Media Mazages Google: Network examines money and influence

Google invests millions in journalism. But why actually? Where exactly is the money? And has the influence on the reporting? Two journalists of network policy.Org invested in a study funded by the DGB and the Otto Brenner Foundation. For this they talked to more than two dozen journalists and managers.

More than € 200 million euros in the past seven years of European media companies have been passed. The News Initiative is Google’s division, which complies with such projects and comes into contact with the corporations. Lastly, News Showcase started; Behind it is a license model for article from partner publishers, which Google is played in separate news pages. GERMANTS GERMANY, Overall, Plant Google to spend a billion US dollar worldwide for licenses.

Media Mazages Google: Network examines money and influence

Unequal distribution of the claim

The analysis of the claim in Europe revealed that Google is mainly established, commercial and Western Europe publishers. Of 140 million, which were ied between 2015 and 2019 via the Digital News Initiative, three quarters of commercial publishers benefited, funf percent landed with non-profit media. The rest went to individuals, research institutes, publicly funded media and non-journalistic organizations.

Unworted link collection LakThe monitoring shots

Anyone who entered the Clinic at Isar Park in Plattling in Bavaria as a patient had a potentially worldwide audience: whether emergency room or main entrance, reception or visitor parking, everything is monitored by cameras – and their recordings were available live for everyone?. Because every single one of the more than a dozen IP cameras on the clinic garden can be reached directly from the Internet via DynDNS service and port sharing.

The addresses and the login data necessary for access were awkwardly visible on a web server of the middle-class electrical installation operation ELAB Elektroanlagenbau GmbH from Deggendorf, which is responsible for the installation of the monitoring systems. In the overview, more than a dozen other links to cameras of a construction company, a car dealership, a residential complex in Crestut as well as a number of construction sites and other places in the region. Conveniently, the credentials were equally integrated into the links – a click to look at the monitoring recordings live.

Open for everything

In the case of the so-called Maurerhalle of the construction company from Deggendorf, even the admin access to the monitoring system was deposited, the associated password was transferred to trivialitat only from those of the other surveillance cameras: they followed dull the pattern 113355. The username had to be easily guessed if he had not been on the overview page anyway.

Better than Agatha Christie and Edgar Wallace: The Plot Thickens

The Third Man

Anatomy of a society, part 3

What happened so far: Anna Maria Caglio says in court that their ex-beloved Ugo Montagna and Piero Piccioni, the son of the Aufemister, are guilty of the death of Wilma Montesi and wanted to cover up with the help of Policeichef Pavone. – The Carabinieri Colonel Pompei has made a secret report for Interior Minister Fanfani, in which a lot of unfavorable over Montagna, whose past and his dubious business is. – Pavone is suspended by Minister Prosident Scelba. – The investigative judge Raffaele Sepe is to find out how Wilma really died. – New witnesses, self-actors and croped are now reported. – The newspapers, magazines and illustrated voreve with sensational enthusiasms, and it suggests the hour of paparazzi ..

Small crampers must not really be accused of the co-producers of the currently successful Titanic Film, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox,. With more than 200 million. $ Production costs had been predicted to the movie before the theatrical release a financial flop. The realitat has been repeatedly redesigned such grit making. Since the theatrical release on 8. January in Germany, more than 4 million Germans have already seen the film, over $ 400 million have been implemented worldwide and the youngest news that the film was nominated for 14 Oskars, does a short, Titanic appear as a milestone in the youngest film history.

Any criticism that stobides the weak content of the uberdimensional canvas drama is thus in vain for the above and became just like the conventional pereisere of European culture criticism. The record number of Oskar nominations, which has not been given since 1950, but should already be worth a comment. It may be that the "Academy Award" Never much more was as a public relations instrument Hollywoods. Maybe I wound crooked from the outset if I have ever thought of that in the nominations in which mainstream sponginess, content or qualitative aspects still play a role played. But with the 14 Oskar nominations for a distant film, this prize is now a subsequent confirmation of what has previously changed in the cinemas already most successfully, like a perpetuum mobile of commercial success.

Certainly, a nomination does not mean to actually receive an Oskar. And surprisingly, z.B. the British movie "The Full Mounty", When it comes to unemployed manner, who now earn their money as a stripper, with "Titanic" To compete for the best movie award. Have "The Full Mounty" FLAPE 10 MILL. $ Costed and the fourfold already recorded. So the price world is still okay if such a dwarf may compete?

Spanish paramilitars storm Catalan ministries

Against the actions of the Gurdia Civil since the morning numerous people have gone to the straws and before the ministries. Image: Roger Castillo Bosch

The Guardia Civil takes 14 people, including several high-ranking officials, while the government has no jerking in the Spanish Parliament, where the repression path was rejected yesterday

The Spanish Guardia Civil has arrested 14 persons in nine raids in various departments of the Catalan government. Among them are also several senior government officials. According to the numerous raids in print shops and a newspaper, now also in the ministries and the government seat after the planned referendum on 1. October looking for Spain wants to prevent all means. Overall, four ministries of the regional government are so far affected.

