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Car-buying tips: if you go about it the right way, your dream car will soon be yours

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The choice of new and used is huge. Everywhere beckon offers and extravagant equipment. You are at a loss in front of the sea of vehicles and do not know how to make the right choice? How to make your car purchase a breeze.

Your dream car: Think big, steer nimble

Do you have Family, dogs or transport frequently bulky objects? Then a large car with sufficient storage space is required. In this case take Station wagons and minivans more closely under the magnifying glass.

Are you on the other hand alone or as a couple on the road is enough for you Small car. Here, too, there are different models: cars that offer enough space in the trunk or city runabouts with which you are guaranteed to fit into any parking space.

Insurance and financing for your dream car

Before you buy the car and drive it off the lot, you need at least a motor vehicle liability insurance. Insure a new car or a not paid off car additionally fully comprehensive, so you go on the safe side. With very old vehicles, with which you want to bridge for example only the winter, a comprehensive insurance often does not pay off. Many insurers offer online the possibility to calculate the premium and to clarify important questions.

Buying a car: new or used?

The next big question when buying a car is: used or new?? Here, too, many individual factors play an important role.

That speaks for a used car:

  • Biggest plus: Used cars are usually significantly cheaper than a new car.
  • When you have found a used car, belongs this usually immediately to you. New cars, on the other hand, are often subject to (long) waiting periods.

These are the advantages of a new car:

  • Special color and/or equipment desired? Buy one New car. This equip according to your ideas, so you do not make any compromises.
  • You want to drive the car for a long time? Many models have up to seven years new car warranty. During this time, a used car will often require repairs, which may actually make you save money with a new car.
  • With a new car, there is a high probability that there are no hidden defects or damages.
  • New cars have a right high resale value.
  • Tip

You finance your new acquisition by cash or installment payment or a credit. Car dealerships often work with special banks, so the loan is applied for and approved directly on the spot.

Buying a car: How to make the right decision

Now it’s about the actual car purchase. The following things are particularly important here:

  • Test drive

Check that the transmission, chassis and brakes are working properly. Tip: complete the test drive in pairs. Four eyes see more – and you have everything in view at the car check.

  • Check details

Do the specifications in the vehicle registration document match the car? Is the seller the holder? Don’t be afraid to ask awkward questions and be thorough – after the purchase is too late.

  • Feel good factor

Do you like the car – and have a good, comfortable and safe feeling? When buying a car, it is also important that you reach all levers optimally and have a perfect view of the road.

Buying a car – only black on white!

Sealing the car purchase with a contract is one of the most important steps. Be sure to pay attention to the following information:

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