Top 10 vacation tips for the car trip to italy

We Germans love our Italian vacation. But what all do I need to consider when driving to Bella Italia? Especially for longer trips, you should prepare the journey particularly well. Your automobile club has the tips. We from the automobile club Mobil in Deutschland e.V. We have therefore summarized the most important points for you:

How to prepare properly for a long trip by car?

The right travel preparation is important. The vehicle should be subjected to a technology check beforehand in any case. This includes sufficient tread depth of the tires (at least 1.6 mm is mandatory, but for your own safety it should be at least 3 mm in winter), the correct tire pressure, checking the levels of oil, coolant and spray incl. Antifreeze and brake fluid, and a complete check of all the vehicle’s lights. Make sure that the first aid kit is in good condition and that there are always enough high-visibility vests in the vehicle.

How to pack my vehicle correctly?


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Packing the car is a science in itself, but if you follow a few rules it’s not witchcraft. First, large items of luggage such as suitcases should always be placed underneath. In addition, it makes sense to place smaller objects in the gaps safely and non-slip. Make sure that the trunk is not loaded too high. So there will be no visual restrictions while driving. It is also important that no objects are loose, so that nothing can fly through the vehicle during heavy braking.

Finally, it should be noted that the vehicle is not overloaded. In the vehicle registration document you find the admitted vehicle weight, which must be kept urgently. As a rule, this is 400-500 kg incl. of all passengers and luggage. This quickly brings you up to the permitted vehicle weight. If your vehicle is traveling heavily, the tire pressure may also need to be increased – for safety and fuel economy.

What should be never be missing on a trip by car?

Especially for longer trips you should have enough water and snacks on board. A blanket in the car can never hurt – who knows when the next traffic jam will come. Also here a navigation device, or quite classically a map, can be very helpful. Depending on your destination, especially in the colder months, you may need to pack snow chains. For children is always recommended to take toys or a tablet with videos or children’s movies. Especially on longer routes, children can get cranky, cost nerves and thus be a considerable distraction.

What do I have to pay attention to with high visibility vests?

Since 2004, Italy has made high-visibility vests compulsory for accidents and breakdowns outside built-up areas and on freeways. In addition, it is obligatory to secure an accident vehicle with a breakdown triangle. Every person who enters the carriageway or hard shoulder to set up a breakdown triangle must wear a high-visibility vest. So there is a so-called carry and carry obligation. Failure to wear a high-visibility vest is punishable by a minimum of 41 euros. In addition, every driver must always carry a first-aid kit and a warning triangle and be able to show them in the event of a traffic control.

What do I have to pay attention to when setting up a warning triangle?

After an accident or breakdown, there is no time to lose in setting up the warning triangle. Following traffic is not only a danger for the broken down vehicle but also the other way round. In principle, there are no fixed or legal regulations regarding the distance of the set-up. Mobil in Germany recommends the following rule of thumb: in towns 50 m in front of the vehicle, out of town on country roads approx. 100 m and on the highway at least 150 m in front of the vehicle. Of course always depending on the road situation and visibility of the accident site. If you have a breakdown in a curve, the warning triangle should be set up at a sufficient distance in front of the curve, so that the drivers are warned in good time.

Do I have to pay toll in Italy?

In Italy must be limited to approx. 80 toll roads toll must be paid. The amount of the toll is calculated on the basis of the distance traveled on the toll route and the respective vehicle class. Tunnel and bridge-rich stretches, to which a high expenditure for construction and maintenance is attributed, are thereby subject to a higher toll. The billing system is simple: you take a ticket when you enter the freeway, when you leave, you hand in the ticket again and pay the toll. For orientation: With a passenger car the average speed is approx. 7 cents toll per kilometer due. There is no additional vignette in Italy.

What are the speed limits in Italy?

In the local area the general maximum speed of 50 km/h applies.

Motor vehicle Country road Expressway Freeway
Motorcycle up to 149 ccm 90 km/h 90 km/h forbidden
Passenger car 90 km/h 110 km/h * 130 km/h*
Motorcycle over 149 cc 90 km/h 110 km/h * 130 km/h*
Motorhome and truck up to 3,5t 90 km/h 110 km/h * 130 km/h*
Car with trailer 70 km/h 70 km/h 80 km/h
Motorhomes and trucks over 3.5t 80 km/h 80 km/h 100 km/h

In case of rain or snow, i.e. weather conditions, the speed limit on freeways is 110 km/h, on expressways it is 90 km/h.

What are the fines in Italy?? And what can I do if I get a traffic ticket??

20 km/h: from 150 Euro

Talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device is already subject to much higher penalties than in Germany. From 1. January 2017, this means not only a fine of up to 600 euros, but also the suspension of your driver’s license for a period of 15 days to two months – in case of doubt, the cell phone can also be confiscated immediately. This even applies to the first violation.

If you are traveling abroad with your car, you must comply with the traffic laws of the respective country, otherwise you could face fines. If, contrary to expectation, you do receive a penalty notice, you can first of all appeal the decision. Now and then it can actually come to measurement errors or misinformation. In this case, it is best to seek legal advice. As an automobile club, we are happy to support you here. However, if the correctness of the notice is confirmed, initiate payment immediately. Since March 2016, an enforcement agreement between Germany and Italy is valid by a corresponding law. This means that even fines imposed in Italy will be pursued in Germany if the amount exceeds 70 EUR.

By the way, you can calculate current fines for Germany at any time and free of charge with the Mobil in Deutschland fine calculator.

If winter tires are compulsory?

In Italy there is no general obligation to use winter tires. However, due to weather conditions, the use of winter tires and snow chains may be required temporarily. This may be regulated differently from region to region. Therefore, in the cold season and in wintry weather conditions, it is important to pay attention, for example, to traffic signs that require the use of winter tires. In order to be safely prepared for the whole country, you should take a holiday in the period between 15. October and 15. April drive with winter tires.

How does my automobile club help if I break down or have an accident while driving abroad??

This is where your automobile club comes in. This helps you immediately and sends you help immediately. Breakdown and accident assistance, towing, recovery, rental car or overnight stay – your automobile club organizes everything to restore your mobility as quickly as possible. Just call and ask for help!

A membership in an automobile club also for abroad is already available from 58 EUR per year. Good automobile clubs like Mobil in Deutschland e.V. even offer worldwide help and are not only limited to Europe.

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