In this article you can learn how to transfer AutoCAD from one PC to another. Two simple methods are offered so that you can transfer AutoCAD with the settings and license to another device.

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Autocad is a worldwide popular graphical drawing editor. The CAD program is the main product of Autodesk and is widely used by engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, interior designers, design professionals and geo-informaticians.

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B ecause of this, the situation for the automotive industry could not be better: Global demand for cars is as high as it has ever been. Between 2000 and 2013, global vehicle production increased by almost 50 percent – and the winners of this boom are primarily German manufacturers. Volkswagen is on its way to becoming the global sales leader, and BMW, Mercedes and Audi have a commanding lead in the premium business.

By contrast, the situation for German automotive suppliers is far less comfortable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They make up the majority of suppliers to the major automakers and are increasingly overburdened by the rising demands. There is a great danger that these medium-sized companies, which form the backbone of German industry, will be the losers of the car boom.

LPG price after 2018

The end of LPG seemed to have already come! When Wolfgang Schauble spoke out against further subsidies for LPG, the demise of the liquid gas sector was already predicted. In the end, however, things turned out differently. The protest against the government was too great. The initiative of the industry associations has not failed to have an effect. In addition, AutogasTec, with its Germany-wide petition and almost 20.000 voices exerted noticeable pressure on the decision-makers. As a result, the Bundestag passed an extension of the LPG tax incentive until the end of 2022 at the beginning of June. However, the tax advantage will be slowly phased out from 2019 onwards. Per year, the price of LPG increases by ca. 2.9 cents to 14.7 cents in 2023.

Registration figures: Diesel and natural gas on the decline, LPG on the rise

Uncertainty about LPG has come to an end. This is also reflected in the registration figures. This year, the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority) has recorded an increase of almost 40% for liquid gas-powered vehicles. However, the number of LPG cars sold is still relatively low. Nevertheless, experts anticipate a further increase in demand. This is also related to the uncertainty in the wake of the diesel crisis.

Disable YouTube autoplay – put an end to automatic playback

YouTube autoplay is supposed to make your video decision easier, but actually this feature is just annoying and you’d prefer to turn it off.

Smartphone with YouTube app

The autoplay on YouTube is annoying? Then simply disable YouTube autoplay! We show you how. Photo: Pixabay|Pexels

by Oliver Posselt Dec 23, 2020 | 9 comments

Google recently gave its YouTube platform on iOS and Android a redesign. In addition to new icons, the switch for automatic playback of additional videos has been moved directly to the YouTube player. In the web, this was previously also to be found in the right sidebar with the other videos. In the upper right corner you could switch on or off, if you want to see more videos directly after the current one.

After you have already moved the toggle mobile, it now also lands directly in the player on the web. Should you be looking for it right now, have a look to the left of the button for the subtitles when watching a foreign language video. If that’s not the case, the switch lands next to the settings button. Small but useful change to get quick access to this feature.

Neutral position in automatic transmission

Many car owners with automatic transmissions never shift into neutral. However, an idle (or other similar automatic transmission mode) must be present in the transmission. This is necessary for towing a car.

What types of automatic transmissions are there in the first place?

The hydrodynamic transmission is one of the simpler transmissions. It breaks the connection between the wheels and the engine. The torque is transmitted with the hydraulic fluid via two pipes.

Operating systems like Windows 10 or Mac OS have the task to start different programs and functions automatically during the boot process. In Microsoft systems, this automated process is called “Autostart”. A large part of the applications that are started during the Autostart process are system relevant. Your automated startup is predetermined by Microsoft. Other autostart programs can be defined by the user.

For example, if you often use the video communication software Zoom or the spreadsheet Microsoft Excel, you can add the program to the Startup folder. Any software application in the autostart folder will be started in the background and will be ready for use faster.

Two different autostart folders and their functions

Windows 10 integrates two Autostart folders, which differ in terms of their purpose and functions. The user-specific autostart folder can be found in the personal user folder and contains the programs that the user has selected for autostarting.

In this article you will mainly learn how to change autostart programs in Windows 11. Learn how to prevent programs from running when Windows 11 starts, which programs should always run at startup, and which should not. You will also learn what the Windows 11 Autostart folder is and how to access it. You can find more tips and tricks about computers on the official website of MiniTool Software.

What are Windows 11Autostart programs?

Windows 11 startup programs are applications that start automatically when you turn on your computer. These programs are started from the Windows 11 Startup folder.

Some installed programs are set to start automatically every time the Windows computer starts up. However, it is not necessary for them to run at startup.

In this article you will mainly learn how to change autostart programs in Windows 11. Learn how to prevent programs from running at Windows 11 startup, which programs should always run at startup and which should not. You can also learn what the Windows 11 Startup folder is and how to access it. You can find more computer tips and tricks on the official website of MiniTool Software.

Windows 11 Autostart Programs

What are Windows 11Autostart programs?

Windows 11 Startup Programs are applications that start automatically when you turn on your computer. These programs are started via the Windows 11 Autostart folder.

The Autostart at Windows 7 determines which programs are automatically loaded in the background when starting the operating system. Over time, however, numerous applications can cheat their way into the Autostart and gradually slow down system startup. So it makes sense to take a look at it and clean it out properly.

In this article we would like to show you how you can influence the programs in the autostart under Windows 7 and determine which applications are loaded in the background when starting the system. After all the fewest are necessary to get the operating system running.

Find autostart under Windows 7

There are several ways to influence the startup process. However, we have chosen only one of these options in this tutorial, since it works under other Windows installations as well. In addition, no external programs are necessary.