Food is the second gray city of the Ruhr area and is centrally located in this metropolitan area. As the city of opposes, she combines the remnants of the heavy industry of the northern city parts with great half-timbered houses in Essen-Kettwig in the south of the city. Grounded around 800 and equipped with the city law since about 1400, Essen experienced the industrial upswing with the construction of the bill of collection and coking "Customs club" In the 1920s. At that time, food was the bigger mining town of Europe.

Travel photography C't fotografie unterwegs in der fotostadt essen't fotografie unterwegs in der fotostadt essen

Requirement of the former Zeche Zollverein

In 1986, the Zeche Zollverein was closed from economic reasons and turned to one of the most attractive art and cultural centers in the region. On the free access to the former industry facility, among others, the Ruhr Museum, the Red Dot Design Museum and the dismissed cokingery with unique photocations.

Munchen, 27. January 2015 – RENAULT Classic sends two R16 TS to the 18 R16 TS to the 18th century. Rally Monte-Carlo Historique. The event starts in the northeastern France in Reims and ends like the Rally Monte Carlo in the small Furstentum Monaco. The two anniversaries are accompanied by two Renault 12 Gordini. The event starts on the 30. January 2015, Monaco should be in the night of 3. to 4. Be achieved in February.

Discontinued by the competition

With the R16 Renault 1965 brought out the first hatchback limousine with front drive in the upscale middle class. In the 15 years to 1980, over 1.8 million copies were manufactured. The car was so directed that his concept from the 70s in the middle class widespread widespread. Because the Renault had settled in his technical solutions as far from the competition (for this there was the award "Auto of the Year" 1966), it took a while until he has equalized. Only with the VW Passat there was an in 1973 in the concept (of course not in the ride comfort) comparable model by Volkswagen. The Funturer Association thanks to the coarse flap the advantages of station wagon and sedan and dear the "maximum interior with minimal traffic surface requirement" optimally use through varied folding and foldable seats. No cardant tunnel and no spring dome took space away, the ground was almost flat. The engine with block and head made of aluminum is long behind the front axle, the gearbox in the direction of travel in front of the engine. The resulting mass concentration benefits the driving dynamics.

Last but not least, the driver Michel Leclère and Thierry Emptas are also pleased to be happy to move the two R16 TS of the Renault-Classic on the rally.

Dwarf uprising: abarth 695 edizione maserati

Frankfurt / Main, 17. October 2012 – Abarth works consistently the Italian sports car world: An Abarth 500 à la Ferrari is already available, now the next sister brand is quoted in the Fiat Group, Maserati. From now on the special model Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati can be ordered. The basis serves the convertible version of the Abarth 500, which in turn builds on the Fiat 500C. The offer is limited to 499 copies.

180 ps turbo

Heartstuck of the 695 Edizione Maserati is a 1.4-liter turbomotor with 180 hp, which is also used in the 695 Tributo Ferrari. With this performance, the convertible achieves a highest speed of 215 km / h with the characteristic rolling top. The Sprint from Zero to Tempo 100 km / h does the 695 Edizione Maserati in 7.4 seconds. For the appropriate acoustic accumulation, a so-called dual mode exhaust system, which acoustically replaces 3000 tours acoustically.

The dynamic character of the Italian racing flea also underscores the sports gear Abarth Competizione, which should be measured by means of switching rockers on the steering wheel gear shift in second fractions. For the delay, a brembo brake system is contained inside, perforated slices on the front axle. A sports suspension of Koni with adaptive stobstakers as well as an electronic blocking differential with anti-slip control should allow high driving dynamics.

Europe wants the leading space power of the 21. Century

A few days ago in Paris, a four-month consultation on the future of the European space travel, which is not only considered by the participants, but also by many observers as a milestone and quite serious attempt to assert themselves in the long term against the American competition.

The current advantage of the US is based on the great uniformity of the objectives, but above all on the fact that in America – especially by NASA and Pentagon – six times so much claims in space-relevant research and development than in the old Europe.

A Sense of Justice

End of May The Hungarian Mainstream Media What Awash With News From Croatia About Luxury Villas Being Bulldozed By The Authorities. Many Of The Villas Being Destroyed Belonged to Hungarian Local And National Political Figures, Including Several Mayors And State Secretaries. While Most Pundits Criticized Croatia For Search Drastic, Unilateral Measures, Most Average Hungarians Seemed to Approve of the Action, and Lamented The Absence of Similar Measures in Hungary.

The Buildings Condemned for Demolition in Croatia Were Illegally Built. Either the Building Permits’ In Order Or The Buildings Themselves Failed to Satisfy Official Requirements, Namely That They Were Sitented Less Than 70 Meters from the Shoreline.

