The apache xmlbeans xml data binding framework reaches version 5.0.0.

The responsible team behind the Apache project POI ("Poor obfuscation implementation") has the completion of Apache XMLBeans version 5.0.0. announced. The new release of the XML data binding framework offers among others a Maven plug-in and now uses Apache Log4j 2 for logging.

While Apache POI serves Java developers as a library for reading and writing Microsoft Office file formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, Publisher, and Outlook, XMLBeans opens a way to access XML through bindings to Java Types. Among the bug fixes in version 5.0 there is a breaking change to be aware of: XMLBEANS-555 (Partial method generation and remove inner factory classes). The fix resolves an error when creating jar from wsdl files, which led to the message "too many constants" guided.

Changing history

Microsoft brings new features for the voice assistant cortana

Microsoft launches new features for Cortana. The voice assistant is to become a personal productivity assistant for Microsoft 365 users, revolutionizing the workflow of professionals in the film and video industry. For Windows 10, Cortana will then be available as chat-based help to get information from Microsoft applications – such as appointments entered in the calendar or to retrieve tasks from the To-Do app, as well as to create entries by voice input. In addition, the search engine query via Bing is possible. The functions are initially available with the May update only in the U.S., other countries are to follow.

Cortana reads and responds

Outlook for iOS gets an update for the "Play my Emails"-function. Cortana will be able to reply to mails and create appointments, as well as write standardized replies, for example, that you will be a little late for a meeting. In the coming weeks, the mail reader will be released for Android for the first time.

Microsoft edge crashes when google is the default search engine

Microsoft’s Edge browser crashed for users who selected Google as their default search engine. After Microsoft published a workaround, the problem is said to be fixed now.

The crashes occurred when typing in the address bar, Microsoft writes in a tweet. To prevent this, the company recommended turning off search suggestions altogether in settings. In the meantime, it is hoped that the problems have been solved and asks affected users to reverse the setting changes and to inform Microsoft if crashes persist.

That only users with Google as search engine were affected, the news portal The Verge Tested. There are said to have been no problems with Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing.

Social media powder keg: bill gates warns microsoft against tiktok takeover

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is highly skeptical of the current corporate management’s plan to acquire the U.S. division of Chinese video platform TikTok. The planned deal is said to be a "poisoned chalice", that could at least cause serious damage to the software giant, the decades-old former CEO told U.S. magazine Wired. It is basically not easy to become a real rough in the business with social media.

Trump wants to ban TikTok

The current CEO Satya Nadella recently exchanged views with US President Donald Trump on whether the takeover would prevent the Republican’s threatened ban on TikTok in the USA. The IT company already holds a small stake in Facebook and in 2016 acquired the career network LinkedIn for over 26 billion U.S. dollars. In the consumer space, however, Microsoft has yet to play a major role in social media, something that could change with the TikTok acquisition.

Gates states in the interview that more competition could emerge in this market with the proposed purchase, which would "is probably a good thing". However, it was already "bizarre", that Trump was apparently trying to "single challenger" to the ground. The fact that the US president also held out his hand and demanded that a "substantial part of the purchase price" The fact that the US government has to pay a substantial part of the purchase price is more than strange in a procedure that is already unusual in itself. If Microsoft’s top brass goes ahead with its plans, the company will have to deal with all these oddities.

Security updates: hp device manager vulnerable to wordbook attacks

Admins who manage systems with HP Device Manager should update the software as soon as possible. In the current versions, the developers have closed three security loopholes.

One vulnerability (CVE-2020-6926) is rated threat level "critical" . In a warning HP writes that remote attackers could access unspecified resources after a successful attack. The details of how the attacks were carried out are not clear from the warning. HP strongly advises admins to update the software to the latest secure state.

Attackers with system privileges

The climate in view: green software foundation established

Microsoft, together with other companies, has established a "Green Software Foundation" based. With a view to climate protection, it has set itself the goal of helping the software industry to emit less CO2. The foundation wants to achieve this through new standards, design patterns and best practices, the development of open source tools, training and the building of a community "Gruner Software Ambassadors" call for. Specifically, it mentions a goal of reducing CO2 emissions from software by 45 percent by 2030 – which is in line with the Paris Climate Agreement decision from December 2015.

The new foundation has eight founding members: Microsoft and GitHub, which has been part of the group since 2018, as well as consulting firms Accenture and ThoughtWorks. In addition, the Green Software Foundation website lists as members the investment bankers of Goldman Sachs and the non-profit organizations The Green Web Foundation, Leaders for Climate Action and WattTime. The foundation is also associated with the Linux Foundation.

Data management: azure data studio offers improved notebooks

Microsoft has unveiled the July 2020 update to Azure Data Studio. The new release of the database tool mainly includes new features around notebooks and the query editor – as well as a number of bug fixes.

A cross-platform SQL code editor that leverages Microsoft’s IntelliSense technology, Azure Data Studio is available for users on Windows, Linux and macOS to work directly with data on SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse. Jupyter’s integrated notebooks make data management easy in Markdown. For this purpose, the current update offers, among other things, extended header options in the Markdown toolbar to format the notebook content in a more structured way. If required, all headings can be hidden with a single click. Apparently at the request of many users, Microsoft has now added a side-by-side view for the Markdown preview, which previously could only be placed below the text in the notebooks.

Barracuda cloudgen wan: secure software-defined wan based on azure

Security software vendor and service provider Barracuda Networks offers CloudGen WAN, a secure connection of company sites based on Microsoft’s cloud services. Instead of leasing dedicated lines, customers with CloudGen WAN will use the Microsoft Global Network as a WAN backbone. Microsoft’s Azure Virtual WAN Hubs with integrated CloudGen WAN gateways serve as access points, connecting remote sites via Microsoft’s own network. How many and which WAN hubs the customer wants to use is selected in advance. The route of the individual branch offices to the Microsoft network runs via Barracuda’s CloudGen WAN side devices.

CloudGen WAN SaaS is delivered through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and centrally managed in the CloudGen WAN portal for all office locations and remote endpoints. Barracuda promises that enterprises can dynamically adapt their entire network to current workloads. With CloudGen WAN, the security vendor claims to have implemented the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) concept, which is considered the new paradigm for software-defined secure access. Barracuda’s CloudGen firewalls are being used to secure the sites.

New graphics features: games will install directx 12 with

New versions of the DirectX 12 graphics API will no longer be released exclusively via Windows 10 updates. Instead, Microsoft is bringing back a distribution model of previous APIs like DirectX 11: studios will be able to package their games with appropriate DirectX 12 versions that include all the Direct3D features they need and have them automatically installed as well.

Microsoft makes the DirectX 12 Agility SDK available to developers and rebuilds the folder structure in Windows 10. The previous D3D12.dll is converted to a loader that points to the new D3D12Core.dll. The latter can be updated either by game installations or in the last instance by Windows 10 updates. Developers:inside are not obliged to use the SDK.

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