Steinmeier becomes Federal President

Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Photographer: Armin Kubelbeck, CC-BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

Satisfaction in the SPD – dissatisfaction in social media

Yesterday, the Governments CDU, CSU and SPD wanted to agree on a common candidate to elect the Federal President, who is then chosen by the ability of these parties in the Federal Assembly. Although it did not work completely – but this morning it became known that Federal Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be the common candidate of these three parties.

Contaminated sites or alternatives?

Election poster with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Image: KAS / ACDP 10-011: 1902 CC-BY-SA 3.0 DE

Personal debates at Union and SPD continue

While the time was open, whether Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz or Jens Spahn Angela Merkel will follow the post of CDU party leaders, the Union improved its EMNID survey values from 24 to 30 percent. That it is about to go again, could do so that the scarce winner and Merkel-drawdaughter Annegret Kramp cartauer is not the desired candidate of all potential Union hangers.

Russia wants to prevent protest calls on the Internet with a new law

Russia wants to continue approaching calls on the Internet to unauthorized protests. On Monday, a law came into force, which obliges the operator of social networks to look for and block information about such demonstrations, for example. That’s out of the legal text. Accordingly, content of terrorism and state secrets should no longer be called up. In addition, instructions for producing drugs, child pornographic material, views to suicide and exercises that disregard the Russian emergence.

A place for the opposition

The Russian resistant had already proceeded against social networks, because calls to protests for the detained Kremlin critic Alexej Nawalny had been spread. In this context, fines have already been directed against Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The oppositionelle uses the social media like no other politician in Russia.

What high ranges Nawalny achieves, his youngest enthusiast video shows "A palace for Putin", In which he attributes Prasident Vladimir Putin a lubricated luxurious property in the Black Sea. The Kremlin denied this. At the weekend, two weeks after the publication reported a familiar Putin, who ied himself as the owners of the palace. The movie was already called for Youtube more than 106 million times.

Merciless gaps

Social media and empathy

This is a new phanomena? Or there has been this inexorable, raw skullust? Hordes of gaffers film the scenery of an accident and even hinder the rescue force. It testifies to helplessness if Krowe of the fire brigade seeing to touch filming gaffers, or the police on the unscrupulousness of the shameless gaffer emport. These are extreme single trap when on-eyed a suicide "Spring!" Call to film the scene with your phone? Or are it indeed extreme pronouncements of a new social phannomet when a young girl films the death of her sister in a car accident she caused itself live for her instagram follower?

Of course, it is not first not to be noticed that the "Inhumane to human history" heard. Thinking is to the cruel spectacles of gladiator struggles in the ancient Rome; Also public executions in the Middle Ages are often folk festivals. Nevertheless, in the following, contrary to a suspected continuity of human cruelty, sociologically informed is found that new forms of communication have differentiated in our society, making narcissistic, self-related action more likely than earlier.

Image: Jozef Bąk. Screenshot: TP

Video of the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the NATO summit, raise the question whether he should not be delivered before the next EU election

First, the US Prasident Donald Trump caused the most attention to the NATO summit in Brussel (cf. Trump makes NATO summit to the farming day). Meanwhile, he has continued to London – and at least in social media, attention focuses on another participant: the EU Commission Prospective Jean-Claude Juncker.

Prohibition not end-to-finished from the table

No matter what Big Brother is, one thing is already sure: the controversial and threatened from a ban on banned RTL2 TV show is the previously large German Internet spectacle. Thus, in the first few days, producers of this Kafigschau paid in 24 hours 5 million so-called pageviews, which converts about half a million visitors a day, meanwhile, the quota has fallen to 3.5 million hits per day, but also that’s enough for the title "Best visited website Europe ”.

In addition, according to the stitched Muncher AME agency on average, 3000-5000 people look at the live transmission on the internet and most, even that was reported, during their Buro period. The German employee loves as "Big Brother", Probably because it is still boring at him at home. Nevertheless, he rejects a such for surveys "Reality show" in the "Spanner TV" away. But to quickly click on the net again afterwards. And what to be seen there is hard to compare with the short harmless-boring excerpts on RTL2. Especially if you click on the address investing on the Internet, on the live shots, for example, from the "Master Director"-Perspective (see: HHR.tep.Nu) be promised.

Women in Turkey desire

Photo from the 1920s: Kemal Ataturk (Patter) with women who do not wear a headscarf, but a headgear. Image: Unknown / Common-free

Erdogan accuses demonstrating women not to respect Islam

On the 8th. Marz, the International Women’s Day, demonstrated thousands of women on the Istanbul consumption parts Istiklal for the 17th time. Millions of women were on the strain worldwide this day. In Turkey, however, the women’s march was forbidden in the short term and dissolved with Tranengas and rubber chock.

Linkedin: again hundreds of millions of user records offered for sale

The team of the RestorePrivacy platform has discovered a post in a well-known hacker forum in which personal data of about 700 million – and thus of almost all – users of the LinkedIn network has been offered for sale since the beginning of last week.

A sample analyzed by the team "sample" with one million data sets proved to be authentic, according to the RestorePrivacy blog. The heise-Security team has also looked at the data and shares this assessment – among other things, we were also able to verify current data of German users. How the data got into the hands of the user using the pseudonym "TomLiner" is not clear how the data got into the hands of the seller. LinkedIn has not yet commented on the incident.

Linkedin: hundreds of millions of user data records offered for sale again

A random sample of the leaked data by heise Security proved to be genuine.

Buddhists who do not meet either mercy nor love for people

Rohingya escape. Image: Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseini / Tasnim News Agency / CC BY-4.0

Terror in Myanmar and Bhutan

There is an advisable relationship between Christian aspiration and real desire to the mass murder. One knows this from the story. Many mass murds happened on behalf of the last night. Somehow, the murder seems easier to fall, if you commit it from pure aspiration and in the God. And nobody was and is so merciless like the religious zealous.

Cleaning from the British Labor Party

Chuka Umunna. Photo: UK Parliament. License: CC by 3.0

Anti-Brexit MPs Ground "independent group" in the lower house

Today, the Chuka Umuna and the six other British Leslie, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Michael Gapes, and Ann Coffey, Gavin Shuker, Michael Gapes, and Ann Coffey, said a few years ago as a promising candidate "independent group" to act in the lower house of Westminster. To enforce the cleavage of the Labor Party, Gapes performed in his view to EU enemy Brexit Course of the current Labor Chairman Jeremy Corbyn. He and the other six booters had previously pladated a remiter in the EU for a referendum on a whereabouts.