European Union Elections in Hungary Have Nothing To Do About Europe

AS The Date For European Parliamentary Elections Rapidly Approach in Hungary, It’s Already Quite Clear That The Campaign This Year, Much Like That of Four Years Ago, Has Little Or Nothing to do with Europe. InStead, This Year’s EU Election, Which is Slated for June 7th, is Merely at Extension of Domestic Politics. Hence, The Importance Of The Vote Is Not That It Will DeterMine How Hungary Will Repesent Itself in Brussels, But That It wants to be a barometer of Sorts for Upcoming National Elections Less Than A Year from Now.

It Goes Without Saying That a Year Is A Long Time in Terms of Politics and That a Lot Can Happen Between Then and Now. Futen, IF Present Trends Are Indicative of Future Public Sentiment Then The Ruling Socialist Party Has Plenty to Worry About. Recently The Governing Party Suffered A Major Defeat at Municipal Elections in The Southern City of Pecs, Losing by A Margin of 2 to 1. The Significance Of This Defeat Is Manifold. AS The European City of Culture of 2010, pecs is supposed to be a showcase for the rest of Europe. Instead, The City Seems to Highlight Corruption and Disorganization. So, IF Catalin Szili, The Current Speaker of the National Assembly and The Most Popular Member of the Socialist Party, Running in A City That Has Traditional Been A Staunch Supporter of the Left, What Convincingly Routed By The Right-Wing Young Democrats (Fidesz ) Then The Government Indeed Has Something to Worry About. This Massive Defeat Indubitable Left The Government Reeling and Licking Its Wounds.

German majority against delivery Puigdemonts

Whether he also affects himself in his unusual hairline choice of Chiqui de la Fuentes Catalan Comic National Helde Hector, Adaliden of Almogàvers,? Carles Puigdemont. Photo: Generalitat de catalunya

The mirror looks an indirect Embassy Angela Merkel in the attitude of the Federal Government "Separatists from your own sister party"

One since the 26. running Civey survey on behalf of the daily newspaper The world According to 51.1 percent of Germans, against a delivery of the remote Catalan Minister President Carles Puigdemont, talks about Spain. This is only 35.1 percent of the participants, another 13.8 percent are draw. Even more clear is the mood in the Telepolis APESTER survey, at which about 1.100 reader involved, which deals with 96 to four percent against a delivery.

A Holocaust Exhibition Opens in Berlin. Quiet. So: Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk Gets A TV Show.

Arguments Among German Historians, Politicians and Comments Over What The Holocaust Was And How To Deal With It Have Periodically Flamed Up Over The Past Several Decades and The Have, of Course, Been The Most Violently Emotional Arguments Germans Have Ever Had Among Themselves. 60 Years After Nazi Leaders Gathered in Berlin for What To Be Called The Wannsee Conference in Order to Establish A "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem in Europe," The German Historical Museum Has Unveiled at Exhibition Simply Entitled "holocaust." Perhaps The Most Remarkable Aspect of the Opening Is How Very Quietly It’s Been Received.

Granted, The Exhibition Has Been Reviewed in the Papers. Of course. But Thesis Reviews Have Been Sober, SO CALM, That One Of Them Even Addresses The Lack of ControSy. In the Suddeutsche Zeitung, Franziska Augstein Writes, "There wants to be no arguments about this exhibition precisely confirm the victims of the policy of extermination remain in the foreground, confirm empathy, not accusation, dominates here, and confirm the Entire Arrangement is strikingly objective."

The Close Finish Between The Two Main Contenders Shows That While The Sociists May Be Down, They Are Definitely Not Out.

The Result Of The Second Round In Hungary’s Parliamentary Elections Almost Guarantees That The Country’s Political Scene Will Maintain A Certain Momentum. Although There Just a Modest Improvement in The Number of Voters Who Cast Ballots, (57% of Eligible Voots Cast Ballots, Up Five Percent from the Previous Round), The Final Standing of the Political Parties Nevertheless Indicates A Realignment of Sorts. This Will Be The First Time Since The End Of The Communist Era That a Government Based On Coalition Politics Will Rule The Country.

The Hungarian Civic Party (Fidesz-MPP), Originally Known As the Young Democrats, What ABLE to Steal Victory from the Sociists in A Race Which What So Tight That It’s Not Clear Who Wohold Win. In The End, Fidesz Finished With A Comeback Total Of 148 Of 386 Seats, With The Sociists Coming A Close Second With 134. Representing 38% and 34% Respectiveely, This What a Reveral of First Round Results Which Saw The Sociists With 32.25% of the Votes Compared to Fidesz’s 28.19%.

