Electric cars: Hyundai calls Kona Electric in Sudkorea because of fire hazard access

The Sudkorean manufacturer Hyundai voluntarily calls electric cars of the model Kona Electric Cars. The reason is the risk of a short circuit in the battery, reports the news agency Reuters calling on the Sudkorean Ministry of Transport.

There are 25 in Sudkorea.564 vehicles affected between September 2017 and Marz 2020 reports Reuters. So far, 13 brands have been documented, including one in Austria and one in Canada. Worldwide, 77.000 vehicles affected by a possible jerk.


Hyundai Germany was not yet informed according to a corporate speaker of our site over a possible jerk. In Germany has been sold since the market entry in 2018 over 7700 Kona Elektro. About 85 percent of them had the electric motor with 150 kW, 15 percent accounted for 100 kW output. Since Marz of this year, Kona’s Elektro is produced with 150 kW for the European market in Czech Nošovice, which is still producing 100 kW in the Hyundai plant in Ulsa.

Ecall: Hickhack for mobile networks and standards

Since the spring of 2018, new typed cars and lightweight commercial vehicles have had to install the automatic emergency call system ECALL. In fact, it depends on the word "type in type", because the duty does not extend – how to expect – on all new cars, but only those who come to the market as new models and receive a new type in type. Automemcers bypass the ECALL obligation by defining the type for new models quite legal the type for old vehicle models.

Since the spring of 2018, only 25 new vehicle types have been approved with ECALL – in the year, this is about 13 type approvals and thus even less than in the years before. The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) suspects that manufacturers play on time. For this purpose, the manufacturers have good reason, because the backbau old mobile networks could complicate the contact of the ECALL black boxes to the control centers.

Ecall: The automatic emergency call

An Ecall blackbox in the car takes on after an accident or after an alarm by a SOS button on mobile contact with the emergency number 112, a data set (minimum set of data, MSD) with location data is transmitted to the rescue control center and offers a jerkiness. The user-free system should ensure the alarm for quick help at the scene of the accident – especially the time-consuming search of rescue services after the accident site should be declared. Auber the statutory ECALL system (public ecall), there are emergency call systems of automotive manufacturers (private ecall), which partly collect more data. They are frequently preceded by the Public Ecall. If both systems are available, the customer can specify which is used.

Volkswagen invests billions in e-mobitat and digital

The worries in front of a long-party thirsty route are roughly in the auto industry – Volkswagen, the difficulties from Corona crisis and reciprocate in the mobility will now contradict additional billion investments. Overall, the expenses of 2021 to 2025 are stagnating, but in the future areas they grow significantly. The overview:


33 billion euros spent after the past year, the Group with now 35 billion euros on the next five years once again puts a shovel on it. Just started with the compact car ID.3 The first representative of a completely newly developed series of E-vehicles, soon follow the small SUV ID.4 and the larger ID.5. Worldwide works on the production of such types are umused.

By 2030, about 70 pure E models and 60 hybrid models should be on the market in the Group. 19 million of the 26 million built vehicles are to be based on the uniform electric building box, most of the upgraded 7 million on a new basic structure of upper class cars. In ten years, the VW Group also wants to produce 7 million additional hybrid wagons.

Electric cars: France Plant Pramie on used car purchase

In France, buyers of a used electric car will soon quit a state pramie. The Condominium of the Member Ministers for Traffic Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. Accordingly, such builders can count on a bonus of 1000 Euro for a completely battery electric powered car.

In addition, electric cars in Ubersee should also be demanded with 1000 euros state. For low-income rally, the French government of micro-loops for the purchase or renting of emission-low cars.

100.000 charging points

In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisienne declared the minister, the buying program for electric new cars will sink from 7000 to 6000 euros. In addition, there is currently a scrapping program of 2500 euros in France, for low-income low of 5000 euros, which can only be claimed for electric cars and gasoline or hybrid vehicles after EUR 5 and EURO 6 from the beginning of the year.

Protests on the evening of the 16th. October 2018, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona. Photo: CDR Raval

With the detention of Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, the first repression level against the peaceful Catalan independence movement was seen a year ago in Spain

Exactly one year ago, Spanish repression reached the Catalan independence movement with the detention of the "Jordis" – Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez – a first high point. The two bosses of the coarse civil society organizations òMnium Cultural and Catalan National Congress (ANC) have been detained since then without charge.

Vivaldi and Brave delete Google's cookie replacement Floc from their browsers

While Google says, FLOC protect the privacy, but other browser providers are amed because they mean, it is no German better than the previous cookies and tracking methods. Vivaldi and Brave have said that no cohort formation, such as Federated Learning of Cohorts (Floc) it provides for you.

