Washing machine does not open: how to solve the problem

If the door of your washing machine no longer opens, it may be due to a defect in the door, as well as a defect in the machine. We show you how to solve the problem.

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Washing machine does not open: Water is not pumped out

First check if the water is still in the washing machine.

  • If it was not pumped out properly, the sensors prevent the door from opening.
  • Start the manual pump-down process again, this usually only takes a minute. Also check the lint filter of your washing machine.
  • If the water is not pumped out, this can also be due to another defect.
  • In the case of a defective washing machine, it is worth looking at the offers from Saturn.

Washing machine stays closed: lock jammed

Meanwhile, the locks of washing machines are controlled electronically.

  • After each wash cycle, depending on the machine, you have to wait about 2 minutes for the lock to open.
  • If nothing happens even after several minutes, disconnect the machine from the power completely. If the lock cannot be opened now, it is jammed or defective.
  • If the lock is merely stuck, a firm tap on the door before and while opening it can help. To loosen a jammed lock, a gentle blow is sufficient; brute force will not help you here.

Button to turn on a washing machine

Door jams: Open washing machine manually with tools

If the door of the washing machine remains locked, you need to open the door manually. Depending on whether the lock is electronic or mechanical, the procedure must be different:

  • Mechanical lock: In many older models you will find an emergency release for the mechanical lock. Where the release is located varies from machine to machine. In some cases you will find the release near the lint filter. You will find more details in the manual of the washing machine.
  • Electronic lockIf you unscrew the lid of the washing machine at the back, you can reach into the inside of the machine from above. With a screwdriver you can operate the mechanism for the door itself from the inside.

Video tip: Cleaning the lint filter of the washing machine

Clean the lint filter of the washing machine

In the next practical tip we will show you how to clean your washing machine properly.

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