And once again a Google bombing succeeds to bring a political comment with the search engine

That bush is a failure, that will now be subordinate from the search engines Google and Yahoo. The joke is old, but it is always nice and at the same time shows that the ranking of the results, as they are ied by search engines, can also be manipulated by the outside. So if there are a real pages that link a term, the page ranking, which includes popularity as a factor, specifically. But conversely, you can also urge that in a search term a website is no longer in the first place, as has a blogger initiative presented, which had success that when entering "Jew" no longer has been listed as before an anti-Semitic website in place.

At the end of October 2003, George Johnston had called for his blog Old Fashioned Patriot to do so that many of them on their pages "Miserable failure" to link to the biography of Prasident Bush on the website of the woman’s house. This is easy and bush was when someone is looking for Miserable Failure at Google to George W’s first place. Bush guided. And this Google bombing had worked for a month.

The Block Poroshenko has just reached 23 percent as a strongest party, the low turnout, especially the East is an expression of the procedures situation in the torn land

The elections in Ukraine, to which 29 parties and more than 3000 candidates have started, as expected the Block Poroshenko made the strongest party. According to first forecasts, the ProEuropane parties also achieved the majority of votes, but with a strong tendency to legal nationalism. Only seven parties are expected to skip the 5 percent hurde and move into the Rada. But no party has become really strong, the Wahler were obviously skeptical about all options, 52.4 percent of the legitimate Mussels have given their vote in this direction election.

Prasident Poroshenko is actually the loser of choice. Image: others

Black Monday October 19, 1987 Will Remembered As The Largest One Day Drop in The History of the New York Stock Exchange Overshoot The Collapse of October 28, 1929, Which Prompted The Wall Street Crash and The Beginning of the Great Depression. In the 1987 Meltdown, 22.6 Percent of the Value of US Stocks Was Wiped Out Largely During The First Hour Of Trading On Monday Morning… The Plunge On Wall Street Sent A Cold Shiver Through The Entire Financial System Leading To The Tumble Of The European And Asian Stock Markets…

Almost Day to Day, ten Years Later on Monday October 27th, 1997, Stock Markets Around The World Plummet in Turbulent Trading. The Dow Jones Average Nose-Dived by 554 Points, A 7.2 Percent Decline Of Its Value, Its 12th Worst One Day Case In The History Of The New York Stock Exchange. European Stock Markets Were in Disarray with Heavy Losses Recorded on the Frankfurt, Paris and London Exchanges. The Hang Seng Index Had Crashed By 10.41 Percent on the Previous Thursday ("Black Thursday" October 24th) As Mutual Fund Managers and Pension Funds Swiftly Dumped Large Amounts of Hong Kong Blue Chip Stocks. The Slide At Hong Kong’s Exchange Square Continued Unauthorized At The Opening of Trade On Monday Morning: A 6.7 Percent Drop On Monday The 27th Followed By A 13.7 Percent Fall On Tuesday (Hong Kong’s Biggest Point Loss Ever)…

The Danger Signals Of An Impending Financial Disaster Were Visible In Mid Summer 1997 With The Collapse Of The Southeast Asian Currency Markets Under The Brunt Of Speculative Trading. A Critical Turning Point What Reached On Wall Street On Friday August 15: In Panic Trading, The New York Stock Exchange Experienced Its Largest One Day Decline Since The 1987 Meltdown With The Dow Jones Pluming By 247 Points. The Symptoms Were Similar to Those of the 1987 Crash: "Institutional Speculator" Had Sold Large Amounts Of Stock With The Goal Of Repurchasing Them Later But With The Immediate Impact Of Provoking A Plunge In Prices. Various Speculative Instruments Including Futures ‘and Options’ Trading Played A Key Role in Precipitating The Collapse of Market Values.

For fear of AFD give up social criticism?

The rise of the right is given as a fundamentation for this, blob no longer talk about another society

"The best Germany of all time", Takt the TAZ a few days ago and the title dearly first thought of a stucco satire, for which the newspaper was already known. But the historian at the Institute for Social Research Hedwig Richter, the author of the article, meant everything seriously. And what she says is now in a rough part of the intellectual middle class consensus. Judge formulates it that way:

Is not it time to celebrate all that we are? Now, as there are enough enemies of our free society, enough adversaries of democracy and a variety of diversity? When Neiepechte Europe ranges as the setting overall and racists exclaim our government as a destroy of the German people; If Marine Le Pen printers Liberalitat and French tolerance as the dark-minded habit of an intellectual elite, we do not have to take part for this open society – namelessly?

Graphic: TP

Undine de rivière over sex work in Germany

The horizontal sector service providers could be recognized as a kind of sexual nurses, but they are demonstrated and stunned by a number of state protection measures – so argued andine de rivière in their book "My whoreman manifest". Telepolis talked to the author. Part 1 of the interview.