Hungary Has Now Entered The Club Of Being A Hooligan-Ridden Democracy

The March 15th Anniversary of the 1848 Revolution in Hungary What in Many Ways, Anti-Climax To Months of Fear and Trepidation. In Addition to This, The Much Heded Cordon Fence Surrounding Parliament What Removed in The Early Hours of This Morning. A Sense Of Normality SEMED TO SLOWLY BUT SURELY MAKE ITSELF Felt in The Hungarian Capital.

The Massive Demonstrations and Violence Which Were Evident Last September and October Never Materialized Last Thursday. MOREOVER, DESPITE THE 1,500 WHO TOOK TO THE STREETS, THE POLICE APPEARED TO BE MORE RESTRAINED THIS TIME ROUND AND WHAT ABLE TO Disperse The Crowd in A relately Peaceful Manner.

A History of the Global Brain II

For Roughhly Ten Years Author’s and Scientists Have Been Churning Out Books On The Subject Of A Coming Global Brain Strung Together by Computer Networks. The Internet, The Worldwide Web and Its Successors AlreadyWide Allow A Neuroscientist in Strasbourg To Swap Ideas Instantly With A Philosopher of History in Siberia and Algorithm Juggler in Silicon Valley. But That, The Visionaries of Worldwide Meta Intelligence Say, is Just the Beginning of a Looming Human Transformation. But a Networked Intelligence Is Very Much Older. In Fact The Origin Reaches Back in the Starting of Life. Howard Bloom Presents Impressing Insights Into The World of Networked Bacteria – A Fascinating New Perspective Which Could Change Deeply Our View of Life.

Creative Nets in The Precambrian Age

Cells Alive

Sports check

Lisbon, 22. January 2015 – Just over a year after the debut of the 308 series, the Peugeot in Marz supplements the engine program. At the GT, the customer can choose between a 181 hp diesel and a 205 hp gasoline version. We already had the opportunity to turn first preberunden with both.

Known drive

The drive of the 308 GT diesel is already known from the larger 508. There he is sold since the beginning of 2014. Nevertheless, in addition to the adaptation on the series, a few more handles were upgraded to meet a GT version, with whom you are spent in shaped sporty values. So the technicians have built a sound generator to trim the Frenchman acoustically on Gran Turismo. If you print the sport key, the previously good-sounding four-cylinder can hardly be recognized. The sound which is shown by loudspeaker surposes the diesel odor effectively that the combustion type can hardly recognize the combustion type even with the radio and accurate Hinhorchen. This is a prime thing until soon soon the significantly higher rush level is annoyed – so the sport mode is deactivated again.

The self-cord offers Peugeot exclusively with a six-stage automatic supplied by Aisin. The transducer machine switches the course quite smoothly and is superior to some dual-clutch transmission when switching comfort. The engineers also promise faster translation change than in the double clutch. That there are only six levels and not eight or nine course, the manufacturer greeted with the ratio between lower costs and low space requirements on one side and the result achieved on the other side. In fact, in practice, neglecting whether six or eight levels are available. With just over 2000 / min in the highest gear at directional speed, the engine is neither source storey LARMS nor cause of underfit consumption – there were also 300 / min less than nothing else. And not least thanks to the high torque attached over a wide range of speeds, rough translation lush are hardly in weight.

Oko offshoot

Wolfsburg / Paris, 2. October 2014 – With the VW XL1 Volkswagen glowed a statement. With enormous effort, technicians have made consumption from under one liter in the NEFZ. From this gloss, a study should also get something presented in Paris these days. The XL Sport visually reminds of the XL1, technically, however, they have little mean.


Although OkoAutos and sports cars are constituting various goals, but in both concepts lightweight construction and reducing the air resistance play decisive roles. Therefore, there is some likeable on the hand, if Volkswagen uses the experiences from the elaborate project XL 1 now quasatically. Despite many similarities, the FLOTT has turned smoothly in its tubs to the XL1: 40 centimeters in the long, 18 centimeters in the width and 20 inches more wheelbase separate the two from each other. Volkswagen also firmly with XL Sport on a body that consists of coarse parts of carbon fiber-rampant plastic. In conjunction with a V2 engine of the Group’s own motorcycle brand Ducati, the study comes to a curb weight of 890 kilograms.

