Iphone: stuttering person makes fun of drunk emoji suggestion

Apple’s new emoji search function introduced with iOS 14 has come under criticism: When searching for the English word "stammering" (stutter) iPhone hits the fog emoji, which Apple has dubbed the "Woozy Face" and is commonly used to signal drunkenness, for example. Such a link is "demeaning and hurtful", according to the British Association of Stuttering Stamma. Treating stuttering as a joke leads to stigma.

Algorithm or manual database

The association says it has received hundreds of annoying messages from members… Stamma has now called on Apple to review its algorithms and to improve the "highly obstructive function" urgently to remove.

Apple did unveil an audio product at its keynote on Tuesday – the compact HomePod mini. A new high-end headphone. called AirPods Studio, however, wasn’t there – even though Apple had just purged its e-commerce and in-store offerings of speakers and headphones. Instead, its Beats subsidiary is now coming out with a new product. The Beats Flex are likely aimed particularly at new iPhone owners – the 2020 vintage will lack the wired earpiece in the future – and come at a relatively moderate price by Apple standards.

Orientation to the Beats X

The hardware is based on the Beats X model, which had appeared in 2017. The in-ear earphones have a flexible connection cable ("Flex Form" and on the left and right small "Knob". These are used for operation and for connecting a charger – Beats now conveniently installs USB-C here. With a price of 48.65 euros, they are the most favorable current Beats models.

Four bright colors and "only at Apple"

Jailbreak for ios 13.5 'coming soon''coming soon'

Good news for jailbreak-fans with Apple-devices: According to this, there will be a cracking software for iOS and iPadOS 13.5 give. The new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating system had only been officially released by the manufacturer on Wednesday. According to the jailbreak team unc0ver, the new version of the tool is 95 percent ready, currently working on "final stability tests".

iOS 13.5 with kernel bug

Interestingly, the unc0ver team claims that not only older iPhones and iPads can be jailbroken with the tool, but also the youngest models iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, respectively, iPhone SE 2020 as well as iPad Pro 2020 in both roughs. The reason for this is that a zero-day hole in the current kernel was obtained from the iPhone hacker Pwn20wnd.

All devices, all operating systems

Amazon: alexa soap dispenser costs $55

Amazon helps with hand washing: An Alexa-compatible soap dispenser will use ten LEDs to pay down the usual recommended 20 seconds for hand washing. Thanks to a built-in sensor, Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser churns out soap when you approach your hand.

The closer you move your fingers to the Duse, the more soap Amazon’s gadget spits out. Otherwise, the gadget is largely unsmart: it has neither microphone nor speaker integrated. The gadget gets a few more functions when it is connected to an Alexa smart speaker via WLAN (2.4 GHz, 802.11b.

Then the paired speaker can play songs or tell jokes that take exactly 20 seconds to wash your hands, among other things. Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser is battery-powered, so it doesn’t have to stay permanently plugged in. According to Amazon, one battery charge lasts three months.

The iPhone year usually only gets really exciting in the fall, but in 2020 Apple also launched a fresh smartphone in the spring with the new iPhone SE. The revised model does not feature a new design or any major technical highlights – the casing is still from the iPhone 8, the SoC is from the iPhone 11. Nevertheless, this in combination with a good price seems to go down well with the user base. This is what the market researchers from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report in their latest analysis.

Price and improved innards

Buyers were asked about their motivation to buy the SE 2020. At the time of the study, this was 19 percent of all iPhone buyers, although the SE 2020 was only released in April. In the U.S., you pay 400 U.S. dollars for the device – less than for the XR from 2018.

Switching from old devices

Apple interested in next martin scorsese movie

After his cooperation with streaming giant Netflix, star director Martin Scorsese ("Goodfellas", "The Wolf of Wall Street") now placing its next rough film project with Apple’s video division.

