Electric cars: Hyundai calls Kona Electric in Sudkorea because of fire hazard access

The Sudkorean manufacturer Hyundai voluntarily calls electric cars of the model Kona Electric Cars. The reason is the risk of a short circuit in the battery, reports the news agency Reuters calling on the Sudkorean Ministry of Transport.

There are 25 in Sudkorea.564 vehicles affected between September 2017 and Marz 2020 reports Reuters. So far, 13 brands have been documented, including one in Austria and one in Canada. Worldwide, 77.000 vehicles affected by a possible jerk.


Hyundai Germany was not yet informed according to a corporate speaker of our site over a possible jerk. In Germany has been sold since the market entry in 2018 over 7700 Kona Elektro. About 85 percent of them had the electric motor with 150 kW, 15 percent accounted for 100 kW output. Since Marz of this year, Kona’s Elektro is produced with 150 kW for the European market in Czech Nošovice, which is still producing 100 kW in the Hyundai plant in Ulsa.

Europa Cloud Gaia-X enters oversight competition

It will soon be serious about the cloud initiative Gaia-X, which was committed primarily by the German and the French Government. In mid-September, 22 organizations and corporations from Germany and France – including ATOS, BMW, Bosch, SAP and Telekom – founded a non-new organization in Brussel, which establishes the structure of the "Trustworthy, sovereign digital infrastructure for Europe" coordinate.

At the same time, some of the partners announced first concrete, GAIA-X-compatible products. For example, the Telekom and the French Hoster Ovhcloud want to introduce early 2021 "Create trustwurried public cloud offer for all industries where data sourceianity and DSGVO conformity play a significant role". Also PlusServer and other providers are planning Gaia-X-compatible Cloud Services. So soon, it will show if it is available for the concept required by politics with advanced and with taxpayers also a market.

Official goal of the GAIA X initiative is one "Composite system of existing cloud providers". Thanks to uniform open source interfaces, customers should switch quickly and cheap between cloud providers or can be used in parallel and thereby avoid dependencies. A machine-readable catalog should simplify the selection of suitable services. In addition, the initiative attaches great importance to its own so "Data": Users should decide where data are stored and "by whom and for what purpose they are processed throughout".

Ecall: Hickhack for mobile networks and standards

Since the spring of 2018, new typed cars and lightweight commercial vehicles have had to install the automatic emergency call system ECALL. In fact, it depends on the word "type in type", because the duty does not extend – how to expect – on all new cars, but only those who come to the market as new models and receive a new type in type. Automemcers bypass the ECALL obligation by defining the type for new models quite legal the type for old vehicle models.

Since the spring of 2018, only 25 new vehicle types have been approved with ECALL – in the year, this is about 13 type approvals and thus even less than in the years before. The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) suspects that manufacturers play on time. For this purpose, the manufacturers have good reason, because the backbau old mobile networks could complicate the contact of the ECALL black boxes to the control centers.

Ecall: The automatic emergency call

An Ecall blackbox in the car takes on after an accident or after an alarm by a SOS button on mobile contact with the emergency number 112, a data set (minimum set of data, MSD) with location data is transmitted to the rescue control center and offers a jerkiness. The user-free system should ensure the alarm for quick help at the scene of the accident – especially the time-consuming search of rescue services after the accident site should be declared. Auber the statutory ECALL system (public ecall), there are emergency call systems of automotive manufacturers (private ecall), which partly collect more data. They are frequently preceded by the Public Ecall. If both systems are available, the customer can specify which is used.

C't webdev 2021: performance-brakes at websites loose't webdev 2021: performance-bremsen bei websites losen

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system. Jessica Lyschik has already implemented many projects with it and advises companies whose WordPress sites are lame. In her talk “Boosting WordPress” she not only discusses the many possibilities WordPress offers for optimization, but also helps users of other systems. Her talk also helps users of other systems to track down and eliminate performance brakes.

Benjamin Kluck and Peter Mosenthin talk about caches and other means for speed optimization: Among other things they deal with the questions which max-age should be used where and how service workers help with performance and availability. The two lectures complete the c’t in February, which takes place as a purely online event without a presentation section.

One day, one topic: Performance

All the other talks at the one-day conference also revolve around the important topic of website performance optimization. Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, will present Google’s metrics for high-performance websites, the Core Web Vitals, in his talk at c’t. Sia Karamalegos shows how to present only the smallest necessary image to a site’s visitors without sacrificing quality.

Alexa retain users in view and leads group language

Amazon’s announcements for the latest generation of his smart speakers and displays sounded first little spectacular: The new ECHO offers like the ECHO plus an integrated smart home hub with support for ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy. He also has – as the new echo dot and the new echo dot with clock – "sphyan" Design, so rather a spherical shape.

The Echo Show 10 (with 10-inch monitor) is in turn in the third generation with integrated Smart Home Hub, which supports ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and, for example, routines allowed to automatically turn on the light when someone enters the room.

But the latter Smart Display has it in itself: thanks to the engine and tracking function, the user is always located in the field of view of the new 13 megapixel wide-angle camera. The device recognizes the case of an analysis of the audio data from its microphone array and video data from its camera, from which direction the integrated language assistant Alexa is addressed.