Battle for Bergkarabach

Map: Undetermined

A "Frozen conflict" In the Caucasus runs the risk of eating in a hot war

The caliber, with which Azerbaijanic and Armenian units are pushed along the strongly attached ceasefire line to Bergkarabakh, are always gross. Since last August 19, 19 soldiers have fallen to fight for the internationally unrecognized Armenian republic, the conflict parties went to postpone each other with heavy Morsergranants.


On New Year’s Day, The European Union (EU) Once Again Pushed Its Borders Further East. Romania and Bulgaria Became The Latest Entrants to The EU, and Although There What Much Celebration in Bucharest and Sofia, Elsewhere The Occasion What More Subdued. Brussels is starting to feel the Burden of EU expansion; Likewise, European expansion Has Been a Trying Moment for Various Individual Member States. However, Thanks to Globalization And Strategic Aims, The European Commission Will Continue To Push Through With Expansion – Next Time To The Balkans – Despite Warning From Some That Further Expansion May in The End Do Harm To The note of a united europe.

There Were Many Who Have Been Wary of the Entry of Both Romania and Bulgaria Citing Their Low Level of Conformity To EU Norms, Especially in Terms of Corruption. IRONICALLY, Some The Sharpest Critics Came From Some Of The Never Member States Which Had Joined The EU A Mere Two And A Half Years Ago. Within Thesis Countries, Many Felt A Sense of Bitterness AS That Had to Go Through A Much More Stringent Accession Process. Pundits from thesis Countries argue that if they were in a similar state of preparedness then as romania and Bulgaria are now, they wouldn’t have had a chance of joining the eu in 2004.

GDR television: to say goodbye elephant - last'aktuelle kamera' vor 30 jahren'aktuelle kamera' vor 30 jahren

"That’s it" – With two words, a chapter German-German media history was finished 30 years ago. In the studio of the German television radio (DFF) in Berlin-Adlershof, Spokesman Wolfgang Meyer said goodbye to the spectators – just before 20:00 clock was on 14. December 1990 the "Current camera" story. A little more than a year after the fall of the fall disappeared after 30.500 consignments The newshate shield of the GDR television from the screen.

FUF days before the "daily News"

With the first broadcast on 21. December 1952 the GDR was a small victory in the system fight. Fun days before the start of the "daily News" In the West, the GDR set a regular news program on the legs. Ironically, to Stalin’s birthday, a reverence to the Soviet "Brother’s folk".

As a spokesman, the actor Herbert Kofer was engaged. The read the news first of a small audience: In the east of Berlin, it was just just under 100 TV devices. "I looked at the screen every night, but no man knew me. Nobody asked for an autograph. Proud was only my clan", Kofer Father recalled in an interview with the magazine Super Illu.

Snapchat: Less user growth, more sales, higher losses

The photo app Snapchat has missed its optimistic forecast for the growth of the number of users in the past quarter. The thrust recorded at the beginning of the Corona crisis has graduated faster than expected, said Financial Chief Derek Andersen on Tuesday.

The number daily active users rose within three months from 229 to 238 million. Snapchat himself had challenged 239 million in the first quarter. The share of the company mother Snap fell by six percent after presentation of the figures in subsequent trade.

Sales increase

Meanwhile, sales increased by 17 percent to $ 454.2 million in the course of the year, around EUR 394 million, and thus exercised the expectations of the analysts, from the quarterly report from Snap. For the current quarter, Snap again no official sales forecast ied, as the development of the advertising market was difficult to predict in view of the Corona crisis. The internal calculations were based on a revenue growth of around 20 percent, said Financial Chef Andersen.

Much traffic at Venus - ESA probes parallel to the neighboring planet

What in the face of the satellite density in the Earth circulation runway does idyllic, is almost high traffic on Venus. Within less hours will be on the 9. and 10. August the ESA probes Solar Orbiter and Bepicolombo passing past Venus to brake on their way to their mission goals. With the Japanese Venus Orbiter "Akatsuki" are then three research probes on the earth’s wishes.

Gluckfall for science

"That was not actively planned. Now the scientists are very glad because they get three records from Venus from different angles, which is a novelty for them", Says the head of ESA missionary in the control center in Darmstadt, Simon Plum. "That you can observe the Venus from three different angles, is unique."

Records that can also provide information on art missions, yes – a mutual photo shoot, no. "We had investigated that, but that does not work, for that they do not come close enough." That it is almost almost to the rendezvous, lies at zooms in the missions.