Vw scirocco does bb-tuning up to 350 hp

Siegen, 23. Marz 2009 – Volkswagen’s Sport Coupe Classic Scirocco has been a coveted object in the tuning industry since his appearance in 1974. Since it does not surprise that the new edition of the sporty Wolfsburg since the summer of 2008 has already been processed by several referee. Now has BB adopted B of the Scirocco and offers power syringes up to 350 hp.

Several power levels for the 2.0 TSI

The top model of the series version is the 2.0 TSI with 200 hp. The tuner from Siegen takes changes in electronics and increases the boost prere. So are in a first stage 235 hp and 340 Newton meters possible. Depending on the customer’s request, further gradations with 250, 265, 286 and 300 hp are consulted. The so-called Evo R expressly brings it on said 350 equestrian.

Special engine for the top version

To achieve this performance, the technicians exchange the power engine against a special engine. This works with a rough turbocharger and a mandated crankshaft with forged pistons. Interventions on the cylinder head and the loading air system yield the whole. To reduce the exhaust backprere, a sports exhaust system with special exhaust porn and a special sports catalyst is installed. Withdrawing, a reprogramming of the electronic maps. The impressive driving values of the BB SCIROCCO EVO R are those of a purebred sports car: from 0 to Tempo 100, the car stretched in 4.9 seconds, 200 km / h reaches the Threimorer after 16.5 seconds. The propulsion ends only at 274 km / h.

Standards, criteria and values: for the drawing of the strongicker as a brand

Starfubballers have a high recognition value. Her names sound like brand names, their characteristic playing effects like products and their most common types of peculiarities (about inclined hatzahne) come like logos. Who is still surprised that we talk about Fubball Players as of the consumers they apply? How it works, the brand Fubballer, however, remains unclear.

The brand Fubballer

Michael Ballack Housewandgrob: Like a dictator in his private country. adidas advertising

Section Control - Long planned and sunk in the short term

The B6 in Hannover. Photo: Gerd Fahrhorst. License: CC by 4.0

On the B6 near Hannover, the speed monitoring wanted to perfectize and has failed for the time being crashing

The problem of full-time stationary speed monitoring is that the locations are known and the passing road users decelerate in front of the flashers and then accelerate again. This ensures not only for a stronger tire and brake abrasion, but also for an increased risk of ride, because the subsequent road users are surprised by the activities of the proximity.

As-sisi plads for an Arabic engagement force

Egyptian soldiers, 1983. Image: US Army. Public-free

The Egyptian Government sees itself as a preammers against Islamist movements in the region and now tries to win a coalition for their variant of the anti-terrorist fight

According to the airshots of the Egyptian Air Force in Libya, the Egyptian government also went to the diplomatic offensive. Thus, Agypt’s Prasident said about the need for a military intervention against Jihadists in Libya, and also referred to the threat to this for Europe. After that, Agypten’s Aufemister Sameh Shoukry presented a swept variant against the United Nations.

The terrorist attack planned by a young Iraqi family father in Stockholm refers to the similarity with the amodiac desperate teenager

Sweden apparently had Gluck on Saturday. A suicide warehouse wanted to blow up a car in the early manner of simultaneous connection and then himself. Both are not glitched. In the vehicle, the canisters with flow no flese flew into the air. And somehow, the young man did not manage to penetrate into the busy shopping strike to taste a blood band there. To suddenly, one of the six tube bombs seems to be exploded that he had surrounded.

And probably goods did not arose such a rough damage, because the pipe bombs should have included a maximum of 100 grams of explosives. The suicide mattes had 5 kg explosives. Believes that the bombs were not wired correctly. Probably they had been sacrificed with a cell phone, which found himself with the body of the man. Also the bag with the nails found, seems to have been meaningless if the attack did not plan to tune the explosive in the bag. Maybe he had this before and became only by chance to a suicide wail.

Stadia:'fifa 21' und 'far cry 6' kommen fur den cloud-dienst'fifa 21' und 'far cry 6' kommen fur den cloud-dienst

Google has called for several games that will be available in the coming months on the cloud gaming service STADIA. To the highlights of the presented games, which appeared last October for PC and consoles "FIFA 21" and "Far Cry 6", which is currently still in development in Ubisoft.

Overall, 100 new games to Stadia offer should be stobborn over the year. Make the beginning on 23. February "Shantae: Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition" and "Shanteae: RISKY’S REVENGE – Director’s Cut", the 2016 and 2014 were published for the PC. Continue on the 2. Marz with "It Came From Space and Ate Our Brains", The originally published in 2015.

"Fifa" and "Far Cry"

On the 17th. Marz then follows "FIFA 21", The current ie of EAS Successful sports series. Google had the release of one "Fifa"-GAMES FUR STADIA announced last April, which is already available at that time "FIFA 20" Was never available at the cloud gaming service. on "FIFA 21" Follow according to the envision "Kaze and the wild masks", "Judgment", "Killer Queen Black", "Street Power Football" and "Hellpoint".

Wankel pilgrimage: mazda-cosmo meeting in germany

Gersthofen, 20. August 2009 – Here is the Mazda Cosmo Sport with Wankel engine almost not to be seen, just 1176 pieces were built between 1967 and 1972 and sold attractive in Japan. So it was a revelation for Wankel lovers from all over the world, which is from 10. Until the 15th. August in the courtyard of the Mazda Handler Frey in Gersthofen at Augsburg TRUG: Finely cleaned us there in Reihr und Kinken fourteen of the rare coupes.

