Webinar: Privacy Shield stopped - Consequences for companies and users

In July, the ECJ tilted the EU US Privacy Agreement "Privacy Shield", which has so far served as a free ticket for the transfer of data to the USA. EU privacy privacy has noticed not to have a mercy period for the transition. Who does not respond now, risk high bubbles and honorable claims for damages.

For many companies, this is a disaster when using public cloud services such as AWS and Azure or US software with telemetry functions such as MS Office. Software as a service à la zoom or slack, the use of social media, the use of Google Analytics or the deposit of data on cloud storage such as Dropbox and Co. are thus problematic.

In the auxiliary Live Webinar Privacy Shield stopped: Consequences for companies and users explore Jeerg Herrich, Justiciar and Data Protection Supervisor of Heise Media and Specialist Lawyer for IT law, the consequences from the ECJ judgment and shows you ways through the mini field of legal requirements. Your questions will be given a lot of space.

Homeless migrants demonstrate, the police all over

CRS application. Archive photo (from 05.02.2019): Patrice Calatayu / CC BY-SA 2.0

France: once again aware of a police approach, while the Parliament negotiates about a law, which strongly influences the documentation of such procedures

About Funfhundert Migrants had become homeless after the space of a camp a week ago at a motorway feeder in the Parisian Trabenstadt Saint-Denis. In your search for new accommodation possibilities in the Paris Periphery, they have been persecuted and hunted by police officers, report NGO UTOPIA 56 Witnesses. These are edge stories, of which the publicity, especially in the corona crisis days, hardly or zero note.

The language of the'besorgten burger'

Tobias Pruwer about the potential potential contained in the worried speech

In the valve publisher will be published in December "Word book of the worried burger", There is also the blog speechless. The language of this worried burger is ambivalent, which shows itself in a special language of the worried burger. Own words are surprised or exerted words reinterpreted. This is quite every day when watching a lively language. The content, however, clearly makes: behind the words is an intolerant view of the strangers.

First, it is still an abstract fear. Little later the enemies are identified. The words summoned an emergency. Due to the frequent use in the social media and in hashtags, the words tend to beat. The insider group as well as the ale world should recognize immediately what it works. Some of the words are harmless, but under the surface you ran on dangerous undergrowth.

ETP 2.0: Firefox blocks Standard Mabig Redirect Tracker

Firefox gets an update for his Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). Mozilla might make the browsing even safer. With version 2.0 REDIRECT trackers are blocked standard mab. ETP 2.0 is supposed to be available in the coming weeks.

Firefox investigates with ETP 2.0 Daily, whether and which cookies and data from trackers can be deleted. To do this, the browser accesses information about known tracking pages. Cookies of websites that the user has used within the past 45 days, however, remain spared so that you do not have to log in the e-mail mailbox or in social media.

Redirect instead of third-party providers

The first version of the standard tracking protection had received Firefox last year. Since then, the browser has blocked 3.4 billion cookies according to a blog post by Mozilla. These were third-party cookies. Redirect or Bounce Tracker bypass this blockade in which you forward the user via a redirection to a website. Through this stopover, the cookies can be set as a First Party. Although the 24-hour capping can now be created within the period of time, then the user is again an unknown for the tracker.

Union complains about employee vote at Amazon

The vote on the first union representation on an American Amazon site has as expected an aftermath. The online retailers have influenced the right of employees in Bessemer in the US state of Alabama on a free and fair choice, writes the union Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). It has therefore complained to the employee protection authority National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

About a week ago, the majority of employees had pronounced in Bessemer against employee representation. Since the RWDSU had already accused Amazon, "illegal" Influence on the vote to have taken and energetic resistance.

In its complaint, the RWDSU now launches 23, from which the choice is explained without discretion. Amazon has created an atmosphere of confusion, forced and fear of reprisals through his behavior, and thus influencing the freedom of choice of workers.