With a V2 of Ducati

The machine in the rear of the XL sports poses from 1.2 liter displacement 200 hp and 134 nm maximum torque. The otherwise in a Ducati 1199 Superleggera built suction motor turns to 11.000 / min. The engine was connected to a seven-speed DSG gearbox. 5.7 seconds should range from zero to 100 km / h for the acceleration, conclusion is only at 270 km / h. For the performance, aerodynamic details such as Air Curtains, Radhaus gaubles, an optimized underbody, a diffuser and the tailgate integrated adaptive AbermeFoffungen.

Everywhere in the supermarkets, the advent calendars are currently stacking in all facets and coarse. The selection of year to year is getting gross and the equipment always uper. Even with the photo-advent calendars, the offer has become much more varied and unauthorized. In a rough table (later below) we have received the most important providers including their portfolio, delivery times and prices. By link, you come directly to the individual product pages. With the order you have to hurry up now, because the delivery times are partly up to nine working days. But it works much faster.

Photo Advent calendar

Highest time for the photo advent calendar


The calendars of CEWE can be obtained about many online providers, drugstore and supermarket chains.

The offer ranges from the simple A4 cardboard calendar with self-designed cover photo on the classic chocolate calendar additionally with individual folding photos to the XXL version of PrintPlanet with over a meter width. Of course, the different columns of the calendar are interesting. The spectrum is sufficient here by Edelschokolade of Lindt, Sarotti, Hachez and Co. Uber pralines to giant rubber bars. At Postalo, there are even special offers with organic and vegan chocolate. Photopuzzle.DE offers a calendar with puzzles that are up to 24. to put a 120-piece photo together.

The concept of a pickup, which presents Volkswagen on the New York Car Show, surprised at first sight. In case of exact look, it is true why Volkswagen use platform and powertrain of the seven-seat SUV VW Atlas and waiver on a design with ladder frame. Apparently one thinks about whether one can handle such a vehicle a US protection zoll. Whether this is a plan with real opportunities, we keep for discussions.

The VW Atlas Tanoak has a 276-hp V6 Ottomotor with an eighth-tap machine and is based as the Atlas on the highly flexible MQB platform of the company. Yes, right, they have just read a "q" – the powertrain is actually transverse and not long as in the constructed for about 120 years in principle unanswered flatbed design. For vehicles with four-wheel drive, a derivative from the standard drive, ie with long-lying motor and gearbox and primary rear axle drive already useful because you avoid such a double force diversion between gears and axes. In addition, that only so the front axle is retained in the landing agility. And these were only the two most important arguments.

Bad against meaningful tradition

"MQB" also means: self-supporting. Also a heavy attack against the meaningful tradition, to build flatbed wagons on a lead frame. There is a good reason to operate this effort for decades and generations. Volkswagen waives, for example, the possibility of offering different construction variants to can or frame-mounted modules of suppliers instead of the bunk, such as towing services, fire brigades, rescue, strainvation vehicles, but also for camping structures and what it is about unpainted opportunities. In the end of the year, a framework provides the uptailed stability for self- and foreign releases and on the strain, not least, a round-triple high-speed accessibility compared to self-supporting vehicles.

Wind game: the renault wind in drive

Nice, 2. July 2010 – Two-sided cabrios are rar gasket, especially if they should be reasonable. That’s why Renault deserves recognition, especially since the entry price of 16.900 euros also young people give the chance to realize the dream of a convertible. After models such as Opel Tigra or Ford Streetka have passed from the market, the French also occupy the market of small roadster pretty exclusively, so good conditions for a market success. "wind" The small folding roofcabriol is called on the 17. September 2010 will be presented at the handlers. We were able to drive him for the first time.

Looks like a Renault

The wind is 3.80 meters long and is exactly between Twingo (3.60 meters) and Clio (4.00 meters). The compact mobile platform comes from the second generation Clio RS and thus also forms the basis for Twingo Renault Sport. His Renault origin can not deny the crevious shaped car: the wind looks at the typical Renault face, on the pages, the Twingo Tour Handles. The wide B-suits are pulled up to the treatments. At the rear there are the lights known from other Renaults.

Trunk always holds 270 liters

We stow our luggage in 270 liters of rough trunk. The loading edge is quite high, the opening cut closely and two struts to serve body stiffness are something in the way. Nevertheless, this suitcase compartment has an invariable advantage: It always remains the same rough, no matter if the roof is open, or closed. This is achieved by a trick. Like a shell, only the upper part of the tail cover, where the folding roof finds its place. How it comes there, we’ll reveal later.

