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Example on 24.01.2022 found. For other rental dates, the price may differ from the example.

  • At CHECK24: All offers until 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: You get the full rental price back
  • rental location: Berlin
  • Rental period: from 03.03. – 04.03.2022
  • vehicle class: Transporter
  • Lessor: AVIS

Example on 06.01.2022 found. For other rental dates, the price may differ from the example.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: You get the full rental price back
  • Rental location: Hamburg
  • Rental period: from 03.03. – 04.03.2022
  • Vehicle class: Transporter
  • Rental company: Enterprise

Example on 27.01.2022 found. The price may differ from the example for other rental dates.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: You get the full rental price back
  • Rental location: Dresden
  • Rental period: from 20.05. – 30.05.2022
  • Vehicle class: Transporter
  • Rental company: Hertz

Example at 26.01.2022 found. The price may differ from the example for other rental dates.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before collection cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: you get the full rental price back
  • Rental location: Cologne
  • Rental period: from 16.03. – 21.03.2022
  • Vehicle class: Transporter
  • rental company: Budget

Example at 16.01.2022 found. For other rental dates the price may differ from the example.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: You get the full rental price back
  • Rental location: Frankfurt on the Main
  • rental period: from 17.03. – 18.03.2022
  • Vehicle class: Transporter
  • Rental company: AVIS

Example on 28.01.2022 found. For other rental dates, the price may differ from the example.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: You get the full rental price back
  • Rental location: Leipzig
  • Rental period: from 16.07. – 31.07.2022
  • Vehicle class: Transporter
  • lessor: Hertz

Example on 10.09.2021 found. The price may differ from the example for other rental dates.

  • At CHECK24: All offers up to 24 hours before pickup cancel free of charge
  • Book without risk: you will receive the full rental price back


Transporter, Sprinter& Compare trucks at CHECK24

You are planning a move, want to clear out the cellar or the garage or pick up the new chest of drawers from the furniture store? At CHECK24 you can rent not only passenger cars, but also Trucks and vans compare and rent. In addition to different size and weight classes, we also include rental vans from various local providers in the comparison.

Additionally we offer on our site Tips for selection of the transporter suitable for you, for loading and handling. Of course, at CHECK24 all offers can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before pickup. You can book the following van types at CHECK24:

High roof station wagon_Full'%'%

high roof station wagons& Van

Perfect for a small move or furniture transports

High-roof station wagons are the smallest vans, often called delivery vans, and are 100 percent passenger cars. Therefore, in addition to the van variant, these are usually also available as a passenger car variant with five or seven seats.

  • Required driving license: B, BE, B96
  • Loading volume: ca. 2 to 4 m³
  • Total weight: up to 2.2 tons
  • Models: Ford Transit Courier, Mercedes Citan, Opel Combo, VW Caddy


vans& Panel van

Ideal for moving a 1-room apartment

The classic van is also often known as a box van due to its shape. These vans are characterized by their streamlined shape, where the body seamlessly transitions from the driver’s cabin to the cargo area.

  • Required driver’s license: B, BE, B96
  • Loading volume: 4 to 9 m³
  • Total weight: up to 2,8 tons
  • Models: Citroen Jumpy, Mercedes Vito, Opel Vivaro, VW Transporter



Offer space for moving a 1- to 3-room apartment

In addition to vans, some rental companies also have larger models on offer. These are especially suitable for larger transports and removals, as long as a multiple to and from during the day is possible.

  • Driving license required: B, BE, B96
  • Load volume: approx. 8 to 20 m³
  • Total weight: up to 3,5 tons
  • Models: Citroen Jumper, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter


Truck& 7,5 ton

Suitable for moving a 3 to 4 room apartment

ÄSimilar to vans, trucks also come in various sizes. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tons or more are usually referred to as trucks. They offer a considerable loading volume, but also require a special driver’s license.

  • Driving license required: C1, C1E, C or CE
  • Loading volume: approx. 35 m³
  • Total weight: from 7.5 tons
  • Models: Mercedes Benz Atego box, MAN TGL box

How to choose the right van


The choice of the right rental van depends first and foremost on the Size and the weight of the load from. If you are planning a move, for example, a rough rule of thumb is: square meter of the apartment / 2 = required load volume. For a 60 square meter apartment it should be at least a Sprinter to avoid too many trips.


The Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of a vehicle indicates the maximum weight of a vehicle including cargo, possible trailers and passengers. With the normal Car driving license you are allowed to rent and drive vans with a total weight of 3.5 tons. For larger vans, trailers or trucks you need a driving license class C1 or C.

