Top 5 tips: how to relax after a long drive?

We love road trips and almost half of all Germans go on vacation or weekend trip by car. But: long car trips can also be really exhausting. You just want to arrive at your vacation destination and relax. This can be a difficult balancing act, however, and can result in drivers having trouble staying awake.

In order to be able to enjoy the upcoming long-awaited vacation or weekend trip, it is important for drivers to relax and take a rest after a long drive. This is the only way to make the coming vacation days stress-free. Here are the top 5 tips for relaxation.

Read book

Reading a book contributes significantly to relaxation and helps relieve the stress you had during the car ride. It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading a book that takes you to a foreign world, a serial killer, a politician’s biography or a guidebook. A book captivates everyone and gives a certain time out.

English studies have found that just six minutes of reading is enough to slow down the heartbeat and relax the muscles. For your own permanently low stress level, it is therefore advisable to browse through a book for at least an hour after a car journey.

Play online

After a stressful car ride or a stressful everyday life, there is nothing better than to switch off and relax in an online casino. After a hot bath or shower and with a cup of tea or coffee, casino games provide not only winnings, but also relaxation and well-being. Whereas in the past you had to leave the house to gamble, nowadays you can do so from the comfort of your smartphone, laptop or PC, on the move or from the comfort of your sofa at home.

Those who approach game plays relaxed and without pressure will be successful, generate profits and have a lot of fun doing it. Very helpful are the many bonus offers of online casinos. Every new player can pick up a free bonus and even free spins. A bonus is a certain percentage amount of money that increases the starting capital for the relaxing fun of gambling. The free bonus list here can be searched directly for suitable providers to sign up with immediately.

Yoga and meditation

If you’ve been sitting in the car for a long time, everything hurts at some point. Because long sitting has an unfavorable effect on the body: The hips become stiff, the back hurts and the blood circulation in the legs no longer works so well. With small yoga exercises, which one can select before the long car journey, the stressed body areas can be supplied with new energy.

Meditation also helps to relax. To do this, find a quiet and calm place, a comfortable place such as a sofa, chair or even a bed. Then you close your eyes and practice deep breathing. Inhale deeply for four seconds and then exhale deeply for four seconds. This is repeated five times. Then you center yourself on your inner self, don’t let any thoughts come up and visualize, for example, a walk through a flower meadow. Just daydreaming and thinking about what makes you happy. These breathing exercises not only slow down the pulse rate, but also lower the blood pressure.


As already mentioned, pain in the shoulders and back often occurs after long car journeys. There helps an effective massage technique that stimulates and improves blood circulation in the body. There are several methods to relieve tension such as the portable neck and shoulder massager that can be used after a ride.

In addition to a massage, a good back support and the right posture are also important for relaxing. A back support is ideal and can be easily installed on the driver’s seat. The ergonomic shape provides valuable support, supports like a massage and reduces pressure on the lumbar spine.

Deep sleep

Deep sleep is the most optimal relaxation. In this beating phase the muscles are relaxed to the maximum, the EEG curve (shows the brain activity) is characterized by a calm wave pattern with deep valleys. In addition, the body secretes growth hormones that strengthen the immune system and stimulate the regeneration of all body cells.

The deep sleep usually begins in the first five hours of the night sleep instead of. But since we hit bad before midnight, sleep is important for rest and relaxation just after midnight. The biological middle of the night is between 3 and 4 a.m.


The question “Why each of us needs to rest and relax” can be answered quickly: Because it’s a good thing to do for yourself and your body. Because in stressful situations, our body produces stress hormones such as adrenaline, which releases energy reserves, but which can also have negative consequences: High blood pressure, rapid heartbeat or sleep disturbances.

Stress cannot be reduced quickly through lack of exercise, but it can be prevented through optimal relaxation. And this should be done regularly – a few minutes a day can be enough for this.

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