Gaming graphics card: manufacturers prepare radeon rx 6600

Graphics card manufacturer Powercolor has meanwhile released the two categories Radeon RX 6600 XT and Radeon RX 6600 on their own website. Rumors about the models have been circulating for months, but so far AMD has been reluctant to launch for desktop PCs.

The necessary graphics chip has already been in series production for a long time: Navi 23 with RDNA2 architecture and TSMC’s 7-nanometer technology is already used in the Radeon Pro W6600 workstation graphics card and the Radeon Pro W6600M and Radeon RX 6600M notebook GPUs. In addition, Tesla uses the graphics chip in certain Model S and Model X infotainment systems.

Powercolor has since taken the categories offline again, but residuals in the Google cache prove their existence. The last two graphics cards with recommended prices of less than 400 euros were the Radeon RX 5700 from mid-2019 and the later introduced, more slimmed-down Radeon RX 5600 XT.

Amd processors: ryzen 9 5950x and 5900x with high clock rates in benchmark database

The first results for AMD’s upcoming upper class processors Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X can be found in Geekbench’s benchmark database. Especially interesting are the details about the clock frequency, because: The 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X reaches a peak of 5.01 GHz and the 12-core Ryzen 9 5950X 4.95 GHz.

The values are 100 to 150 MHz above the maximum boost clock frequencies stated by AMD. Both test results were uploaded from different PCs with different motherboards (Ryzen 9 5950X with Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming; Ryzen 9 5900X with MSI MEG X570 Goodlike).

The JSON values from Geekbench show that the processors were able to maintain their clock rates for a good two minutes on individual CPU cores. Only occasionally did they drop back to around 4.8 GHz.

Amd gaming processors: ryzen 5000 well available in germany

About a month and a half after AMD unveiled the Ryzen 5000 aka Vermeer processor family for the AM4 CPU fang, the four models are largely readily available in Germany. 20 handlers can deliver the six-core Ryzen 5 5600X, even more the eight-core Ryzen 7 5800X.

Despite the currently very good availability of the two CPUs, however, all stores exceed AMD’s price recommendations by more than 10 percent: the Ryzen 5 5600X is available from 340 euros, the Ryzen 7 5800X from 500 euros. The RRP’s are 300 and 450 euro, respectively.

The picture is similar for the top model Ryzen 9 5950X with 16 CPU cores: More than a dozen retailers have the model in stock starting at 890 euros. AMD’s recommended price is 800 euros. The 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X stands out with prices starting at around 705 euros – the RRP is 550 euros, 22 percent below that.

Whatsapp on desktop can make voice and video calls

WhatsApp allows users to make voice and video calls in the future even on the PC. So far only messages can be sent. The calls are end-to-end encrypted, like all communication via the Facebook subsidiary and of course free of charge.

Desktop app also allows vertical and horizontal screens, interlocutors appear in a separate window that users can adjust to their screen size. This remains in the foreground.

To make a call via the desktop app, you first have to install it and connect it to your mobile device. For security, this can also be done via biometric authentication, i.e. fingerprint or facial recognition. WhatsApp says it can’t access it. If the desktop app is running, the calls can be started just as easily as in the mobile version with a click on the Horers icon.

Soder: accelerate coal phase-out in germany with more money

As a consequence of the climate law verdict of the Federal Constitutional Court, the CSU wants to accelerate the phase-out of coal power with financial incentives. The motto must be "more coal for less coal", said CSU head Markus Soder on Monday before a meeting of the party’s executive board in Munich. The fixed phase-out date of 2038 does not need to be changed, partly because those affected need planning security. With financial incentives, however, an exit could still be accelerated.

Climate protection law as "Role model"

Soder emphasized that it was a generational task to create the link between economy and climate protection, between prosperity and sustainability in the time after Corona. Ultimately, the German and Bavarian climate protection laws had to become "Role models" . To achieve this, the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2040 had to be anchored. For 2030, the interim target must be "65 percent plus x" must be enshrined in law. To achieve this, among other things, a new regulation on the price of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) would be needed – a rigid cap would not be suitable here.