Accessories for car and driver: vw introduces polo collection

Dreieich, 2. July 2009 – Easily the market import of his new small car generation present VW matching car accessories as well as the polo collection. This is an iPod adapter that connects the MP3 player optionally to the car radio or radio navigation system. Also a hands-free recess with Bluetooth interface is available for the new polo.

Mirror diaphragm in carbonoptics

As an eye-catcher and protection at the same time VW prove the mirror diaphragms in carbon optics. A decorative piece of the same material is consultable for the center console. With a rear strip in the chrome design you can protect the edge of the tailgate. Space for additional luggage offers the in three rough retrieval roof box in the color titanium metallic. It can be opened and loaded from both sides. As an assessment, VW recommends a packing room with integrated separation elements. In addition, the Fubmatte "Optimum" offers the advantages of a rubber mat with the "Elegance of a textile joint" connect.

Rims and spoilers

For the winter VW offers a five-storey complete wheel called SIMA with winter tires of Semperit. From September 2009 will also be the ten-storey alloy wheel "Motor sport" be obvious for the new polo. For an even athletic look, Aerodynamics attachments such as front tapping, tailgate, tailfluets and side swell set are also ensuring a more sporty optics.

Finished british: arden at the geneva car salon

Krefeld, 27. February 2009 – also the Tuner Arden specialized on British vehicles is at the Geneva Car Salon (5. to 15. Marz 2009) represented. There, the Krefelder each show two tuned Range Rover and two Jaguar.

Range Rover Sport with 520 hp

The AR6 stronger is based on the Ranger Rover Sport. The V8 engine elicits arden instead of series-mabiger 390 proud 520 hp. The displacement was raised from 4.2 to 4.8 liters. The SUV develops a maximum torque of 700 Newton meters, the spurt on Tempo 100 lasts 6.1 seconds. The highest speed is reached only at Tempo 270. According to the power under the bonnet, the optics of the Range Rover Sport was changed: new front and tailgulls help the AR6 to an even more powerful appearance. The feces flying were widened, there are side skirts and 23-inch raders. For a high-performance recovery, a high-performance brake system should provide. Sporty sound also gives a stainless steel exhaust system, promises the tuner.

Power Pack Range Rover

With almost identical engine data – 4.5 liter displacement, 520 hp and 700 Newton meter torque – the AR7 is waiting. This is based on the Range Rover. The top speed is 240 km / h, the acceleration from the stand to Tempo 100 forced the Brite in 6.3 seconds. From the AUM, the AR7 is recognizable at a powerful bodykit with modified schurzen, side swells and fecal flights. Slip are also the LED daytime running lights. A handmade sports sound steamer system and 23-inch alurader yields the dynamic appearance of the Range Rover.


Eastnor Castle (Great Britain), 3. July 2013 – The first meters in the new Range Rover Sport are pronounced spectacular, but in stepper. On land Rovers Legendary Test Garden Eastnor Castle we Furten a deep stream. A flock of sheep sees us pretty bored. On the other hand, we were amazed, maybe such homens had allowed a defender – but not the lifestylic luxury product range Rover Sport. As we see, even today, a minimum mab is still a minimum of rail as a well maintained brand core from Land Rover.

Fall from the frame

In 2005, the Range Rover was the slightly petitive looking, but lead "Sports" to the side, 380.000 vehicles have been sold worldwide. So far, he was a version of almost unacceptable overweight land Rover Discovery, from now on is his technical base of the Range Rover with self-supporting aluminum body. The renunciation of the steel lead frame and lightweight construction should save up to 400 kilograms. Absolutely considered is that much, in railing wagon dimensions it is relatively little: The new Range Rover Sport still weighs over 2.1 tons. Unterdaten should not be said, because in Errstart’s railing pays – like everywhere in motorsport – each saved kilo.

According to the manufacturer, the "Sports" Despite the same technical basis, enough, three quarters of its components should differ from those of the Range Rover. Nevertheless, we have to look twice to keep both models apart. The Range Rover Sport is 15 centimeters of short and five centimeters lower than the classic range. There are no differences in width (1.98 meters) and wheelbase (2.92 meters). Further recognition features are the jerk lights and the slightly pretentially acting air outlet in the hood.