Vw at the iaa: eight world premieres and two new diesel engines

Wolfsburg, 1. August 2007 – Volkswagen has for the IAA (13. to 23. September 2007 in Frankfurt am Main) a lot made: the most extensive product range of all times should be presented. More than 50 models are in Hall 3.0 stand, eight of which are world premieres. Also new at VW: Small four-cylinder diesel with common rail injection.

Study with rear engine

The official motto of this year IAA is: "see what moves us tomorrow". VW contributes to this slogan with a new study. In Wolfsburg one speaks of a designed city specialist. This is like the cafer a rear motor vehicle.

The focus: the Tiguan

One of the trade fair highlights is the completely ready for Tiguan, a SUV that settles below the Touareg. The Touareg is a candidate for VWS BlueMotion strategy. Six of these compared to the normal series models somewhat consumable vehicle variants are presented for the first time. In addition to the Touareg, the Touran as well as the Golf and his offshoot Golf Plus, Golf Variant and Jetta are also missing. Maybe it will even give a Phaeton BlueMotion. An FOX BlueMotion is very unlikely, as well as a New Beetle BlueMotion. Together with the already available POLO BlueMotion and Passat BlueMotion, a total of nine BlueMotion models are available from 2008.

Wind turbine expansion is not quite going

The expansion of wind power on land does not get properly. The number of newly installed wind ratings in Germany was more than twice as high in the first six months 2020 as in the same period of the previous year – but it was still the second-rich expansion half of the past 15 years. This is from leading figures of the expert agency wind energy to the country that the DPA is available.

By the end of June, 186 wind turbines were put into operation with a gross performance of 587 MW nationwide. Because old plants were shut down, the netozubau was 528 megawatts. New wind turbines are much more powerful than old. Between January and June last year, 81 wind turbines had gone to the grid with a total output of 271 MW.

Central pillar of the energy transition

Most new wind turbines went to the premier numbers in the first half of the year in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. In all federal tags auf the three city states Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen new wind ratings were built.

Vw: reorganization of bonus payments

After violent criticism of bonus payments for the VW managers, the Group wants to create new rules for the houses of the lodging flee. "The current system needs change," writes VW Financial Officer Frank Witter in a letter to the Investor Chris Hohn, who last made the Group in a writing prere. "We will address this as part of our strategy discussion," writes Witter in the letter, the multiple media on Wednesday.

But the Group will take time to carefully work out a new system. The new 2025 strategy should be presented before the summer break 2016. Details of a new spirit system not called Witter. But you have a balance between fairness and transparency on the one, and attractiveness of the group for talents on the other side.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that 46 complaints of owners of a car from VW have been submitted to Braunschweig in the course of the exhaust scandal. They were either sudden to the respective seller of the vehicle, a car dealership or Volkswagen AG, at reflection of the purchase contract or the Group as a manufacturer for damages, the court announced on Wednesday. In addition, 114 claims for damages of investors was now available against the Group. They all complain that Volkswagen informed the stock market for Spat on the threatening consequences of millions of diesel’s threatening consequences.

Wear OS: Google wants'hey google'-erkennung reparieren

For months, the Google Assistant is apparently no longer with the command at Wear-OS-OS "Hey Google" activate. There are numerous user reports in forums and Googles’s own IE Tracker. Now Google works on a solution for the problem.

The promised Google to the Tech Magazine The Verge. Accordingly, one is aware of the mistake that at "agree" Applete users. Google did not call a schedule. In fact, numerous users are affected, they recognize about contributing to Reddit or Googles Ie Tracker, where nearly 1000 users specified that they have also determined the error. However, the SMARTWATCHES affected can still use the Google Assistant: Depending on the model, it can still be seen on a push of a button.

Google invests in SmartWatches

Many users now throw Google in the forum threads and social media to largely ignore his SmartWatch operating system Wear OS. Google has invested in the development of its own smartwatches in recent years.

Digital Proof Supervision:'grundrechte der studierenden geraten unter die rader''grundrechte der studierenden geraten unter die rader'

The digital online examination supervision with so-called Proctoring software takes place in a legal gray zone. It is more than unlikely that such a surveillance program will meet the requirements for data protection and IT security, the conclusion of the report published on Wednesday is "Spah software against students".

The lounger in particular on the skills that have a such on artificial intelligence (ki) bragged software, "to recognize fraud attempts and unambiguous aids", In the study, the IT security expert Mike Kuketz has written on behalf of the company for Liberty Rights (GFF). These techniques required critical permissions in a browser add-on and a standalone solution as an additional program deep procedure in the operating system.

Proctoring goes too far

Proctoring goes out in many places, "What is required for a proper transmission of exams", Works out KUKETZ. Most universities demanded that students activate camera and microphone during an exam work. Partly they were not only monitored live, "but the recordings are also saved". Many students had to show the room with the camera in a so-called Room Scan with the camera in a so-called Room Scan, in which they stop. Since it is often around the bedroom, "this is a deep procedure in the privacy".

Vw t5 multivan 4motion: learn the allrad bulli

Tegernsee, 23. February 2010 – 1975 Gustav Mayer, at the time of the VW Transporter, makes its dream true: a Bulli with all-wheel drive he wants to build, even if there is no official order from Wolfsburg. Secretly quiet and quiet is nevertheless from existing parts of the "T2 Allrad prototype" Developed and tested. But the cuddly, air-boiled rear boxer does not create it in series production. Only in 1985 comes his square successor to the market as T3 Syncro.

