Top ten: the most popular cars of men and women

Top Ten: The most popular cars of men and women. Are there typical men's and women's cars? (Source: Imago; Ford; photo composition:

Men drive fat “sleds to show off, women small car to get to the hairdresser. So much for the cliche. But which cars are actually the most popular with the sexes? An evaluation of the comparison portal Verivox shows surprising results.

The results of the rate experts show many small cars, but neither a Mini nor a Fiat 500 in the top 10 of women’s cars. The Ford Ka, on the other hand, has the largest share of women. The Mercedes S-Class is the man’s car par excellence. No other car model is so often driven by men.

The S-Class is the most typical male car

The other results also demonstrate how differently men and women tick when it comes to choosing their vehicle: In addition to the Mercedes S-Class, which has a male share of 88 percent, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the flagship from BMW – the 7 Series – are also driven almost exclusively by men. 85 percent of drivers who take out car insurance for these models are male. The Jeep is also the only SUV among the ten most typical men’s cars.

Top 10 men’s cars

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is driven almost exclusively by men. (Source: imago images/All Canada Photos)

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is almost exclusively driven by men. (Source: All Canada Photos/imago images)

PositionCar modelMen’s share
1 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 88 %
2 Jeep Grand Cherokee 85 %
3 BMW 7 Series 85 %
4 Honda Accord 84 %
5 BMW 5 Series 83 %
6 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 83 %
7 VW Passat CC 83 %
8 Audi A5 82 %
9 Mercedes-Benz Vito 82 %
10 Peugeot 407 81 %

High proportion of women in compact small cars

35 percent of the car insurances, which Verivox mediates, are concluded by women. All the more serious is the fact that women make up more than 60 percent of individual models. After the Ford Ka with a 61 percent share of women, the Opel Adam and Chevrolet Matiz (60 percent each) are also particularly popular with women.

Top 10 women’s cars

The small Ford Ka is the most popular car among women in Germany. (Source: dpa/Ford)

The Ford Ka small car is the most popular car among women in Germany. (Source: Ford/dpa)

PositionCar modelWomen’s share
1 Ford Ka 61 %
2 Opel Adam 60 %
3 Chevrolet Matiz 60 %
4 Chevrolet Spark 59 %
5 Nissan Micra 58 %
6 Fiat Panda 57 %
7 Hyuandai i20 56 %
8 Peugeot 107 56 %
9 Hyundai i10 56 %
10 Audi A1 55 %

With the Mini and the Fiat 500, two supposedly particularly typical women’s cars do not appear at all in the top 10. However, it was a close call: the Fiat 500 came in eleventh, the Mini in 12th place.

Cliche or truth?

Even if many people think it is a prejudice: Men buy different cars than women. You do not only spend more money on your car. So they pay more for equipment and horsepower figures. Comparing the two top 10 lists, the result is clear in terms of performance. But that doesn’t mean that women have a less emotional attachment to their vehicle than men do.

All car insurance contracts that were concluded via Verivox from November 2016 to October 2017 were evaluated anonymously. For the 200 most common models, the proportion of men and women among policyholders was evaluated in each case. The analysis takes into account mainly privately used vehicles.

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