How your browser decides exactly what advertising you see

By the end of 2021 Google Third Party Cookies wants to abolish for advertising purposes. But while Apple and the Mozilla Foundation simply curtail the possibilities of advertising, that’s what Google is not an option. The large advertising konzern and coarse browser manufacturers in the world is true, in the context of his "Privacy sandbox"-Project alternatives to create today’s tracking-based advertising system.

The Group presented the latest proposal at the end of October: Federated Learning of Cohorts – short "Floc". The nuclear ideas of the new advertising system is to have a significant part of personalization to take place directly in the browser. Over techniques of machine learning the browser should automatically form an interest profile, the user "Cohort" – or: "Flock" – Composits.

To understand the system, you first have to look at the status quo. Advertising is barely booked on websites, but individually played every user due to the interest profile. This is made possible by programmatic real-time marketplaces, where advertising placements are still auctioned during the charging time in the browser.

Apple managers as witnesses in court, public superhore and insights into internal mails: The action of the players Epic against Apple is truly a spectacle. The beginning of May in San Francisco released process for Epics game "Fortnite" and Apple’s app store rules are expected to decide at the end of the month. EPIC poses Apple’s abuse of a dominant position and wants to sell its content on iPhone users without delivering 30 percent of the turnover to Apple. Still is open how the procedure goes out.

But even if Apple was supposed to prevail: The iPhone manufacturer was allowed to do not come through with its rigid app store rules and its 30 percent commission anymore. Because also competitions and politics increase the prere on the iPhone Group and other platform operators.

Also vestors make prere

Young example is a decision of the EU Commission: At the end of April, the author "provisionally" noticed that Apple abuses his dominant position at the app sales. Although the procedure has so far only about music streaming apps such as Spotify, but EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager made it clear that they attack the system App Store overall: the Group requires "high commissions" and forbid competitors to point out alternative purchases in their apps, they tweeted. "That damages consumers." Apple is now allowed to comment on the prompt position.

Apple removes power supply even with expensive watches

Apple has now also deleted the power supply with its most expensive Apple Watch models. Previously, the maaking was officially founded by the Group with environmental frauds, only the steel and alu variants of Apple Watch Series 6, Se and Nike affected. Now Apple also sends the Apple Watch Hermès, which starts at 1300 euros, as well as the Apple Watch Edition (from 810 euros, only in titanium) without power supply.

Quickly painted

Interestingly, this only affects users who order now. In the first week of availability, the Group was still sending the 5-watt power supply supplied with the more expensive watches supplied with the expensive and day. Meanwhile, however, it came to the distance.

This is visible to Apple’s website, where the packaging content of Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition is specified – the power supply is now deleted without replacement. On the other hand, the magnetic charging cable with USB A connection is included. Omit, this can hardly, because without the same, the computer clock does not charge at all, because the wireless loader is not compatible with the regular QI standard.

The automation of content creation

Ki as an author of Content

When I saw that for the first time, I thought: What the Holle is that?

(A user reports in the documentation "Inside Google" Over his reaction to the for him first automatically generated photo album from Google Photos)

Apple vs. Epic: Apple against App Store Regulation - Nothing about iOS is essential

Apple tries to create a core allegation of the action of Epic Games from the world, the iOS to one "Essential infrastructure" should explain. as "public supply" Could the operating system or access to the App platform be regulated according to state and Apple had to access third access.

Smartphones as an app platform – essentially or not?

Epic has no evidence in the current process can be proved that IOS is an essential infrastructure, it is called in Apple’s entry to the court. The Group now called on the judge to decide on Apple’s favor in this point (file number 4: 20-CV-05640, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division).

As a proprietary and patent-protected operating system KONNE iOS are not considered as an essential infrastructure, Apple’s lawsal in the input argue. Who develops his own operating system, thirst will not be forced to give public access. Epics case just show that "Nothing is essential to iOS", Finally, the game Fortnite has already been a success in other platforms before the App Store debut and the Fortnite outward throw through Apple did not drive EPIC into the ruin.

Workshop from Mac  Amp; I: Last chance for app programming with flutter

Google’s platform-wide framework Flutter allows for a rapid development of apps both for iOS and Android – without typical disadvantages of web technologies. In a two-day online workshop from Mac I, the experienced developer Klaus Rodewig leads through the programming with flutter. The event will take place on 24. and 25. November 2020 each between 9 and 17 o’clock instead, for the workshop there are only a few free space.