Facelift on all fours

After the Front-driven T5 already received a facelift and new engines in the fall of 2009, the 4Motion models are now also. Instead of pump-Duse aggregates with five cylinders now come four-cylinder diesel with common rail injection. The two strongest stored motorizations with 140 and 180 hp can also be combined with the permanent four-wheel drive. After all, every tenth T5 was last ordered as a 4Motion variant.

New: 4Motion with DSG

The modified four-wheel system of the T5 now has a new lamellar clutch: This comes from the Swedish partner Haldex and is not mechanical than before, but electronically controlled. The power flow to the rear roll can thus be varied infinitely. In extreme cases, even a torque distribution of up to 100 percent to the rear axle is possible. The traction loss of individual raders should be prevented by the electronic differential lock by active brake engagement. NEW for the T5 is also the combination of all-wheel drive and the excerpt gentle and without tensile force loss switching double-clutch transmission DSG.

To red: renault twingo 'per t'aime'

Bruhl, 29. June 2010 – The new Renault Twingo “per t”aime” ensures butterflies in the stomach, writes renault – we have not caught us yet, but a good deal is always: the special model in Spanish-red is from 7990 euro conservation. Thus, according to the manufacturer offers a price advantage of 2700 euros.

Air conditioning from the factory

The Twingo "per t"aime" Based on the model variant Authentique 1.2 60 ECO2. The car has series-mabig air conditioning with pollen filter. In addition, electric windows are included in front, an electric power steering and a central locking with radio remote control. For safety equipment, adaptive frontairbags for driver and front passenger, an ABS with electronic brake force distribution as well as an ISOFIX retraction for child seats on the passenger square and the jaw seats. So you have to worry only for a radio – speakers are already installed. The only downer as so often with offers of this kind is the missing ESP. Apart from this restriction, the offer is really bounding, especially since the list price is not the last word.

5.5 liters consumption

The 1.2-liter gasoline engine is supposed to start on average with 5.5 liters of superbin per 100 kilometers, the CO2 outskout amounted to 130 grams per kilometer. The 40 liters of tank contents should allow a range of over 700 kilometers.

Vw offers new packages for polo and passat

Wolfsburg, 17. October 2011 – VW offers for the Polo and the Passat new equipment packages. This is to make the small car sporty, the middle class model particularly nobel. Both come from the households R GmbH.

Sportsman Dress for the Polo

For the polo, there are the new packages R-Line "Exterior" and R-Line "Plus". The package exterior costs 1450 euros for the Polo Comfortline and 1010 Euro for the Polo Highline. Then, among other things, 16-inch light metal wheels with 215er tires. There are also 17-inch alus for a surcharge. From the factory, the Sports model has black glossy cooler protection grid with R-line logo, an R-line spoiler package, fog lights and a LED license plate light. Depending on the motorization, the tailpipe blends are carried out in chrome.

With the package R-Line "Plus" (855 Euro for Comfortline, 450 Euro for Highline) keep sports seats in the Polo entry. They are either completely covered with fabric or are supplied in an Alcantara leather variant. Also series mabig: the black roof sky, a leather steering wheel with aludecor, pedals in aluminum optics and door sills with R-line lettering.

Presentation: bmw z4

The joy of automotive movement has many facets. Only short of my treasured colleague Florian over his interpretation to the maximum lane, which I probably carry the main debt. Finally, I was it, who with a Mazda MX-5 neighbor. He probably woke memories of his automobiles socialization. Gluck therefore means a well-combined simplicity that waives everything to drive unnecessary.

Everything in it

How different manufacturers do this topic in a segment, the new BMW Z4 shows. He is like the MX-5 a roadster, but the courage to leave away from a lot of way, BMW did not bring on. This must not be wondering, because Bayern serve another clientele. No accusation so at this point that the Z4 is stapplated with everything, which BMW is currently in stock. This is the new design of the dashboard, from which some elements are already known from the 8er presented in June. We probably reveal no national secrecy with the statement that this design is also reflected in the next threesome. Whether a terribly bad beam tacho and a tachometer that runs counterclockwise, which are very rough litter – it will certainly give different traps. Also the coarse explaining display between the middle outers, so I suspect, not just fans have. Positively noted that BMW holds the freely assignable favorite key.

Fabric instead of steel

In addition, BMW has decided to bring with possible many beads and edges a maximum of restlessness into design. Timeless elegance and unobtrusive petite had no priority in the specifications. The four headlights are first positioned over each other. Instead of a folding roof of steel as in the previous Z4, there is now a fabric cover.

Complaint Council: Facebook's Oversight Board takes on the work

Two years after envision, the oversight board now takes its work. Independent experts should intervene in complaints if contributions were made on Facebook and Instagram. Your decision is then binding for the social network.

Three billion people are registered on Facebook. You will get access to the appeal advice in the coming weeks, Facebook writes in a blog post. In case of doubt, the social network itself can pass on trap. The Board members then decide on what matters they are laid down – based on specified criteria. The first 20 members has presented Facebook this summer. Since then, they should go through a series of training and the organization overlooks and structures have built up.

If Facebook is progressing, because a contribution is not blocked according to the guidelines, the contribution creator gets an indication and an ID. With this he can then formulate a complaint on the website of the Oversight Board, or explain the background of the contribution.