Japanese with Italian face

At the breakfast morning, a few farm is still on the grounds, an ideal opportunity for us to look at the Cosmo Mazdas Close. At first glance, the flat body looks a bit strange with the a bit too long, but in a closer look, we think: well suited for a Japanese from this time. Finally, Nippon’s engineers generally tended for miniaturization of US-body. We have to look a deep look to take a look through the side window and see a strikingly ergonomic cockpit with many round instruments and a coarse triple steering wheel. All too roughly the two passengers should not be, but at least they can take place on plaid fabric. The switching stub with which the four-speed gearbox is operated reminiscent of the joystick of the first Mazda MX-5.

Across the ocean

The reason for the presence of the small Japanese is the first international Cosmo meeting. Special for this purpose, a group of said 14 cars passed the long journey from Japan to Europe in the stomach of a Mazda transport ship. For the owners of the vehicles no easier step, finally they had to give their treasure for weeks. Arrived in Germany, a local short-term mark on the Japanese license plates has been mounted out of insurance funds. During the Fifestag meeting, for the Cosmo friends stood a dense program, including a visit to the Zweiginstitut Felix Wankels in the Swiss Rorschach and a great trip to Castle Neuschwanstein.

Vw polo gti: new edition with 180 hp

Nurburgring, 14. May 2010 – The GTI logo has also lost nothing about 30 years after starting for many fans of sporty cars. With its 1194 kg, the new Polo GTI is scarce 400 kg heavier than the first Golf GTI, but has also added 70 hp to performance. In the driving report, the little Wolfsburger should show his sporting genes.

Sport seats with karo pattern

The most obvious changes of the Polo GTI to the frosted model are a red-rimmed killer grill, light metal roller in classic funf-hole design and a defensive tailgate with diffuser optics. There are air intake with honeycomb structure, side skirts, roof spoilers and a chromed double tailpipe. For a striking appearance, the LED daytime running lights, which are only available in combination with the optional xenon headlights. The interior has refined VW with details such as the steering wheel flattened below, pedals made of aluminum. The sports seat with karo patterns offer good side stop. Red contrast seam and trim in chromoptics and black glossy veneering on the dashboard should increase the interior additionally.

Compressor and turbocharger

The process brought it to 150 hp, in the "Cup Edition" was the old Polo GTI already with 180 hp. But during a 1.8-liter turbomotor under the hood SAB, must now take 1.4 liter displacement with charging. A compressor ensures low speeds for printing, from 3500 revolutions, this task takes over a turbocharger. The maximum torque of the TSI engine is between 2000 and 4500 rpm at 250 nm. That makes the small machine tremendously strong.


Geneva, 2. February 2015 – these days Geneva will be back to the bean of numerous studies, with which the automakers do not just attract audiences, but also examine limits. In doing so, they are different in terms of courage. VW promises a "breathtakingly dynamic coupe that will set mabstabe in this class". That seems to us somewhat somewhat optimistic, because the sport Coupe Concept GTE remains visually rather in the usual orbit. A little more tension promise innovations that are not to be seen right away.

High than CC

The Sport Coupe Concept GTE is supposed to be the "Protagonist of a new, progressive Volkswagen design language", promises the companion letter. Somewhat nuclear views there is a flat limousine with small windows that struggles in your style Mercedes CLS, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and also the VW CC. From the latter, the study should differ by high positioning, which is not only awarded in a growth in the long. The coarse, solid glass roof hopefully reserves the study, because so far belonged to VW to the few remaining manufacturers offering on a wide front right sliding roofer.

That VW wants a potential successor to the CC, which will be set this summer clearer than before, from the Passat, is no wonder. For the CC, who has not been allowed to heave since a mini-facelift CC, was not exactly a bestseller after VW mabs. A successor was allowed to come to the Phaeton. Whether the VW opens the door into the financially lucrative upper class, will show itself. At Audi, not everyone was enthusiastic about this project.

Presentation: honda crf 450 l

It took many years, but Honda has finally went through, even in Germany officially offering a sports enduro. From October the CRF 450 L, which is based on the Motocrosser CRF 450 R, will find your way into our characters. It is based on the potent motocrosser CRF 450 R, but it was significantly throttled for the strab concentration. It is amazing that the world-growing motorcycle manufacturer override the market of slim enduros over decades of the competition of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Suzuki and some smaller brands, while Honda always more magnificent motocrossers, which one could easily rebuild behavior.

For the sport

The CRF 250 L presented in 2013 was not a real sportenduro, because it carries the 250 cm3 single cylinder produced by Honda million, which brings it to durable but rather modest 25ps. The small Enduro is popularly popular in Asia gross popularity as a Braves everyday sectory, but goods completely overwhelmed on competitions, as they have neither the performance nor the chassis for the hard sports use.

In the now contested CRF 450 L, this looks different. Even if you have LED lighting, turn signal, speedometer, horn, backpacking mirror, and license plate carrier and even fill the Euro4 standard – the L in the model name is indeed for "legal" -, it comes from a true motocrosser. The CRF 450 R is a very serious announcement with 57 hp and always mixes on the slopes at the front in the starter field. But before now false hopes will be awakened: it only gets clearly throttled one. With 25 hp she makes exactly as much as the small CRF 250 L. After all, it surprises their maximum torque by ten and brings it to 32 nm.