of hackers

Currently, criminals are grabbing much more home routers than ever, as evidenced by a study of the antivirus manufacturer Trend Micro. Between September and December 2019, the number almost tenfold, namely from 23 to 249 million unauthorized login experiments. In the Marz of this year alone, the company registered almost 194 million such attacks. The security researchers ame that with the relocation of company data in home networks, such attacks are far more lucrative for criminals.

The current attack shaft apparently drove professionals to use Brute Force procedures script controlled to crack access data of various Internet-of-Things devices. Home routers are based on their central location in the network of victims in the visor of the attacker: The router is the first device of the home network, which is responsive from the Internet. He is also suitable as a bridge head for more attacks on IoT devices behind it. The aim of the attacker is to tap the equipment in a botnet to drove approximately DDOS attacks on company websites.

WLAN router in the sights of hackers

Firmware often outdated

That home routers are increasingly jerking into the focus of professional attackers, it could be due to the safety of such equipment persistently poorly ordered. For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE) has knocked the firmware of 127 non-listed home routers of the manufacturer ASUS, AVM, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link and Zyxel on security joke. Huawei routers did not investigate the researchers because the manufacturer does not provide firmware files on their website. For the same reason, Fraunhofer has not considered the widespread provider routers.

Real-time experiment in Funf stages

prolog "Make this choice for the point of view! Less. Eat more!" – With this spectacular claim, the BKD offers potential WAHLER in your digital polling station. There permits the delivery "Virtual ballot" Active intervention in the election campaign. What looks at first glance according to exemplary burger participation on the high of the election campaign time, turns out to be cross-entry par excellence. With a skilful Persiflage of the online format of the "Virtual party centers" Does the Newcomer party attract here here "Burger King for Germany" (BKD) (WWW.BKD headquarters.EN) All registers of the interactive election campaign.

Last but not least, the styled network prize of the "tasteful alternative" BKD illustrates that the election campaign Anno 1998 does not last only on poster, marketplace, newspaper pages or television screens. With the internet, a new arena of campaign communication has aroused that since the Fruhsommer also from the "usual" Party landscape is considered. In the new media format, the partial unemployed workers are based on international standards political online marketing and use the World Wide Web frequently as a schaubuhne for digital commercials.

A recent study fears that reading in the US becomes a minority acquiction

In the British media you will always find an article about how people carrying books from famous writers without you ever reading or that at all the intention of doing it. For example, for example, the Mosebach from the Louis vitton bag at a German airport or in the FC Bayern Lounge? No, he does not lie, Luge. Possibly that the British consciousness status also worried about bookcover, in Germany is such immunity. If you are nostalgically disposed, you may be pleased about how about a cloud of pipe smoke, but it is decided to the stored, outdated rituals, which are cared for only in small attributed precisory circles. That may be because there are fewer readers. The complaint about it is already old. Currently she will once again managed by an American institution, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), with coarse gesture and loud alarm: the well-being of the all nation’s hour with the dwindling readiness of the Americans at the game.

"To read or not to read" (PDF file) The latest report of the National Endowment for The Arts, yesterday, is called a government who receives her funds from the American government. So it’s about existential, let’s be the title and that is so intended: after the NEA had ever written a report a few years ago, with a similar topic: "Reading at risk" And not the desired reactions scored, this time turns a little more.

Kitano takeshis’s latest movie "Brother" Paid from a journey through L.A

With the broadcast of Kitanos eighties extreme adventure gameshow "Kitano’s Castle" In German sports television (DSF) once again the suspicion was confirmed that absurd-strange remote east masochism also arrives at the local audience. But that’s just one of many reasons that the Japanese all-rounder in the course of one, so an exotic tunet trend, could become a crowd pleaser. The International Film Guide 2000 resulting is now after all "One of the fun most important directors of the present".

With its latest epic "Brother" (2000), which is to be a sum of his previous eight films, he prefers final in global dimensions. The movie was 50% funded by US-American side, coarse part plays in California and paid by the friendship between Japanese, colored Americans and Latinos – in the violent-colorful criminal milleu, is understood. Last but not least, Kitano’s history of a Yakuza hurried trying to grasp in Hollywood Fub, the Road Movie Vocabulary: In "Brother" The journey begins at the end.

The Islamists hope that they make economic progress with the moralization of society and everyday life. They proceed against opposition and trade unions with means that contradict moral tunnels

The phase of supposed standstill of the revolution is in advance: the "social question" Reports with violence. The trade union movement is currently published as the most important counterpart player of the government camp, while the Islamists as the most important ruling party obviously fail, social and economic improvements. Meanwhile, part of its base relies on more or less violent "Cleaning"Campaigns that are against "Corrupt", but sometimes against trade unionists. In December, this led to iers between social movements and appendages of government and Islamists. So it came about the evening of the 22. December on the island of Djerba to violate interim cases.

Even those who have never been to Tunisia, was allowed to know Tataouine with some likelihood. Not the city in the southern Tunisia, but her surrounding area. For in the aworldly area on the edge of the Sahara, a part of the film material for Star Wars was filmed in the 1970s: the scenes of the famous film series, which is on the Wissenplaneten "Tatoo" Play, emerged there.