Albania Is Falling Apart, Macedonia Is Boiling, The Next Circus in Balkans is Ready to Reopen


What Would Meditry Media Dohout Balkans? What To Weapons Proliferators do Widhout Balkans? What’s International Lawyers do Widout Balkans? What’s the Peaceemakers do Widout The Balkans? What Would All Those Innumerable Non-For Profits (Human Rights, Economic Aid, Refugees, Other Aid, Whatever) Organizations Do Without The Balkans? What’s the (Western) World Bloated Hordes of Humanities Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Holders Without The Constant Circus Being Responsible And Timely Delivered By The People From The Balkans?

Why internships became the most successful sociallyobby and what remains in the dark

On the 1. September 2005, the German Bundestag set up an online petition system, which is also made active. Absolute leader with Uber 50 000 members, has surprisingly a petition for an internship law. Today – Just two days before the theater premiere of Rene Polleschs Stuck "Death of an intern" – the nearly three-month subscription period of the most successful electronic petition.

She had submitted Silvia Helbig, speaker of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), and the Department of Youth of the DGB Federal Council. So far, Uber 59.140 persons (stand 8.1.07, 21:00 clock). Today was still the last opportunity of a so-called participation of the participation, but to obtain an appeal by the Bundestag are only 50 anyway.000 signatures required.

A common desire of the two party pole Frank Schaffler and Burkhard Hirsch has almost achieved the number of necessary signatures

The FDP currently has 64.640 members. If fun percent of it, with your signature, require a member decision, the party’s performance must hold a. So far, there were only two members of members in the history of the party: in 1995 for the rough detail, and 1997 on the abolition of compulsory military service. Both were not initiated by member requests.

Now it became known that a member request has almost reached the number of necessary signatures. It is directed against the permanent euro rescue screen ESM, which the Bundestag should vote in the next year. This instrument not with the acute rescue package EFSF1 should guarantee banks the rejection of loans from countries with ailing state finance. The Member Request wants that instead of such a permanent liability, possibilities for an exit superior Landers from the Eurozone are created.

Baden-Wurttemberg: AFD Group has split up

Baden-Wurttembergischer Landtag. Photo: PJT56. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Majord’s majority explains resignation – Federal Consequences uncertain [update]

At the state election in Baden-Wurttemberg, the alternative for Germany (AFD) from the stand reached a vote of 15.1 percent. The caused Dafur that the party claused in 2013 and in 2015 could move in the first time divided party with 23 deputies in the Stuttgart Landtag.

China strives for 6 percent growth and more economic independence

Despite the global recession by the Corona Pandemic, China wants a strong economic growth of this year "More than six percent" reach. In order to become independent abroad, government leader Li Keqiang underlined on Friday to open the annual conference of the folk congress in Beijing, that the development of the domestic economy "Priority" must. Also, one’s own innovation should be much stronger than sooner to reduce the technological dislocations.

At the center of the Plenary Session of the Chinese Parliament, the economic goals and the budget for this year, the new funf-year plan of 2021 to 2025 and a controversial electoral reform for Hong Kong. In this way, Beijing wants to further prune the already limited democracy in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. The session of the almost 3000 delegates is short this year than usual and will only take to theest Thursday.

Against the background of the growing tensions with the US, India, Taiwan and in the controversial Sudchinese sea, China will increase its militar expenses by 6.8 percent this year. Thus, the expenses for the militar grow faster than the total budget. In the previous year, the increase had already made 6.6 percent despite the Corona crisis. "The strategic skills of the militar to protect the sovereignty, security and development interests of our country are expanded", Premier Li Keqiang said in his speech.

Grunen-Co-Chef Dabel to Drone Dispute: View armament'sehr kritisch''sehr kritisch'

Grunen co-boss Robert Habeck has shown in the dispute over the arming of the new Bundeswehr drone Heron TP understanding for the position of the SPD top. "We see the armament of the Heron TP drones very critical", said Daheck the German Press Agency. The Ministry of Defense has the arguments of critics "not really taken seriously". With the armed drones that are previously in use, often vibrant lawful executions have been made from the air. "It threatens another automation of the war without giving clear commitment rules", he warned.

Arguing for the time being on ice

The SPD faction had laid the project on ice and signed up further discussion needs. This is well for the remaining reign of the coalition of the table. SPD faction leader Rolf Mogenich has thus been concerned about concerns of party leader Norbert Walter-Borjans – specialist politicians of the Social Democrats Argert. The Union also attacks its coalition partner.

An army MUSSE missionable and well equipped, said Haber. "But it speaks difference, however, more and more weapons." Armed drones are new weapons systems. "You have to look, in which forced the world community is getting." The Grunen boss said it was "Urgently necessary to start internationally new initiatives for regulation, invalid and limit", the goods from his point of view "The task of the European Union".