Both browsers are based on Google’s chromium, accordingly, the substructure brings at first Floc with and must be removed. Brave writes in a flowering fact that this has already been done in the Nightly version for desktop and Android. In addition, the privacy-related aspects of the method have never been active in a stable version. The entire implementation will be completely removed with the upcoming version. FLOC does not work on the website of Brave, this is easy to prevent from the operator – with well-brave people looking for alternatives to Chrome. Because: FLOC is already testing for some subjects that were not informed about it.

Damage through the advertising industry

Brave finds it loud blog post "disappointing" to see that Google instead of adapting to the new circumstances with the DSGVO and the Californian CCPA and build a truly user-friendly web, maintaining an internet with an advertising system as you know and see so far. "Deeper changes by how content creators pay their bills are not only possible, but also urgent need." The advertising industry has damaged the internet sustainably.

Eurovignette for trucks is highly aligned with CO₂

The transportation with the truck on some strain in the European Union has been chargeable for many years. The over the Eurovignette is collected. A driver has to acquire such for every truck, which is to drive on this strain. These costs are transferred to the retail prices, ultimately pays every consumer when purchasing.

Routes and CO2 emissions become more important

In the coming years, time-based toll systems should expire for trucks on certain routes. Stresses and CO2 emissions are to be found stronger in the calculations, the EU countries informed. However, there are exceptions in "Falletted fall" possible. Thus, the member trainers can import about a combination of time and distance-dependent building systems.

Also different levies for different vehicle types such as buses and cars are in principle possible. "For example, Member States may have decided not to burden buses at all", it is called in the message. In addition, there should be a duty to offer daily vignettes for cars and passers.

"If a vehicle ride in the public traffic area and still record all others, this is a clear privacy. That must not be." With these words about the cameras built into electric cars of the US manufacturer Tesla cited the ARD magazine "Contrast" The Data Protection Officer of the Land Baden-Wurttemberg, Stefan Brink. Such cameras were always used only in individual cases with a concrete event. In addition, for automakers is the data usage "the second rough business model".

Constanze briefly from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) completed in the report: "The FULLE of data, which is now available, is editable." The informational self-determination was danger. "When does someone work? When is someone on vacation? Maybe someone is every third week on Saturdays in a hotel? With whom he moves there?", Short examples. Someone who has information about the people can probably "Power over me".

The driver can view the video data and, if necessary, save and edit in other places, but only four of the eight ale cameras in modern Teslas. What the camera-directed camera and the incurable four abscal cameras recording, Connles alone influence to Tesla, it is called in the "Contrast"-report. The records could be retrieved by Tesla by remote access, the holder had no control over the data processing.

The E-400 our E-400 we tested a 10-mp CCD and a comparatively poor noise compensation, which led to visibly unfavorable image impresses already from the middle ISO level. In autumn 2007 Olympus laid the E-410, now with one "Livemos" Baptized MOS sensor and apparently significantly improved image processing routines. Also a live view function has been integrated, but with auto-focusing only after mirror strike on the AF sensors of the camera. The sensor cleaning by ultrasound was a pioneering performance of Olympus anyway.

Now the manufacturer has delivered the E-420, with live view AF function also on the image transducer, which even brings face recognition. Olympus Easy with the lean equipment with only three AF measuring fields, but conventional focusing has been greatly accelerated, as well as the device start and the series image function.

The 2.7"-Display works partially, which allows the data control and the menuviation also in strong sunlight – given the menu liability is very pleasant. The very pracers and prominent 4-way buttons or the thumbwheel contribute to the right to use. The main menu shows itself as a rider system with partly very long menulists and not always spontaneously rear sorting. Two user stores are available for permanent individual presets.

Price for data pink: 20 years BIG Brother Awards - The Jubila Sedition

The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ministry of Interior of Brandenburg, the interior ministerial conference of the federal and the Lander and the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry for cults, youth and sports are a prize board of the Big Brother Awards 2020. The one won in the Catgorie "History", The others in the category "digitalization". The Federal Government finally won by nonstunning and tolerating the use of Ramstein for American drone attacks.

For the private companies there were awards for Tesla, Hennes Mauritz and Brainco and the Science Campus Tubingen as a double winner. Prices are now awarded in the course of a gala in the Bielefelder Hechelei, at which Coronabatting only 50 guests and 50 helpers are taken to participate.

Cameras in the Tesla – contradiction

Already since yesterday Thursday is discussed according to a TV report, what the cameras can be in the car from Tesla everything you can thurf and what not. For this evening there is a first big Brother Award for Tesla, because the jury has A.) The Tesla technology and B.) The Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Tesla are considered and inadequate.