The ban on disposable plastic tarts in California follows a decision in Paris. In the National Assembly, the trend also distinguishes itself

The life of the Frenchmen will change, recruited Environment Minister Segolène Royal in the presentation of the French Energiewende law in the National Assembly. From Paris, whose reputation committed to good life, the first details come: From the end of the year, the dark one-way plastic tanks are disappeared from the supermarkets.

A similar message, there were a few days before from another place associated with the promise of good life: California. A shortly adopted law promises the first summer for 2015 without "Single-Use Plastic Bags".

Chancellor Merkel loses, Seehofer again traded as a candidate

Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer after the signature of the coalition agreement. Image: Martin Rull. License: CC-BY-SA-4.0

ARD-GermanyTrend: The escape of escape policy remains the measure of the assessment. Two-thirds are not satisfied with Merkel

The Germans are dissatisfied with "Mama Merkel". How to remove the CSU at your self-firing slogan "We can do it" is rewarded: Horst Seehofer sails in popularity upwind.

Millions of avoid public transport

The Corona pandemic has dramatically disappeared the passenger numbers in buses and trains. From April to June, according to the statistical federal office about 75 percent less people in long-distance traffic were traveled than in the same period of the previous year. The railway long-distance traffic shrank by 71 percent, the bus service with long-distance buses experienced a minus of 96 percent. Throughout the first half of 2020, around 46 percent less in public transport vehicles were traveling at 45 million people than in the same period of the previous year.

In the local traffic, which made almost 99 percent of the total line traffic in the first half of 2019, the backgings in the first half of 2020 are not finished in the first half of 2020 because of many time tickets, the Federal Statistical Office announced. After leading results in railway transport with 874 million tracks, 37 percent fewer people were traveling on the road than in the same period of the previous year, in line traffic with buses 22 percent and in suspension railways – to which urban railways, high and sub-railways and suspension railways pay – 24 percent less.

The second quarter of the year was surprised by the Corona restrictions, which had been directed from Marz – Schools and Kitas had to shut up, workers remained in the home office, also the cultural and sports operation rested before.

Tiobe Index takes programming language properties in the ranking

The monthly TIOBE Programming Community Index should take into account new parameters in the classification of the popularity of programming languages. Planned is apparently the tracking of the properties of languages such as their paradigms (for example, functional or object-oriented) and type systems (such as static, dynamic or weakly typed). In the digestion of these characteristics, Tiobe wants to refer to Wikipedia, according to Paul Jansen, the CEO of Tiobe Software, and the index should also take the demand for language types under the magnifying glass.

C jerks in place 1, promoted in the lower ranges

In the current monthly ie, which looks at Marz 2021, the contested innovations do not yet come into play. In the top ten, little exercise was compared to the same month of the previous year: C Has Java disappeared from 1th place in place, in the previous year (Marz 2020) the order was reversed. C has increased by 1 percent for the ratings, which Java has built 7 percent. The Assembly Language is climbed from place 12 to 9th place, Classic Visual Basic rose from rank 18 to rank 12. A little more movement DELPHI and OBJECT PASCAL, which increased from 20th place to 14th place in the previous year. Groovy raised the large rise that climbed from rank 36 (Marz 2020) in rank 15 in the current index (that corresponds to an increase of around 1 percent in the ratings – in the lower ranges are the evaluated languages denser with each other).

Long-term trends: High C, promoted Python and sinking at PHP

More meaningful is a look at the long-term trends since 2001 (the rankings’s ranking). This shows clearly a long-term slight emanating string at Java, C after a slump in the years 2016-2018 has trapped at a high level and Python has the most clearly attrendant since 2018. An exhorted trend was at C ++, which ranked third in about 20 years ago and now quite stable (but at a lower level) has been resuming for a long time. PHP, according to Tiobe Index, experienced a high phase between 2005 and 2010 (partly it was in third place in front of C ++), but seems to be continuously in the long-term trend, but is now approximately equal to Visual Basic, SQL and JavaScript (due to the different fields of application These languages was allowed to be less useful here).

Infrastructure in the Cloud: Hashicorp starts fully managed cloud platform

Hashicorp, a provider of infrastructure-as-code services and open source infrastructure in the cloud, has introduced a new multi-cloud and multi-product platform at this year’s ie of its Hashiconf home trade fair. The Hashicorp Cloud Platform (HCP) should gradually offer the manufacturer’s products as fully managed services. The long-term goal is obviously to offer all Hashicorp services not only as a software, but also as Cloud Services. The new platform should be according to the provider "Deployment at the touch of a button" Automatically and uniform workflow when using multiple clouds freely eligible providers.

Manage Multi-Cloud Scenarios

The house fair will take place online this day, according to the organizer, around 8000 participants from about 60 countries take part in it. Hashicorp core competence are automation and infrastructure for the cloud, for example infrastructure as code with the Verwaltungs-Tool Terraform. The first product from the Hashicorp portfolio is Consul, the tool for automating the network infrastrukur, in the short-mentioned version 1.8 retracted on the new platform.

In the opening acetry note and with a press conference, the company in addition to the new cloud platform HCP, which is currently referred to as beta, innovations in the field of development (Nomad 0.12 beta), Networking (Consul 1.8), Security (Vault 1.5 beta) and operations (terraform 0.13 beta) presented.