Secure car sale to a dealer

Selling the used car from private to a reputable dealer is done quickly and is quite worthwhile. In addition the private salesman should pay attention however to a few things completely purposefully. As we – the Company Autoankauf-Hamburg Bockelmann – have nothing to hide, we will gladly give you information about it.

Car sale from private

Many private people who have used their car for a long time and have taken great care of it, find it difficult to say goodbye to their faithful companion of many years. A sale to private leaves many downright terrified. Too many true stories about alleged private prospective buyers who pretend to want to buy the car, but in reality only want to spy on the seller’s circumstances, can be found almost daily in the regional press. Also it is to be heard again and again of it, which cars in the public over newspaper or Internet for the sales to private are offered suddenly disappear. This certainly doesn’t have to happen with every offer of sale to private individuals, but once you’re a car owner, all the good statistics about safe private sales won’t do you any good either.

The sale to a conscientious dealer is therefore for more and more private individuals an attractive as well as safe alternative. But unfortunately there are also some crooks here, who only pretend to be serious with the serious purchase. How you can recognize such black sheep in our industry, we show them by easily recognizable characteristics in a few examples. They refer equally not only to the mentioned windy traders, but also to the alleged private prospective buyers.

Safety tips for the car sale:

The above average spontaneous offer on the phone

A caller announces itself and expresses large interest in their passenger car. After you tell him the key data, he makes you a very high, too good offer without many questions and without any hesitation. Such people are often mainly interested in your private address and the location of their car. Should they actually come by for an appraisal, the previously generously announced purchase price will be pushed way down under very flimsy arguments in an uncomfortable atmosphere.

A serious dealer never does it this way. He also never promises astronomically high purchase prices, because that would only make him ridiculous. A real car dealer, like any classic businessman, acts according to the motto “time is money”. He cannot earn money by driving around Hamburg and the surrounding area to look at cars that are generally not of interest.On the contrary, he only pays drastically on it.

3 buyers for one car

An ancient trick, but unfortunately still many honest, uninformed private sellers fall for it. The potential buyer does not come alone as announced by telephone. Instead, he brings two more friends or. Colleagues with. While the spokesman talks with the salesman, the other two “assessors” find constantly new minus points at the car. Then sometimes small damages appear, which were definiitv not there before. Everything only to distract the beetle, to unsettle him and thereby to lower the price quite drastically.

These “gangs are well trained in their approach and do this several times a day – you don’t stand a chance as an individual, untrained sales novice. In such a case I advise to organize at least one second person to keep the procedure under control. Alternatively, stop the conversation immediately. A serious dealer announces in advance if he does not come alone to the appraisal. However, this is generally only very rarely the case for the known cost reasons.

The payment is to take place only in cash

For any dealer, cash payment on the spot is the fastest and most uncomplicated payment option. At the same time he knows about the quite understandable hesitation of many private persons towards this alternative. Especially when it comes to amounts in the higher four- or even five-digit range. In order to avoid any distrust from the very beginning, we offer – as do all reputable dealers – to pay the purchase amount in cash into the seller’s account in the presence of the seller at the bank he trusts. An absolutely 100 percent secure payment. People who are not willing to make a cash deposit for any reason should only be trusted to a limited extent.

Transfer from abroad

What at first sounds absolutely safe and reputable is in most cases complete fraud. The potential buyer reports (allegedly) from abroad or states that he wants to buy the car for someone abroad. He generously offers to pay the full amount on the day of the pickup. You should never get involved in such a deal. The trick is that the buyer on the day of collection is no cash, but for some “stupid reasons” just present a check.

As a proof of the validity of the check he accompanies the seller to his bank. There he is also present while the check is credited to the seller’s account. So far everything is in order. The rude awakening then comes two to three weeks later, when the bank learns that the check is not covered abroad. Then the money disappears again from the seller’s account. It dissolves quasi in air, since it never existed real. The car is also gone and the buyer is logically not reachable at his contact address.

To initiate legal steps against an unknown buyer abroad is then another “pleasure”, which apart from further costs hardly brings anything in. A reputable dealer as well as an honest private buyer has no reason to pay the purchase price by foreign cheque. If the money for the car purchase actually comes from abroad, the buyer can also have this transferred to his own account in advance and then bring it with him in cash.

Unfortunately, these are not yet all the types of fraud around the purchase of vehicles that exist. It is rather the most used ones at present. Even in this obscure area there are “fads”, which ensure that sometimes one variant and then again another fraud scheme is used over a longer period of time. In the end it is relatively easy to be on the safe side. As already mentioned several times, a serious car buyer, whether as a private individual or in his capacity as a dealer, has a residential address or. a verifiable company headquarters at which he can be reached. On the other hand, a reputable dealer speaks from the beginning in plain language about the interest in a potential car purchase. If it comes to a purchase of the vehicle he bows without grumbling to the payment wishes of the salesman.

Many reasons for your car sale to Autoankauf-Hamburg Bockelmann

After we have now in detail uncovered, which there is everything for numerous pitfalls with the simply thought sales of the own car, we take ourselves the liberty to point out, which motives there are to turn with the car sales trustingly directly to us, Car purchase Hamburg Bockelmann with seat in Hamburg Alsterdorf to turn. For this purpose we have listed several questions with appropriate answers, which are most frequently asked by potential car sellers.

Why should I generally turn to Autoankauf-Hamburg Bockelmann?

We are a company that has been active in the Hamburg car market for over 20 years and have been known from the beginning for fair and problem-free transactions. The purchase of cars is for us daily business. That is why we do not act hesitantly like some private persons and do not need days of thinking about whether there is interest or not. We make immediately after the appraisal a clear and valid announcement and stand to our word.

Why is there interest in almost all cars of all brands?

Because we can continue to use all vehicles purchased from us due to our large partner network. Be it for export overseas or to a private person here in our beautiful Hamburg.

Why do you so often emphasize the immediate purchase and the immediate cash payment??

We know from our years of experience that most people who offer their car for sale have an important reason for doing so. Either the “new” one is already there in front of the door or there is just a little too much space in your wallet. In both cases, the immediate payment is especially desired by the sellers. Therefore we point so often to the fact that we bend to this desire naturally.

I receive a legally secure sales contract and the vehicle is deregistered for me free of charge?

Of course. With us the purchase runs absolutely respectably and without any pitfalls or hidden costs. We act as any automobile club would recommend a credible car dealer to you. This also includes – if requested by the seller – the free deregistration of the sold car at the competent authority. Of course we also accept it if the seller wants to deregister his car himself.

Buy also a car for which there is still a valid credit agreement?

Such a purchase is also quite possible. We can, for example, take out the loan for you at the bank.

Can I keep my license plates after the car sale?

In principle, this is possible, but this is checked and decided on a case-by-case basis by the licensing authority. Unfortunately, as a dealer and car buyer, we have no influence on this.

Is it also possible to sell the car without a vehicle registration certificate?

Normally no. But there is the possibility to reapply for a vehicle registration certificate. If this is present, a purchase of the car is also possible

I have inherited a broken down and deregistered car – is there any interest in it??

Of course. As already mentioned several times, we buy almost every car. We also have use for old vehicles that are no longer roadworthy. This includes defective cars with an engine failure, transmission failure, or other damage that renders the car in an unroadworthy condition. Picking up a car that is no longer roadworthy or registered is no problem for us.

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