Panasonic: New TV top model should automatically set to content

In the run-up to the CES, Panasonic has given an outlook for its upcoming OLED TV top gate JZW2004, which should come on the market with bid screen diagonals of 55 and 65 inches not yet mentioned. The final specifications for the device should be published only in Marz, but the manufacturer praised some highlights.

This is especially paying the new processor "HCX PRO AI", which should recognize whether it is the straight-running content for a movie, a sportswear, a music video, a newscast or a game. Based on this scene analysis, according to Panasonic, the processor is then able to self-standing the best matching image and sound settings to election.

According to the manufacturer, the Ki was fed in the development of more than one million reference cutouts with the various contents.

The popsummer 1982 vintages for the twentieth times – a reminiscence at better times

About twenty years ago, you did not have to be blod, career or gay to be pop star. Groups such as ABC, Soft Cell or Depeche Mode made the early eighties with Hedonistic citation pop at a time that was quite awarded – unlike current charts, revivals and TV jerks like today’s 80s show on RTL.

"I Can`t Help Myself" (Four Tops, 1965) "Just Like The Four Tops, I Can`t Help Myself" (Edwyn Collins / Orange Juice, 1982) "I Want To Go Back There Again" (Chris Clark, forgotten Motown Sanger, 1967)

Nacheles: documented presentation, interesting exhibitors, future developments

On the O’Reilly Peer-to-peer conference in February you could not experience everything live: Many submissions took place in parallel, and some companies presented written materials. But the relevance of the topic is worth it to look more closely what else happened. The last part of the series is a renewed with the attempt of a future perspective.

On the conference pages of O’Reilly there are some submission to download. The following considers interpretations of these documents with some additional information.

The French Synthesizer Magician Jean Michel Jarre provoked the content industry in 1983

At its first actual world tour, the most influential electric avantgardist Jean Michel Jarre is currently in Germany in Germany. The visionars such as commercially successful musicians not only used mabstabe in the open air area in the 1980s, but in 1983 also questioned the commerce of the music industry in question.

After Jarre at the beginning of the 80s "Oxygène" had presented the best selling French album, asked friendly artists the star for the composition of background music for an art project. Trivial objects of everyday life should be staged as art. The successful artist who had just given gigantic open-air concerts in China, during composing, came to the idea of having to minimize on the contrary and not marketing his music on mass sales (which had just been fitted to a supermarket), but how to position fine art. From its current composition, only a single plate should be pressed and aimed for a valuable painting on an art acknowledgment. At a time in which everything is standardized and commercialized, the action should deliberately set a sign and demonstrate the uniqueness of a work. The record company was anything but enthusiastic about this unusual distribution channel, but the stubborn Jarre liked it not to be fooled.

A very rough war coalition at "Storm of determination"

A militar strike along with threat of even more massive missions and in such a broad involvement of "aggress" States did not exist in the Arab world so far: Saudi Arabia bombarded the Yemen, warships are ready and 150.000 Man ground forces doing USA "Logistic help", 10 Arab states have announced their military support, the British government gives the jerking, the German Aerial Office explains the military operation for legitimate.

On the other side: the so-called "Huthi rebels", Some tens of thousands, by no means modernly erupted. A world hazard? Saudi Arabia, as Thomas de Maizière has set out the German audience in terms of arms delivery, "An anchor of the stability" in the near East?

Redirection to the East

Uber network art, Coca Cola, and the function of the background in old Netherlands painting

Real-time theory I



Where should he drove, the eternal tongue train? (The Third Reich in Self-Trial, Part 12 / II)

In 1945, Paula Wessely was involved in Homecoming from the Americans with a prohibition of performance. Help found at the Tenor Otto of Pasetti-Friedenburg, who emigrated to the United States in 1937 and returned to the US Army in 1944 as an intelligence officer. De Pasetti, as he called now, became head of the Theater and Music Department of the American News Control Service in Austria. In this function he provided for a repeal of the prohibition. In the Salzburg news (17.11.1945) He gave this explanation: "We also want to admit that a participation of prominent artists, I think especially about conductors and head of music schools, could prevent more mischief than a refuse of these posts." This was apparently for an actress like Paula Wessely as well. The reason for his opinion does not give de Pasetti. He also felt the goods. Homecoming is the best example for that that the opposite was the case.

