Top 5: an overview of the best route planners – falk, google maps, map24 and co.

Even though navigation devices are now available in many cars and almost all smartphones also offer navigation apps, the most commonly used route planning method still leads to the free online map services. We show the top 5 providers at a glance: Route planners from Falk, Google Maps, Map24 and Co.

The advantage over conventional city map and atlas navigation is obvious: the computer calculates the fastest route, explains the steps for turning at the (ideally) right corners and estimates how long the journey will take. Print it out and take it with you is the best way to go, ideally flanked by a passenger who can give you directions without you having to concentrate on the printout at the wheel. For occasional travelers who need a route planner only a few times a year, the online services are often sufficient. Here is an overview of the five best route planners.

Top 5: Online route planner

1. Google Maps route planner

Where the search engine dominates the market, the first step in route planning often leads to Google Maps – even if it’s only to briefly estimate how long a trip will take or how many kilometers need to be covered. The data specialist Google can also convince in terms of content: In the test of the independent site of December 2010, Google Maps was able to take the first place among route planners. In print view, Google Maps can also show a map for each individual driving instruction if desired. Thanks to the interface, websites can also implement their own route planners tailored to their needs using Google Maps.

alt=”Download” height=”” />To the Google Maps route planner

alt=”falk route planner” width=”481″ height=”” />

2. Falk route planner

The patented city map specialist Falk also offers a free route planner. Here, in addition to the basic functions such as distance and travel time, you can also calculate travel costs (with flat rate) and fuel costs (depending on consumption). In addition, the Falk route planner also offers some additional functions such as hotel bookings and information on places of interest.

alt=”Download” height=”” />Falk route planner

3. Navteq Map24

The Map24 route planner accesses the data from Navteq just like its Falk counterpart, but arranges the data in a somewhat more conventional way. Bing Maps is not used for display (as with, but an own Navteq surface.

Very fancy: Map24 also offers a 3D route flight, which allows you to run through the route from a three-dimensional perspective. Those who have a good memory may be able to remember the route this way and do without the printout:

alt=”Download” height=”” />To the route planner of NAVTEQ Map24

alt=”klicktel route planner” width=”480″ height=”” />

4. Klicktel route planner

The online business and phone directory Klicktel fittingly had a street map and route planner integrated years ago as well. You can see that a bit on the offer, which looks a bit dusty and doesn’t offer too many additional options. After all, traffic jam warnings and construction sites are displayed at a glance. Solid.

alt=”Download” height=”” />Clicktel route planner

5. Via Michelin route planner

alt=”michelin route” height=”” />
ViaMichelin is the second route planner in our list, besides Falk, that comes from the “old” map and travel guide business. So the service also focuses on quality and offers as a selection the “Most Sightseeing” and “Most Economical” route, as well as tourist stops along the way – and of course culinary restaurant recommendations. Also good: Motorcyclists and cyclists are offered their own routes.

alt=”Download” height=”” />ViaMichelin route planner

Route planner – the conclusion

It doesn’t always have to be Google Maps: ViaMichelin and Falk route planners in particular offer a few nice additional features. A lot of it is also a matter of getting used to it and a question of whether you are interested in more options, or just want to get there somehow. In any case, we wish you a good and safe trip.

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