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Does your Saeco coffee machine no longer the way you want it? We repair and maintenance Your Saeco coffee machines at fair prices!

As a specialized company with over 25 years of experience in the trade, we have specialized in the professional Repair of Saeco coffee machines specialized and are always up to date with the latest technology due to regular trainings. Our many years of experience is your advantage, as we have the technical know-how for effective to cost-efficient order processing.

Have you ever dreamed of driving a racing car yourself? This no longer has to be a dream, because in Germany you have the possibility in many places to, to get behind the wheel of a horsepower monster and race around the circuit.

I present to you in this article the 5 best places to Drive a race car yourself in Germany in front of.

At the end of the article I have some useful information for you. I’ll answer some important questions you might have before your experience.

On a business trip, to be mobile on vacation, on the way to an event you don’t want to miss, for a visit to family and friends … choose Lara Cars rent a car in Alicante, one of the most practical and affordable options to move freely throughout the province. you can drive on the Costa Blanca itself, as well as inland or to Murcia. We tell you everything you need to know when choosing a car rental in Alicante.

More and more visitors prefer the “rent a car” option when traveling, d.h. you rent a car that is usually of a higher quality than your own, and then drive to the place you want to go with all the security and guarantees. A method that is used more and more in Alicante. Know all the options that Lara Cars offers you?

Cheap car rental in Alicante

Rent a car in Alicante: alquiler de vehIculos economicos en la Costa Blanca y Murcia

Get in casually, sit up high, drive comfortably - a well-made small SUV

Renault’s Captur is a success story: more than 1.2 million of the fashionable compact SUV have been sold since 2013. In the course of its life so far, it has already become a sought-after everyday companion with its homely interior, skilful design, two-tone paint finish and many customization options. For the second generation, which was launched on 11. When the Captur was launched on January 1, 2020, Dutch design chief Laurens van den Acker not only spruced it up, but also gave it a technical makeover. This is made possible by the 85 percent new platform on which the Renault Clio and Nissan Juke are also based. And an LPG engine is also on board.

LPG? This is not the abbreviation for Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft, which existed in the GDR. The abbreviation LPG stands for “Liquefied Petroleum Gas” and indicates that LPG is a liquefied petroleum gas – a gas mixture of propane and butane liquefied under pressure, which is a by-product of gasoline production. The gas tank itself is made of 3.5-millimeter-thick steel and may only be filled to a maximum of 80 percent for safety reasons; this is ensured by a special differential pressure valve. And the multi-valve ensures a controlled release of the gas in the event of damage. An LPG car is therefore by no means more dangerous than a gasoline-powered car.

Race car drive yourself

Drive a race car yourself

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What is actually the difference between sports cars and race cars?

race car driving-1

As Sports car is the term used to describe production cars that are also registered on the road. In order to comply with the road traffic regulations, certain conditions must be met with regard to minimum ground clearance, lighting, license plates, etc. be fulfilled. Well-known sports cars come, for example, from Porsche or Audi. A Race car on the other hand does not have to follow these regulations, because these cars were designed especially for the race track. They often have more than 500 hp. Well-known racing car brands are for example McLaren or Mosler.

A brief digression into the history of racing

Automotive sports can now look back on a remarkable history – because it has been around since over 125 years. In 1894, the first car race took place: 102 vehicles registered for the 126-kilometer route from Paris to Rouen, 15 reached the finish line. In 1906, the first Grand Prix of France took place and with it the first circuit race. The first reliability race was held in Germany in 1905, and the first race in the new Formula 1 World Championship was held in England in 1950. With this historical knowledge, your experience on the race track will feel even better, right??

Procedure for driving a race car – the race taxi

You even get your own chauffeur here! An experienced race car driver. He will be at your side during the whole experience. After a short briefing on the race car and the track, it’s time to go to the starting line. Here we go! With squealing tires you turn your laps. You can feel the adrenaline pumping. The brute force of the engine surrounds you loudly. The acceleration presses you firmly into the seat. You are spellbound by so much power. This is your ultimate racing experience. Race in your dream car on the most famous race tracks in Europe. It will be unforgettably racy in any case. After the racing experience is still time for a small snack. You can look back on your experience and have your picture taken with the sporty car. If you wish you can also get a HD video of the board camera. In addition, you will receive a certificate of participation to take home – so the experience is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time!

Yes, and indeed any brand. You will receive a trade-in premium of up to 1.000€ in addition to the vehicle valuation. You will discuss the valuation with your specialist advisor after making your reservation.

Renault Hammer Clio

50 x online offer price

129,- € monthly*

or in cash for only 11.980,- €

Car dealer Hartwigsen, Renault
Car dealer Hartwigsen, Renault
Car dealer Hartwigsen, Renault

The new Renault Captur is a true all-rounder in urban crossover design: even more self-confident than its predecessor, it presents itself in a sporty, ambitious SUV look. The individual two-color design, its high-quality interior with multimedia touch screen and the flexible modularity make it a true everyday hero. Start your big city adventure.

Renault Captur

Auto industry Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi join forces on electric car plans

Gregor Waschinski has been Handelsblatt correspondent in Berlin since May 2018, focusing on healthcare policy and pensions

Martin Kolling, Handelsblatt editor and correspondent in Tokyo. Source: private

The Urban Kanga portable travel child seat is the perfect solution for parents and travelers with children who want to use multiple vehicles, car sharing, car pooling, cabs, or who enjoy traveling with their children. Until now, when traveling with children, they had to carry a heavy car safety seat with complicated assembly processes. In many cases, you’ve had to either abandon travel plans or put your child at risk – because you didn’t have a child restraint system in the vehicle in the first place.

A simple foldable child seat. Saves space and makes it easy to take with you anywhere.
Ideal for travel and all those who frequently change vehicles.

The Urban Kanga child seat is specially designed to meet the needs of the modern urban family. As vehicle ownership declines in favor of car sharing models, young parents need portable safety solutions for traveling with babies and young children. This product is a forward-facing universal group 1 portable child restraint system. Properly installed and with the child securely buckled in, this seat is a safety device in the event of an accident.

We have focused on models of the brands of Renault, Dacia, SKODA, SEAT, Cupra, Alpine& Maple specialized.

In addition, we have other manufacturers in the range. This allows us to offer you a comprehensive range from small cars to luxury sedans.