To participate in the Flutter Workshop, a gonna browser or alternatively the desktop client of BigBlueButton, an account is not required. To ask questions and exchanges with the speaker or the other participants, a microphone or headset is needed.

Fundamentals and practice of app development with flutter

In addition to the necessary basics such as setting up the toolchain and the basics of app programming, Rodewig leads through the practice of app development with flutter and shows peculiarities and stumbling blocks from its viewing angle of the day-to-day practice. The programming language used for the flight programming is not a rough hurden and is treated in the workshop en passant.

Mac I Ie 6/2020 is now relevant in the well-stocked magazine trade – and, of course, continue in the heise shop, optionally on paper (free shipping to inelectously 10.12.2020) or as PDF. The topics:

iPhone individual

The iPhone is a very personal detachment, yet the surface looks almost equal to all users. So far, only the screen background and the icon order are loving the homescreens. From iOS 14 it is possible to replace app icons with widgets that show personal information in a larger window as appointments, photos, tasks or the song that is just playing.

Mac I Ie 6/2020: Cover Image

IPhone scanning on child porn: Apple was'beunruhigung' bewusst'beunruhigung' bewusst

Apple tries to capture its employees in an internal memorandum to capture massive criticism of new, privacy of its users for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In the writing, which appeared for the weekend and comes from the day of the publication of the new child porno and nude scanner for Applegerate, Sebastien Marineau-Mes, Viceprasident tries to be in the Group’s software department, first, "big team" praise.

"Some people" to have "Misunderstandings"

He was "so proud" to work with these people at Apple. The so-called "Extended protection measures for children" be "such an important mission". You have "Many positive reactions" seen. So Marineau-Mes then quotes a message of Marita Rodriguez, Executive Director for Strategic Partnerships at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), the Apple wants to report the artist found. This thanked that Apple "Found a way for the child’s protection, while the privacy is maintained". But exactly the doubt security experts massively. "Our votes will be louder", So Rodriguez.

In the further course of his writing, Marineau-Mes emphasizes how much the new children’s porn scanners a typical "Cross-functional Apple project" has been. Engineering, the Human Interface Team, the Legal Department, Product Marketing, GA and PR had cooperated. "This is a product of an incredible collaboration that provides tools to protect the children, but at the same time Apple’s deep commitment to the user privilegat." Marineau-Mes continued to stress, you will "some people", the "Misunderstandings" had, through explanations and further details about the function, "To understand what we have built". He has been living, "that more than a few people" Worried about the effects.

Facebook: Customs and incorrect notifications mainly on Apple

Pling, new message, Pling, new message, but it’s the same message. Pling, notification from an account, but also there should be no notifications. Facebook currently has to fight with disturbances. Partly the social network is simply not available. Why it comes to the fails, however, is rather unclear.

While Firefox all Facebook features work quite wonderfully, a soft side appears under Safari. Chrome and chromium-based browsers make no zicken at least at the author. For this briefly, the iPhone app has a dozenfach notifications for incoming messages.

That there is massive distances, can also be seen on the full-time statement reports. People around the world have problems. Often there is that only Apple devices are affected. Should be the case, the guess is suggested that Facebook works to fulfill the new tracking protection rules of Apple. However, there are also Android users who report on disturbances. Facebook has not changed so far.

Market control and data collection: Bundeskartellamt is against Google

Is Google competitive hazard or uses its dominant position? The Bundeskartellamt has now initiated two procedures against the company which should check this and subject to practices to practice. Background are newly introduced digital regulations. These allow only one intervention.

The procedures are against Google Germany GmbH, Hamburg, Google Ireland Ltd. in Dublin and the parent company Alphabet Inc. In Mountain View, USA. Since the amendment of the law against competitive restrictions in January it is possible for the Bundeskartellamt, "In a two-stage procedure, companies that have external market-enhancing importance for competition to prohibit competitive practices."

Variety of services and data collection

First, the market-enhancing meaning must be determined in a procedure. This explains Andreas Mundt, Prasident of the Bundeskartellamt, in a letter: "A clue for such a position of a company can be a different market-extending okosystem." Corresponding power positions are difficult by other companies. Google has a variety of services. Also in the USA there is a cartel claim of the government against the company. It is all about the question of whether Google abuses the supremacy of his search engine and thus hurt consumers. Running further complaints and bring Google’s entire business model under prere.