According to a study by the Pew Internet Project, the life of the Americans is changing with a high-speed access to the Internet

With a broadband connection including flatrate, internet life is really going on – or at least very significantly changed. Finally, as a user, you do not have to look at the clock as a user and always log out again and again and re-elections, but also the time of waiting in the formerly named World Wide Wait will be lower for much – and that is crucial for expectation of the impatient contemporary who wants to have everything possible immediately.

In addition to the old digital gap between the Internet users and the Internet refers or the Internet excluded from the Internet, another is added: the gap between the fast and slow accesses, which also decides how to use the Internet and wants. In Germany, too, one has not noted that the first digital divide is by no means concluded and there is a two-class society, since only 26 million burgers of 14 years have internet access and only a further 9 million in the observance of them want, but already the second gap begins to open. After a survey of the market research company Nielsen / Netrings from April of this year, only 15 percent of private German internet users have a broadband connection. These are predominantly DSL. Although the number of users is rapidly increasing, there is Germany only to 8. Job. At ISDN you still took the top spot, but the broadband connection of Fruhe is far from being far from.

When the pictures learned grass ..

All pictures: Walt Disney

Nostalgia 2.0: "Tron: Legacy" Is nostalgia for the "Generation Golf"

Cheerful quote rates, unfortunately without chance: "Tron: Legacy" looks nice, at least from the scissor cuts mentioned by the 3D effects. The movie visually promises the retro charm of the first "Terminator". But the story, Oh ever, … If you want to call them overhaut, she is fabulous. And then, Oh, Oh, Oh, director Joseph Kosinski obviously had a bad damage on his external hard drive, on which he has saved all his favorite movies. Maybe the bad RIP program was also to blame, at least the files have been messed up, have learned to run and have broken out: "2001", "matrix", "Scooterball", "The fabulous world of Amelie", "Blade Runner", "Mad Max". And then a double jeff bridges, oh, oh, oh, oh ever…

MP3 player overview.

From the MP3 player to the mixer there is a growing range of software for digital DJs and those that want to be.

The first address for everything that has to do with MP3s is the Fraunhofer Institute. Here you have developed the compression standard, and here’s the official reference software for playing, free of charge for Macs and Windows. However, you can see the programs on their origin – screendeign with the discrete charm of mathematics, so to speak. Many other players now exist. The most famous of it is probably Winamp. For Winamp, there are not only imposeless skins to give the program a more individual surface, but all imaginable plugins: From the video animation plugin Ubersen vinyl kneler plugin to the head of the headquarters, there is hardly anything missing. Originally, the Winamp forge ZeroSoft has also crafted on a Mac MP3 player under the name Macamp, but the project is abandoned. Others resumed it, which leads to domain and product name traces. As a result, Macamp now means MacaST, which inextricably like "Maca" pronounced. Also very popular in the apple country is the freeware player sound app.

Food for news hungry media

In the fight against the music piracy, the Association of the US Music Industry Industry has initiated another Klankehr lesson and recently dragged 41 alleged users of Music Exchanges in front of the Kadi. But the novelty value of such reports is also using the deterrent effect that the RIAA is seeking with its complaints – knowledgeable that they can not sue tens of millions of American exchange carriers. The coarse media rummel would have failed this time, ware of the association in his complaints did not make a head-line breakdown again – one of the PR strategists of the RIAA apparently well-calculated breakdown, as Tim Renner, head of Universal-Music Germany, young in an interview with the world enforced on Sunday.

How the RIAA is always happy in her statements, their place of laws are stranded to pinch only the coarse fish, which on their PCs each around the 1.000 songs and more to download. By suing superparatives coarse providers of illegal MP3s, they would like to reduce the download offer, the official strategy of the RIAA. In addition, the association relies on the deterrent effect of his complaints. The caught exchange brorsians had to increase in damages in the amount of 2.500 to 7.500 dollars on the table of the RIAA flower – buzz, which can hardly pay any of the postage.

The music industry suffers from professional pirated copiers – there is disagreement about antidote

According to a study now, every third worldwide commercially widespread audio CD is manufactured without the authorization of the authors. Most of these bootleg CDs are pressed into emerging markers. A circulating idea to increase legal music sales but not at the record companies at all.