The planned big-budget thriller "Killers of the Flower Moon", The movie in which both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro want to star, is to be produced for the Apple TV+ streaming service, various American industry portals report in agreement. The studio Paramount is on board as a partner for the distribution, according to "Hollywood Reporter", "Variety" and "Deadline.com".

Role model Netflix

Its expensive mafia epic "The Irishman" Scorsese produced with Netflix last year after traditional studios turned him down due to the high cost of more than $160 million. The production received ten Oscar nominations, among others, but won none.

Apple to make its developer ecosystem more inclusive

Apple revises developer content to remove non-inclusive language from its wording. The iPhone maker announced this on its official developer website. Among other things, they are currently working on Xcode, the platform APIs, the open source projects and the documentation in order to provide the corresponding content "to remove and replace".

WWDC 2020 was the starting signal

The change began on 22. June in connection with the release of developer betas of iOS 14, macOS 11 and the other new operating systems, which had appeared at the developer conference WWDC 2020. Terms like "Blacklist" or "Whitelist" for example, were replaced by "Allow List" and "Deny List" exchanged. The term "Master" in the default SCM branch in Xcode 12 is now "Main". At the same time a revised Apple Style Guide was published.

Work better with the new APIs

Apple has for the first time released developer tools for its in-house graphics accelerator Metal that run on Windows. This will allow PC developers to address Apple platforms such as Mac or iPhone with appropriate optimizations. Previously the tools were available only for macOS.

Everything from one source

With the new Metal Developer Tools (MDT) it is possible to compile elements in the Metal Shading Language (MSL) from Windows 10, which then become so-called Metal Library Objects (MLOs) that can be used on macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS. Developers, especially from the gaming industry, can develop their code on Windows and then deploy it to Apple operating systems.

This makes the work much easier, because many development studios handle their complete production chain – no matter if the whole game or single graphical assets – under Windows. With the MDT, compute shaders and other graphic elements can now be compiled on the PC.

Those who need more power for video and movie applications can equip their Mac Pro with the so-called Afterburner card ex works or later on. The 2500 euro system was developed by Apple according to own data, "to revolutionize the workflow of professional users in the film and video industry". Currently, however, the module only accelerates the ProRes and ProRes RAW video codecs in Final Cut Pro X, QuickTime Player X and supported applications from a few other providers. Kunftig is now expected to add the Adobe oko system: Integration with Premiere Pro is in the works.

Beta testers were already allowed to try it

This was announced by Adobe itself in its community. In beta versions of Premiere Pro (14.3.0 or newer) the functionality is already in place and can be tried out. Currently the decoding of ProRes 4444 and 422 is accelerated with Afterburner, ProRes Raw however not yet. Adobe had only recently begun to support this format; accordingly, Afterburner support had yet to follow.

Everything on the fly

Investors: warren buffett holds nearly $115 billion in apple stock

Apple shares continue to rise – yesterday again by 2.2 percent. The company currently has a stock market value of 2.02 trillion US dollars. This also has implications for the composition of the portfolio of a major shareholder of the group. Billionaire and one-time richest man in the world Warren Buffett now owns over $115 billion in Apple stock. That means that a good quarter of his total holdings – or that of his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway – consists of Apple shares.

A lot of money in cash

Since Berkshire Hathaway continues to store gross amounts of money in cash – around $150 billion – this means that Apple as well as cash account for over half of the Buffett investment firm’s market value, which currently stands at around 500 billion. At the same time, the rest of the investments the company has made – in Coca Cola or banks like Goldman Sachs, for example – are said to be worth less than $240 billion, writes the business blog BusinessInsider – although there generated sales of more than $ 250 billion last year.

Fear that Berkshire Hathaway is now so heavily dependent on Apple doesn’t seem to be something Buffett and his team are worried about. Most recently, in February, the investor had praised the iPhone and Mac manufacturer’s business in the highest terms. "It is probably the best business I know in the world", The investor, who is now almost 90 years old, has long been considered skeptical about investments in the technology market.