Tips for traveling to sweden by car – the best routes

Ferries to Sweden

Car trip to Sweden - oresund bridge

To Sweden by car (oresund Bridge)

You want to go to Sweden by car? Here are a few tips how you can best by car to sweden travels – no matter if without ferry or with ferry – overland via Denmark or directly to Sweden.

By car to Sweden

You have in principle 3 alternatives to the choice:

  1. With the ferry directly from Germany to Sweden drive
  2. With the ferry only from Germany to Denmark and then on to Sweden
  3. Without Ferry by car to Sweden
    For this you either drive through Denmark and thereby over two bridges (the Storebaeltbridge in Denmark and the oresundbridge between Denmark and Sweden). This option is recommended if you get seasick easily or are afraid of a ferry ride.

More about the routes, further down on this page.

Frequently asked questions about traveling to Sweden by car

Yes, you can go to Sweden by car.

About 3 to 5 hours. From Hamburg to Malmo, depending on the route (ferry or via Denmark).

Fastest journey from Germany to Sweden by car: 3 hours 30 minutes.
From Puttgarden to Rodby (Denmark) by ferry. Ca. 1 hour. Then on to Copenhagen. Ca. 2 hours. From there over the oresund Bridge to Malmo – Ca. 30 minutes.

The ferry to Sweden usually costs around 100 Euro, sometimes there are cheap ferry tickets starting at 80 Euro, depending on the shipping company and route.
Compare current prices here.

Ferries from Germany directly to Sweden

Ferry connection Price Travel time Shipping company
Kiel – Gothenburg from ca 95 € about 15h Stena Line
Travemunde – Malmo from about 85 € about 8h 45m Finnlines
Travemunde – Trelleborg from approx. 115 € about 8h TT-Line
Rostock – Trelleborg from ca 90 € about 6h Stena Line and TT-Line
Sassnitz – Ystad from ca 125 € ca 2h 15m FRS Baltic
Sassnitz – Trelleborg Ferry set

Ferry routes Germany – Sweden, direct; travel time, prices, shipping companies

The ferry connection Sassnitz – Trelleborg was discontinued in 2020.

Ferries from Germany to Denmark

Ferry connection Price travel time Shipping company
Puttgarden – Rødby from ca 65 € about 45m Scandlines
Rostock – Gedser from ca 75 € about 2h Scandlines

Ferry connections Germany – Denmark; travel time, prices, shipping companies

From Denmark to Sweden by ferry – from Helsingør to Helsingborg

For the sake of completeness it should also be mentioned Alternative to the oresund Bridge the ferry from the Danish Helsningør to Helsingborg mentioned in Sweden. Here the crossing takes just 20 minutes, but costs about as much as the crossing over the oresund Bridge. Practical for people who want to avoid a tunnel or bridge trip over the oresund Bridge. Shipping company: ForSea, order tickets here

Map with ferry connections from Germany to Sweden resp. Denmark

Travel to Sweden by car - Ferries to Sweden

ferries to Sweden (picture from Swedish Camping Magazin)

Route without ferry to Sweden

Since the oresund bridge completed in 2000, you can now finally listen to travel to Sweden by land – without a long detour via Eastern Europe and Finland – and without using a ferry. Until you get to the oresund Bridge you first drive quite a bit through Denmark. Either via the A7 over the German-Danish border.

Will one drive without ferry to Sweden you have to take the crossing of another big bridge, the Storebæltbridge, also here you have to pay a bridge toll. The price Storebæltbridge amounts to ca.35 Euro for car (3-6 meters in length, as of May 2020). The crossing of this bridge is an experience is however surpassed by the crossing of the oresund Bridge topped. The view from the oresund Bridge is fantastic. It is easy to be impressed by this architectural masterpiece.


oresund bridge

The one with Fear of tunnel travel should be said that the “building oresund Bridge“The seat actually consists to a large extent of a tunnel. So on the way to Sweden you first drive a few minutes through the tunnel – with two lanes in each direction – and then you go up to the majestic bridge. Crossing the oresund Bridge on the way to Sweden will surely take you a first Highlight of the Swedish vacation.

Travel to Sweden by ferry

Ferries to Sweden

With the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby, Denmark

If you want to get to Sweden as quickly as possible by car, it’s best to drive with the Ferry from Puttgarden (on Fehmarn) with Scandlines to Rødby, in Denmark, and then further through Denmark and as described above over the oresund Bridge.

The Travel time of the ferry Puttgarden – Rødby is only approx. 45 minutes. The crossing can be used to relax and you have the opportunity to buy cheap alcoholic drinks for the last time before you have to pay the high Scandinavian alcohol prices. During the high season the Ferry twice an hour, so every 30 minutes from. The waiting time is correspondingly short – so you don’t really need to book a fixed time – just drive there and drive up is enough. You are not allowed to sit in the car for safety reasons. The restaurants and the duty free store, as well as the play possibilities for children let however in view of the short travel time no boredom arise.

In stormy seas the ship can start to rock quite strongly. If you then re-enter the parking deck shortly before docking after a heavy swell, you can expect to be fined by a Car alarm concert to be received. :)

Ferry from Germany via Denmark to Sweden

Ferry from Scandlines

Prices for the trip from Puttgarden to Rødby

The ferries of Scandlines commute between Germany and Denmark and cost for the crossing from Puttgarden to Rødby for cars up to 6 meters: ca. 50 Euro for the cheapest tickets, Economy tickets, and if you pay at the port. Attention! Limited number of economy tickets. If the rush is great, one is forced to use one of the more expensive seat covers Flex Tickets to buy.
11 Euro you can save money if you book a ferry ticket online beforehand (here at Scandlines).

Scandlines also offers a Combined ticket fare that includes the toll for the oresund Bridge. Also here you can save a few euros when booking online.

Personal recommendation

Ferry Puttgarden – Rødby (with Scandlines) and then cross the oresund Bridge.

The break on the Ferry is not too long and even if you get dizzy in a heavy swell, you will still be able to drive 45 minutes of practice good to stay. Fresh sea air can be sniffed in addition. The route between Rødby and Copenhagen resp. The oresund Bridge has been excellently upgraded in recent years and can be driven comfortably. Duration of this Crossing Denmark by car: ca. 1,5 hours. The traffic in Denmark and Sweden is not as dense as on many German highways, even during the peak season. Whichever way you choose, already the journey to Sweden will surely be an experience.

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