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Yes, we love road trips! However, we also have to admit: Long car trips can sometimes be really exhausting – especially if you just want to arrive at your vacation destination and relax. We therefore give you eight practical tips for long car journeys, which will ensure a stress-free journey.

Table of Contents: Tips for long car trips
1. Be well prepared for the long car journey
2. Finding the right rental car for long car trips
3. Teamwork: take turns while driving
4. Take breaks and spend the night
5. Pack the right snacks for long road trips
6. Plan the long car trip with children correctly
7. Use the waiting time to relax
8. Keep calm: stay calm and cool

1. Be well prepared for the long drive

A good Road trip planning is essential to avoid stress on a long car trip. Because if you are prepared for all eventualities, then you can start the journey all the more relaxed. A toll station appears in the distance? Not so bad, we were already prepared for that!

Our preparation tips for long car trips:

Study toll rules: If there is a toll on my route Toll to? Do I possibly need a vignette? Can I pay the toll by credit card or electronically, or do I need change for the toll booths??

Pre-booking a parking space: After a long drive you don’t want to have to look for a parking space too. Our tip: On you can z.B. Reserve parking spaces online at your destination.

Checking traffic conditions: There’s a construction site on your highway, of all places, causing a traffic jam? Maybe there is an alternative route via country roads that does not take so much extra time at all. Google Maps helps, for example, with information about the current traffic situation.

2. Find the right rental car for long car trips

Man standing by car looking at mountains and lakes

A small or compact car is enough for one person © F8studio –

A convenient and reliable vehicle is essential for a long journey and one of the most valuable Tips for long car journeys. After all, you do not want to be stuck on the mountain after a few hours of driving with a sputtering car. Even if you’re just traveling alone or as a couple, a car from the Compact On long car trips, much more legroom than a small car. Even more comfortable in the Middle class – especially for those who travel with a lot of luggage and value a spacious trunk lay.


3. teamwork: take turns during the ride

Whether you’re driving Rental car or your own car on the road: At some point on every long car trip, there comes a moment when you’d rather relax and look out the window instead of paying constant attention to the road. Even if this Tip for a long car ride may seem trivial: take regular turns with your passenger to stay focused. The is also good for the back, because as a driver you sit more tense, while as a passenger you can at least loll around in the seat and rest your eyes.

register an additional driver

4. Taking breaks and staying overnight

Rest stop on the high alpine road at the Grobglockner

Picturesque stopover on the high alpine road © andilevkin –

Put on long car trips as often as possible, but at the latest after a two-hour take a break. And by break, we mean: getting out of the car and taking a Stretch your legs. Light gymnastic Stretching and loosening exercises may seem silly at first glance, but they work wonders because they promote blood circulation.

For really long car journeys of more than ten hours, even a series of walks and stretching exercises won’t help anymore. If you know you’re going to be on the road for that long, it’s best to book in advance a hotel (for example, halfway) to be on the safe side and just don’t sit in the car overtired. Then you can continue your journey in the morning relaxed and rested.

5. Packing the right snacks for long car rides

Despite enough sleep and long breaks, concentration wanes? Maybe you should urgently eat something. To make sure this doesn’t happen in the first place, it’s worth stocking up on Snacks for long car rides. And they should preferably be easy to portion out. Absolute no-go: Food that’s heavy on the stomach.

Food suitable for a long car trip:

Fresh fruit and vegetables (especially apples and tangerines are easy to portion and perfect for snacking in a tupperware – perfect for long car rides with kids)

Cereal bars and trail mix (crumb free and full of protein)

Sandwiches (Tip: tasty spreads like hummus, peanut butter or tomato paste taste fresher longer than sausage or cheese)

Even more important Stock of drinks, to stay fit during the trip – ideally handy next to the driver’s seat. A Bottle of water should be included in any case, but during a long car ride are of course also caffeinated drinks like coffee and coke (best in a thermos flask that keeps warm or cool) allowed.

6. How to plan a long car trip with children

Girls in a child seat

Proper securing is most important with a child seat © Tierney –

One of the best Tips for long car trips with children: already prepare the kids before the trip that it will take longer. Also enough entertainment on board ensures a little more patience on long car rides. In addition to classic (coloring) books, these can also be games on the tablet or audio books and travel songs. Age-appropriate travel games for on the go can also help pass the time.

One long car ride with toddler or baby require a little more planning. Very important are correct securing by child seat or booster seat. Playing it safe with your own child seat, if necessary. but you can also buy child seats as Extra when renting a car add. Also useful for long car journeys: a bag in which you can easily important utensils, such as diapers, spare clothes, a blanket, feeding bottle, toys and co. stow and find.

take breaks!

7. Use waiting time to relax

At traffic lights, toll stations or traffic jams one waits of course rather involuntarily. Our Tip for long car trips: Take advantage of the forced breaks to release tension in the back or neck.

Three simple exercises for long car journeys:

  • Raise your arms and press your hands against the roof of the car. Hold the pressure for about five seconds, breathe deeply and then relax the muscles.
  • Place your feet flat on the floor, press firmly against them, tense your buttocks and abdominal muscles. After five seconds relax again and loosen muscles.
  • Grasp behind the neck support with your hands and pull your head towards the support. Tighten firmly and loosen again after five seconds.

Stretch and stretch with pleasure as much as possible. Basically, however, of course: Traffic safety always comes first. During the trip, of course, the hands on the wheel and the attention fully belong to the road.

8. Keep calm: stay calm and cool

Feet and coffee cup on a long car ride

A good tip for long car trips: always stay relaxed © Alena Ozerova

The last of our Tips for long car journeys is actually self-explanatory, but absolutely worth mentioning. Remain calm and relaxed. Don’t get impatient if you are trapped behind trucks and motorhomes for a longer while. Wait and see and overtake with foresight, is the motto here. Such an approach is not only easy on the nerves, but also on the wallet. No one really needs a fender bender or worse just before the vacations.

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