The International Musical Industry Association IFPI presented his declared report on commercial music piracy yesterday in London. It is said that last year, more than one billion bootleg CDs were sold worldwide. A total of around 4.5 billion US dollars. The sales figures of the unvused CDs increased by 14 percent last year. At the same time, the regular music industry sold sales breeding of treasured funf to eight percent.


The Search for Santa Clues

Christmas on the Commodore 64

In the time, as a computer games still cheap – in multiple terms – there were a not insignificant selection of programs that tacked the coarse and little ones waiting for Santa Claus thematically. In particular, Commodores C = 64, which until now still the most sold computer model, offered a variety of possibilities to playfully tackle the theme of Christmas. The following I present a selection of Christmas titles that are published in the 1980s and 1990s for this computer.

Wal-Mart, the world’s larger retailer, has opened an online shop for music

For far too long, the music industry had been waiting for the exchange trolley to oppose its own offers on the web. However, the commercial offers such as iTunes or the resurrected Napster are more varied and also cheaper. This development could now accelerate again.

Yesterday, Wal-Mart, the largest retail company in the world, launched a test in the US with its own online music offer. And if such a giant is starting, then he naturally undercuts the previously achieved brand of 99 cents per downloaded stucco to extend the competition. Wal-Mart cooperates for its online shop with Liquid Digital Media.

Senate sore governments brings all the prominent counterparties of the MP3 debate in one place

Yesterday, the US Senate Justice Committee had loaded an appeal over the future of music on the Internet. From the RIAA Uber Napster and MP3.Com to Metallica and a Gnutella developer were all come to explain their view of things.

Since the Watergate-Affare, Habits of the US Senate should not have experienced such a visitor sandrang. No wonder, finally promised the list of invited witnesses on the topic "Music on the Internet: Is There at upside to downloading?" Also spectacular disputes: For the first time, in the openity Napster-CEO Hank Barry and Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich met. In addition, Senator Orrin G. Hatch MP3.Com-boss Michael Robertson, Fred honest by Sony Music, Emusic.Com-boss Gene Hoffman, the folk musician Roger McGuinn, Gnutella developer Gene Kan and Jim Griffin from the company Cherry Lane Digital invited. In the audience SAB also Napster-Grunder Shawn Fanning.

A talent-free band conquers the pop charts

Who will not get anything, will be host. That was yesterday. Today you will, if you are nothing and above all, nothing can, nothing. In any case, a four-headed band is called from young people who are neither singing, doing music nor dancing. And still recorded a CD, on the outside of the deposit "One, Two, Three, Four" and a few background noise is nothing to horn for a good three minutes. Nevertheless, your disk has been sold around 3000 times immediately after your publication, which has ranked in the past week for 73 the single charts. And because in these days to the musical nothing of nothingness is still a video on the market, your song will be "nothing" In the hit parades by increasing further.

Anyway, the fans of nothingness are excited in the face of nothing. This proves a look at the customer reviews at, where "nothing" Today in place 602 the sales hit parade stands.

NetDG reform: Research on Structures of Hetze Music

Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter Co. Due to new transparency specifications, information must now also provide information against researchers to what extent the dissemination of unlawful content "for specific concerned certain user circles leads". The service providers should explain in public reports, whether they are the science information about "Organized structures or coordinated behaviors" have given by Hetzern.

Update for the NetzDG

These rules are part of a coarse reform of the network translation law (NETZDG), which comes to coarse parts today to Monday. The Bundestag had decided the amendment at the beginning of May, on the 9th. June she had been published in the Federal Law Gazette, so that the rules reach now.

With the new guidelines researchers according to the legislator a further "Anonymized evaluation" Potential targeted hate campaigns can make. "Ruckets is known that punishable hate speech is often directed against certain groups", It is called for the lawbound. In particular, women and minorities are "in a special way" affected. With the advanced indications in the semi-annual transparency reports of the gross platforms, scientists "Carry out systematic analyzes" and deeper findings about the gefuge of "Hate criminal" to win.