Wednesday: Dreamliner Stop, Stadia Schub, Book Rescue, Fracking  Amp; Spotify spell

During Boeing the production of its 787 coarse plane "Dreamliner" Due to the newly found deficiency, Google, Google lowers its sales sharing of the cloud gaming service Stadia, so game companies can earn more. On the other hand, the Internet Archive saves 600.000 Bucher from New Zealand in front of the trash. Cheap natural gas should create many jobs in the US, but most have disappeared again.

Disappeared from Spotify are a number of users, because they were locked out because they have cut music with audials. The goods may also be a case for Esther Dyson, but the camphor for a free internet, journalist and investor today becomes 70 years today than – the most important news in the short overview.

Deficiency in construction Boeing-Jets 787 ("Dreamliner"To) Has the US aviation security faece discovered FAA. Although "No immediate threat for flying safety" First, Boeing will help to remedy before the planes are delivered, said the FAA on Monday. On Tuesday Boeing had to confirm that. New problems with Boeings Dreamliner 787 stops production again.

FileSharing: US provider must pay the music industry 1 billion dollars

The US Internet Provider Cox Communications must have a billion US dollar (currently 823 million euros) to 57 record companies and music publishers. Customers of the ISP have 10 in 2013 and 2014.017 Musikstucke Uber FileSharing networks copied. Because Cox has not cut off these customers from the Internet despite complaints of the right holders, the company now has to be straight as a contribution station for the copyright injuries of his customers.

This is from a current decision of the US Federal Court of Justice for the Eastern Virginia. First of all, sworn Cox Communications had almost 100 at the end of 2019.000 dollars per musician condemned what multiplied by 10.017 makes exactly one billion dollars. As a high force, the law even sees 150.000 dollars per infringement.

To Spat comes expensive

Then Cox requested a reduction of the total: part of the music chocolates was derived from each other, for example in the form of remixes or short variants. Therefore, can not be estimated the same amount for all stucco. But that, so the court, had had to submit Cox in the swore procedure. Now it is for spat.

Vw introduces scirocco r am nurburgring

Wolfsburg / Nurburgring, 20. May 2009 – The 24-hour race at Nurburgring (21. to 24. May 2009) makes the right accompanying music for the premiere of the new Scirocco R, which will be the strongest series version of the sporty VW coupes with 265 hp.

Spoiler, Xenon and LEDs

Already visually, the SCIROCCO R is easy to distinguish from its weaker series bridges: At the front, three rougher air folds ensure that engine and brakes are not allowed to heat. The holeers are sitting in a specially designed stobbar, and in the area of the side luminaires newly designed LED daytime running lights. Bi-xenon headlights are also standard maby. At the rear, the rough roof edge spoiler is falling into the eye. This is just like the black diffuser for the output at the rear axle. Right and left a chromed oval tailpipe looks out of the rear. To boost the sporty impression, dark toned jerk lights are the following traffic. Side pronounced sill and 18-inch light metal roller of the type "Talladega" the picture. Optionally, 19-inch roders are available.

Many applications

The Scirocco R also differs in the interior of its model voices. So there are aluminum decorative inserts in the fittings and black sparkling applications in the area of center console, the turmoil handles, the shift knob, the aerial streamer and the bottom-off trees steering wheel. Hand brake handle and shift lever are stuck under a leather reverse. Also the sports seat with R logo in the front headstock are series. When boarding, the car roves with special door sills and flatters the pilot with a speedometer, whose ad is up to 300 km / h.