In terms of mobility, Soder expects the end of fossil combustion engines from 2035, but at the same time emphasized that the charging infrastructure must be further expanded. At the same time, faster procedures are needed for the expansion of rail and local public transport. This is not a question of money. The green deal could only be implemented if it succeeded in becoming faster here. It is crucial that the construction of the line is not slowed down by protests, even at the regional level.

Smarthome with home assistant: be careful when updating the mqtt broker

Numerous users of the smarthome server software Home Assistant experienced a surprise: devices communicating with the server via MQTT could no longer transmit data or be controlled from the server. ESP in-house components in particular, but also ZigBee devices, were affected.

This is due to an update to Home Assistant’s MQTT broker. This add-on enables communication between devices using the MQTT protocol. With the new version 6.0.1 However, the automatic detection (discovery) of these devices no longer works as before.

You should not accept this update offer for now.

Weltbild opens online video store for movies

Mail order company Weltbild has launched its own online video store for streaming feature films. The offer of the "Weltbild online video store" According to the provider, includes more than 1000 movies that can be rented and streamed at least partially in HD. For many films, there is a choice between German and English language output.

The "Weltbild online video store" will be based on the Pantaflix service, both technically and in terms of content. In a press release, Weltbild writes that Pantaflix has a "tailor-made solution" The company is responsible for the technology, operation and customer support of the new Weltbild portal, as well as the content.

What differences there are between the offer of Pantaflix and that of Weltbild is not clear from the press release. Users can also rent movies from Pantaflix, but there seems to be no price difference. Weltbild writes in a press release that its own film offerings are selected by a program editorial team according to the needs of Weltbild’s target group.

Wave of warnings: beware of spam mails from 'real' apply'realen' anwalten

At the moment there are a lot of fake warning mails in circulation in the name of real lawyers. The messages contain links to websites that are most likely designed to harvest personal information such as access data. However, a distribution of Trojans could also take place.

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of Lower Saxony warns against such mails in a current message. They explicitly point out that the addresses of real lawyers and law firms given as senders are not the authors of the mails.

News says receivers should refrain from using protected movies and protected music. The following is a sum to be paid immediately. To get more information about the case and initiate payment, victims should click on links in the mail. What’s behind the URLs is currently unclear, as the LKA says many sites are already offline.

Zoom growth not explosive enough for investors

Video conferencing service Zoom continued to grow explosively last quarter – but investors are now saying it’s not happening fast enough. The Zoom share fell by around five percent after the presentation of the figures. Sales jumped from $166.6 million (139.2 million euros) to a good $777 million within a year. Profits in the third fiscal quarter ended at the end of October actually shot up year-on-year from $2.2 million to $198.4 million.

A winner from the Corona crisis

Zoom had entered a new league with the Corona crisis. The company was originally supposed to provide video conferencing for businesses. But in the pandemic, not only did corporate use increase, but consumers are turning to Zoom for everything from family reunions to yoga classes.

However, Zoom still earns its money in the business with larger companies. The number of customers with more than ten employees increased to 433.700, nearly six times more than a year ago, Zoom reported after the U.S. stock market closed on Monday. Three months ago, the company had just 370.200 customers with more than ten employees.

Iphone: stuttering person makes fun of drunk emoji suggestion

Apple’s new emoji search function introduced with iOS 14 has come under criticism: When searching for the English word "stammering" (stutter) iPhone hits the fog emoji, which Apple has dubbed the "Woozy Face" and is commonly used to signal drunkenness, for example. Such a link is "demeaning and hurtful", according to the British Association of Stuttering Stamma. Treating stuttering as a joke leads to stigma.

Algorithm or manual database

The association says it has received hundreds of annoying messages from members… Stamma has now called on Apple to review its algorithms and to improve the "highly obstructive function" urgently to remove.