Good mountain photos are rarely randomly. Of course, sometimes the photographing ul, and who is traveling a lot, can land more random words than the one who only goes into the mountains from time to time. However, the best photo yield will always achieve the photographer who carefully plans his excursions in advance. Hierfer you only need two things: a current weather report and the right smartphone app. A very popular app for landscape photographers is The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE).

Calculate astronomical object movements

The Ephemeris is the position value of moving astronomical objects – the software name already describes very well the soluble problems. TPE helps planning in outdoor photography, especially in nature and landscape recordings. TPE is available as a free desktop version or as a paid app for iOS (9 euros) and Android (5.50 euros). TPE is only available in English, but is self-clarifying after a short training.

Simulate light incidence

The app uses various map models, satellite view as well as hybrid representation. TPE calculates the sun and moon course, but not only in a trivial time. With the help of the tool, for each point of the geographically measured world, it can also be determined as the light will be and whether and when light will achieve a certain point. So you can also calculate whether and when, for example, a mountain lake or a rock wall will be in the shade. It can also be seen if you get at the chosen shooting point of sun or moon at all with the picture, or if a mountain blocks the view.

Panasonic: New TV top model should automatically set to content

In the run-up to the CES, Panasonic has given an outlook for its upcoming OLED TV top gate JZW2004, which should come on the market with bid screen diagonals of 55 and 65 inches not yet mentioned. The final specifications for the device should be published only in Marz, but the manufacturer praised some highlights.

This is especially paying the new processor "HCX PRO AI", which should recognize whether it is the straight-running content for a movie, a sportswear, a music video, a newscast or a game. Based on this scene analysis, according to Panasonic, the processor is then able to self-standing the best matching image and sound settings to election.

According to the manufacturer, the Ki was fed in the development of more than one million reference cutouts with the various contents.

Media Mazages Google: Network Policy.org examines money and influence

Google invests millions in journalism. But why actually? Where exactly is the money? And has the influence on the reporting? Two journalists of network policy.Org invested in a study funded by the DGB and the Otto Brenner Foundation. For this they talked to more than two dozen journalists and managers.

More than € 200 million euros in the past seven years of European media companies have been passed. The News Initiative is Google’s division, which complies with such projects and comes into contact with the corporations. Lastly, News Showcase started; Behind it is a license model for article from partner publishers, which Google is played in separate news pages. GERMANTS GERMANY, Overall, Plant Google to spend a billion US dollar worldwide for licenses.

Media Mazages Google: Network Policy.org examines money and influence

Unequal distribution of the claim

The analysis of the claim in Europe revealed that Google is mainly established, commercial and Western Europe publishers. Of 140 million, which were ied between 2015 and 2019 via the Digital News Initiative, three quarters of commercial publishers benefited, funf percent landed with non-profit media. The rest went to individuals, research institutes, publicly funded media and non-journalistic organizations.

Outlook for the hardware autumn with new chips from AMD, Intel and Nvidia

Since AMD with Ryzen 4000 also sets the fastest processors in the notebook market, the eyes are directed on how Intel’s counter-looking. On an Architecture Day and present at the specialist conference Hot Chips HC32, the ChipGigant called first details, such as the upcoming 11. Core I Generation – Codename Tiger Lake – wants to counter dominant AMD processors: with optimizations at all fronts.

It’s about that Intel has developed a new transistor type called Superfin for its chospre’s 10-nanometer manufacturing process – with sophisticated marketing designations like "10nm+" So is a conclusion. Superfin transistors are used in new CPU nuclei (Codename Willow Cove), which bubble the ICE Lake Generation Sunny Cove Core. While the latter hardly reached more than 4 GHz, because the FINFET transistors used there do not tolerate the voltages required for higher clock rates, should now be around the 5 GHz in it. In addition, Intel promises a higher cycle even at low voltages and thus more performance with the same energy input.

Architecturally, Willow Cove brings significantly coarse caches: The L2 cache per core growth of 0.5 to 1.25 Mbytes and the L3 cache shared by several cores – with a four-core of 8 on 12 Mbytes. Intel did not want to answer for variants with more cores, but referred to the through-the-sized launch timetable: Concrete CPU models and their technical details should only be on 2. September be presented. On the Architecture Day, however, was also said that Tiger Lake has up to 24 Mbyte L3 cache – that sounds great about an OCTA Core. Whether such chips such as the Ryzen-4000 eight-cucore will give in the for flat notebook relevant 15-watt Abwarm budget or only in the 45-watt class for gaming-bolides and mobile workstations, is just as open as concrete statements performance.

Volkswagen invests billions in e-mobitat and digital

The worries in front of a long-party thirsty route are roughly in the auto industry – Volkswagen, the difficulties from Corona crisis and reciprocate in the mobility will now contradict additional billion investments. Overall, the expenses of 2021 to 2025 are stagnating, but in the future areas they grow significantly. The overview:


33 billion euros spent after the past year, the Group with now 35 billion euros on the next five years once again puts a shovel on it. Just started with the compact car ID.3 The first representative of a completely newly developed series of E-vehicles, soon follow the small SUV ID.4 and the larger ID.5. Worldwide works on the production of such types are umused.

By 2030, about 70 pure E models and 60 hybrid models should be on the market in the Group. 19 million of the 26 million built vehicles are to be based on the uniform electric building box, most of the upgraded 7 million on a new basic structure of upper class cars. In ten years, the VW Group also wants to produce 7 million additional hybrid wagons.