Note age restriction for young drivers

The Road traffic regulations requires a minimum age only for trucks over 7.5 tons (driver’s license C or CE). The corresponding driver’s license may only be obtained from 21 years of age. Beyond that there are no further legal age restrictions. However, some require Rent a car a minimum age to rent larger vehicles or require a certain amount of driving experience or. Driving license required. The companies themselves decide whether vans may be rented at the age of 18, 19, 21 or even 25. Depending on the age of the driver, some rental companies may also have Young driver fees as the following example shows:

Transporter rental Young driver fee for vans Amount of the young driver fee
Hertz for drivers aged 19-22 24,00€ per day
Budget for drivers aged 18-24 11,50€ per day

If you need a large vehicle to transport many people, you do not need a Transporter, but should rent a Minibus for rent. Because vans usually have only a few seats due to the loading area. As a rule, these are two to three. Vehicles with a so-called double cab have a second row of seats and offer space for a maximum of seven people. However, there is also a minibus version of many vans, which are then often even available as 9-seaters. Please note that generally a maximum of nine persons (eight passengers plus driver) may be transported in a Transporter. For more you need the driving license class D, D1 or DE.

Rent vans all over Germany with CHECK24

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  • Transporter for hire Aschaffenburg
  • Transporter for hire Augsburg
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Frequently asked questions when renting a transporter

Frequently asked questions before booking

Which vehicles are considered vans?

The terms “Transporter” and “Kleintransporter” are used in common parlance for all vehicles that have a loading area. A legally binding definition does not exist. The road traffic regulations only distinguish vans from trucks by the permissible total weight (i.e. unladen weight including payload). Since many manufacturers have expanded their model range over the years and offer many transport as a variant for passenger transport, the demarcation is often difficult. Often a distinction is made between high-roof station wagons, delivery or box vans, vans in short and long versions and light trucks.

What does it cost to rent a Transporter?

The costs for a rental van vary depending on the Rental company, rental place and time. If you want to save money, you should pick up your moving van on Tuesdays and not on weekends. Then you pay per day only about a third of the price than if you rent the van or truck on Saturday or. Sunday pick up.

How to compare different providers of vans?

If you need a cheap transporter, you can rent it at many large car rental companies book. In addition, many furniture stores such as Ikea, Hoffner or XXXLutz and DIY stores such as Obi, Hagebaumarkt or Hornbach offer the possibility to rent vans as well as trailers. However, the disadvantage of these providers is the lack of comparability of offers. For an optimal overview of prices, services and insurances, customers should refer to Comparison portals like CHECK24 fall back.

Which rental companies and brokers does CHECK24 compare??

At CHECK24 you can Prices of rental cars and vans compare with a large number of car rental companies. Select in the booking mask under “further options” the vehicle class “Transporter, to get only Transporter offers. Currently the following rental companies and brokers are compared at CHECK24:

  • Argus Car Hire
  • AurumCars
  • Car Europe
  • AVIS
  • Budget
  • Buchbinder
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Sixt

Which transporter is suitable for which move?

The bigger the apartment, the bigger the transporter should be, of course. When moving within a city, you can of course drive back and forth several times. But in general it is advisable to estimate the rough to calculate in advance. So you can estimate how big the van should be and how many free kilometers you need approximately.

With which driver’s license can I drive a transporter?

Most transporters can be equipped with a Class B driver’s license be driven. Please pay attention to the weight. Because the car rental companies only check whether customers generally have a suitable driving license for a vehicle. The renter is responsible for keeping within the allowed limits when loading the car.

What is the cost of one-way rental of a van??

As with rental cars, the term one-way rental means that the vehicle is delivered to a different station than it was picked up from. As this causes more effort for the lessor to bring the vehicle back to the place of departure one-way rentals are usually significantly more expensive. Also check in advance whether your preferred station also accepts vans for return. As this is not the case everywhere, you have to expect even higher costs for one-way rentals for vans than for cars.

Are there special student offers for vans?

Many rental companies have special rates for students and grant about ten to 15 percent discount. In order to be able to use these particularly favorable transporters, the tenant or the tenant must present as a rule a valid student identity card. Moreover, such offers are often valid only under special conditions, which you can find out directly from the van rental company.

How do I apply for a no-stopping zone for my move??

Responsible for the application of an official stopping ban is the Road traffic authority of the city, the district or the area. The permit is usually subject to a fee; how much the temporary no-stopping zone costs varies depending on where you live. It should be applied for at least two weeks before the moving day.

If the ban was approved, the applicant must still take care of the no-stopping signs for marking. These are rented by various companies. The Putting up the prohibition signs should be applied for two to four days before the move. If a vehicle is parked within the no-stopping zone at the time of the move, the public order office can be called in during its office hours. However, there is no legal right to enforce the no-stopping rule.