Privacy Policy wants to prohibit Facebook use of WhatsApp data

Shortly before a controversial change of the privacy conditions of the Messenger Service WhatsApp Will Hamburg’s Privacy Officer Johannes Caspar of the Council of Council Facebook forbid the use of WhatsApp data. "The WhatsApp determinations contain extensive passages with which the service permits the right to share data from users with other Facebook companies", Stressed Caspar on Tuesday. Also Facebooks Privacy Policy see a general corporate use and evaluation of data related companies.

The Hamburg privacy policy has a procedure against the Facebook Ireland Ltd. Opened, the authority told on Tuesday under references to Article 66 of the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The DSGVO also allows a procedure against companies abroad when it comes to protecting the "Rights and Freedoms of German Users" go. By the procedure Will Caspar "An immediately executable arrangement" To obtain that Facebook may not raise and process data from WhatsApp users.

Almost 60 million users

For Facebook, in the EU, the Irish Data Protection Board is based on the headquarters of the European subsidiary. The German Dutch of Internet Tiesel is in Hamburg, which is why Caspar is state. "WhatsApp is now used by nearly 60 million people in Germany and is the most dedicated social media application even before Facebook", explained the privacy. "Unfortunately, it has not yet come to any regulatory checking of the actual workfores between WhatsApp and Facebook."

Vodafone: massive disturbance in the mobile network

The mobile network of Vodafone currently has to fight with massive disturbances: thousands of users reports of failure, including in the editorial office of our site, several people are affected. Vodafone has confirmed the problem on Twitter. According to the post office, the 2G, 3G and 4G networks are affected. Man working intensively on a solution.

Meanwhile, several users have reported on Twitter that they can access their Vodafone network again. In the meantime, our site was able to receive data on 3G on a test apparatus with Vodafone contract, but the page structure failed. Currently, our site can no longer access the Vodafone network.

From 13:50 had more than 100 within a few minutes.000 affected on the platform allieties.DE to speak. The disturbances in the Vodafone network relate to Germany according to Germany. A Vodafone spokesman has confirmed that the mistakes with more than 100.000 customers occur. While the Vodafone mobile network is not accessible, the cable network seems to function problem-free.

Hello Games brings with the "Desolation" update horror elements into the space game "No Man" S SKY ". In the new version, players can now find abandoned spaceships, discover their stories and deal with new opponent types.

This should yield "No Man" S Sky "around a hitherto missing horror component, explores Chef developer Sean Murray in a blog entry. Like all other updates for "No Man" S Sky ", which Hello Games has published since the start of 2016, is" desolation "for all players for free. The update should also improve the graphic with overworked Bloom effects and Lens Flares. It stands for PC, Xbox One and PS4 ready for download.

Trailer for "No Man" S SKY: DESOLATION "(Source: Hello Games)

Coronavirus: India censored posts with the name'indische variante''indische variante'

The Indian government has prompted all social media platforms to remove all content where there are talk of one "Indian variant" of the coronavirus is. In a letter from the Ministry of Elektronik and Information Technology (Meith), was caught for reasons that the World Health Organization in any of its reports was the term "Indian variant" with the B.1.617 Variant of the Coronavirus.

Nickname "Indian variant" For the variant with the scientific name B.1.617 You can actually find numerous countries in many clues of resistances and media. Where this mutation comes from exactly, is just as unclear as in the so-called British variant.

That India reacts sensitively to the term, is easily explained: with indications of origin, in the past, guilty assignments were always associated, for example through the former US Prassident Donald Trump, which had called the Coronavirus as China virus. Great Britain also rejected the name "British variant". There, however, one speaks less localizing from the "Kent variant".

Stop in Manchester: At least 22 dead

Mobile video from the hall. Screnshots: TP

A suicide warehouse led his explosive charge at a concert of the sanger Ariana Grande, in which numerous minores were present present

Since the attack on a concert of Eagles of Death Metal In the Paris Bataclan (cf. Paris: Who were the victims?) If one is that for terrorists can also be entertainment music concerts attack targets. This certainty was found yesterday a suicide matte, which wound his explanation in front of a concert of the Concerto of the American Sanger Ariana Grande in the northern English Manchester, and after the current numbers of the police at least 22 people in the death tore – including minor teams.