Gaming graphics card: manufacturers prepare radeon rx 6600

Graphics card manufacturer Powercolor has meanwhile released the two categories Radeon RX 6600 XT and Radeon RX 6600 on their own website. Rumors about the models have been circulating for months, but so far AMD has been reluctant to launch for desktop PCs.

The necessary graphics chip has already been in series production for a long time: Navi 23 with RDNA2 architecture and TSMC’s 7-nanometer technology is already used in the Radeon Pro W6600 workstation graphics card and the Radeon Pro W6600M and Radeon RX 6600M notebook GPUs. In addition, Tesla uses the graphics chip in certain Model S and Model X infotainment systems.

Powercolor has since taken the categories offline again, but residuals in the Google cache prove their existence. The last two graphics cards with recommended prices of less than 400 euros were the Radeon RX 5700 from mid-2019 and the later introduced, more slimmed-down Radeon RX 5600 XT.

Weltbild opens online video store for movies

Mail order company Weltbild has launched its own online video store for streaming feature films. The offer of the "Weltbild online video store" According to the provider, includes more than 1000 movies that can be rented and streamed at least partially in HD. For many films, there is a choice between German and English language output.

The "Weltbild online video store" will be based on the Pantaflix service, both technically and in terms of content. In a press release, Weltbild writes that Pantaflix has a "tailor-made solution" The company is responsible for the technology, operation and customer support of the new Weltbild portal, as well as the content.

What differences there are between the offer of Pantaflix and that of Weltbild is not clear from the press release. Users can also rent movies from Pantaflix, but there seems to be no price difference. Weltbild writes in a press release that its own film offerings are selected by a program editorial team according to the needs of Weltbild’s target group.

Daimler sues against diesel recalls

After its unsuccessful objections to the diesel recalls by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the Daimler automotive group is taking legal action. There were three complaints from Mercedes-Benz AG, the Administrative Court of Schleswig confirmed upon request. Two had been received at the end of February, the third on Tuesday, 16. March 2021 . "As announced in 2018, we are appealing to have disputed ies clarified in court", explained a Daimler spokesman.

According to the authorities, Daimler used an unacceptable exhaust technology in hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. According to the Group, the recalls imposed for this reason affect around 1.4 million vehicles produced throughout the EU, of which around 600,000 are in Germany.000 in Germany.

Unsuccessful appeals

Hydrogen projects in bavaria are being challenged to the tune of one billion euros

With about one billion euros, federal and state governments push six Bavarian hydrogen projects. Together with money from the companies involved, this resulted in an investment market of two billion euros, said Minister President Markus Soder (CSU) after a meeting with Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and business representatives. The goal is to enable green growth with modern technology, Soder said. "Gruner hydrogen is a great opportunity for Bavaria, but also for Germany as a whole." Eight billion euros will be distributed to 62 projects nationwide to promote hydrogen technology. In the money used in Bavaria, about 700 million euros come from the federal government and 300 million from the Free State of Bavaria.

Altmaier emphasized the importance of hydrogen technology for the energy transition. Hydrogen is the missing link in the chain for the most important. Gruner Hydrogen can be produced worldwide where conditions are favorable and consumed where it is needed, it said. Among other things, plants for hydrogen production with a capacity of 145 megawatts were created, Altmaier said. He said he was convinced that investors from all over the world would come to see – and then hopefully order – them. The secure jobs.

Criticism from the opposition

100 Hydrogen filling stations for bavaria

The Free State of Bavaria wants to step on the gas in the development of hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles. In the next few years, 100 hydrogen (H2) filling stations are to be built throughout Bavaria, said Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Freie Wahler) today, Friday, at the presentation of the Bavarian hydrogen concept in Nurnberg. Currently only 17 are in operation, four more are under construction. The state government has set up a 50 million euro demand program for this purpose.

First Bavarian H2 truck still 2020

Bavarian fuel cell technology is to hit the road for the first time this year in a converted truck, Aiwanger said. The first filling station for liquid hydrogen (LOHC) is to be built in Erlangen in 2021.

Patent dispute with google: sonos achieves another stage victory with us authorities

Speaker specialist Sonos has won a stage victory in its patent dispute with Google. A judge at the U.S. ITC concluded that the Internet company infringed five patents held by the hi-fi company. The ITC can prohibit the import of goods into the USA in the event of patent infringement.

The judge’s preliminary ruling, released Friday, still comes before the full commission for review. The deadline for a decision is 13 December. December.

Sonos is targeting various Google devices such as Pixel smartphones and Nest connected speakers in the lawsuit filed in early 2020. The patents cover technologies such as audio synchronization, volume control and Wi-Fi connectivity. Since most of the devices are manufactured in Asia, an import ban by the ITC stopped the sale of the technology in the U.S.

Ford subsidiary spin launches remotely steerable three-wheeled electric scooter

Spin, a subsidiary of U.S. automaker Ford, plans to bring remote-controlled electric scooters to European and North American cities this year. The e-trek scooters should be able to be moved remotely so that they do not obstruct anyone on the sidewalk, for example; or the e-trek scooter is moved if it was last parked in a place where it is unlikely to be used again.

Later this year, Spin also plans to offer an in-app feature that will allow customers to request an e-scooter in advance or in real time. Operators remotely direct the model, called S-200, to the desired location.

Test in Boise

The "Spin Valet" said technology consists of a front camera and software from Tortoise. 300 electric scooters equipped with the system will initially be tested in Boise, Idaho, USA.