Can I also rent vans with trailers?

Some rental companies also have favorable Transporter with trailers on offer, although this is the exception rather than the rule. Already the normal car driving license class B entitles you to drive with trailers. As with vans, other driver’s license classes are required for larger and heavier trucks. Decisive is the permissible total weight (zGG) and the number of seats. Which transporter you are allowed to drive with your driver’s license, you can find out in the following tables.

Transporter with trailer for car driver’s license class B, BE and B96

Class zzG vehicle zzG Trailer zGG team
B up to 3,5 tons trailers up to 750 kg zGG of the team must not exceed 3.5 tons
B96 üover 3,5 tons Trailers over 750 kg zGG of the trailer combination must not exceed 4.25 tons
BE up to 3,5 tons Trailer up to 750 kg Trailers over 750 kg are possible, if the zGG is greater than the empty mass of the vehicle

Transporter for truck driving license class C1, C1E, C and CE

Class zGG vehicle zGG trailers Remark
C1 über 3.5 to 7.5 tons Trailer up to 750 kg maximum 9 seats
C1E Class C1 or B towing vehicle with trailer Trailer must not exceed the empty weight of the towing vehicle maximum 12 tons zGG
C üover 3,5 tons Trailer up to 750 kg maximum 9 seats
CE Class C towing vehicle (over 3.5 tons) Trailers over 750 kg Minimum age 21 years

Frequently asked questions during the booking process

How many free kilometers do I need for a move with a van??

As a rule, transporters with 100 to 200 free kilometers. For moves within a city these are usually sufficient. However, if you drive more, there is a mileage fee that varies depending on the rental company

Are there any special insurance conditions for transporters??

In principle, similar recommendations and tips apply to vans as to rental cars in general. Make sure you have sufficient coverage for liability and comprehensive insurance:

  • Liability: At least one million euros or US dollars.
  • Partial/full insurance: Transporters in particular are heavily stressed during loading and unloading. Scratches, dents or dings are practically preprogrammed there. For this reason, here are offers with “premium protection” or without deductible recommended. At CHECK24, you can also filter for appropriate insurance cover for vans to find the best and cheapest offer.

Frequently asked questions during pickup

What to consider when picking up a Transporter?

As with ordinary rental cars, when picking up a van you should avoid the Mileage and the damage protocol Compare with the actual condition of the van. Since vans are often loaded with large, heavy things, dents, dings and scratches are not uncommon here. Therefore, pay particular attention to damage in the interior, in the area of the doors to the cargo area and on the roof. The latter are often not so easy to identify. Many van rental companies offer additional moving equipment such as blankets, packing material or moving boxes at the appropriate stations.

During the journey

What are the best tips for loading a van?

The most important Securing the load. Make sure that the boxes or furniture can not slide around. On the one hand, they can be damaged in the process, and on the other, the vehicle’s center of gravity can change abruptly, which can be very dangerous while driving around a curve.

Tip: The heaviest items should be as far forward and down in the van as possible. This will prevent them from shifting when braking and damaging lighter, more fragile items.

What are the dimensions of a van?

Vans tend to be longer and, more importantly, taller than most passenger cars. Therefore, not only should increased caution when maneuvering but also when it comes to loading and unloading. drive through parking garages, bridges and underpasses. The clearance height is often indicated on a sign at narrow places, the height of the vehicle can be taken from the vehicle documents.

What do I have to pay attention to when maneuvering with a van??

Vans are clearly More confusing than most passenger cars. On the one hand, this is due to the length, width and height of the panel vans, on the other hand, there is (mostly) no rear view mirror, as there is also no rear window due to the construction. Especially when reversing and maneuvering, it is therefore advisable to assign someone as a guide, who indicates distances or watches out for pedestrians, cyclists or traffic in general. There are rear view cameras for vans, but they are still relatively rare.

What special features do vans have in terms of driving behavior?

Although they are often much larger than ordinary passenger cars, many vans are on a par with them in terms of Acceleration and maximum speed in hardly anything inferior. This is due to the potent diesel engines that are usually installed in this class of vehicle. However, the situation is quite different when braking. Especially when the van is fully loaded, the braking distance increases significantly and even curves can only be negotiated more slowly. In addition, panel vans are much more susceptible to crosswinds.

How fast are vans allowed to drive?

In Germany, there are no speed limits for vans no speed limits for vans. However, especially inexperienced drivers should exercise caution. Because weight, handling and susceptibility to crosswinds are even more important at higher speeds.

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