Best electric milk frothers 2021

electric milk churn

With an electric milk frother you can quickly and effortlessly make very fine and firm milk foam, which you can’t make with a manual milk frother. Even a stick stirrer doesn’t come close to the milk foam quality.

Out of 22 widely used top models, we compare the 7 best among themselves from different price ranges. Among them 2 electric induction milk frother.

In a hurry? Here are our test winners:



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WMF Lono Milk& Choc

Miroco double walled milk frother

Best cheap model

Sage Appliances SMF600 the Milk Cafe

Best high-end model

Electric milk frother
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WMF Lono Milk& Choc: Best electric milk frother

stainless steel milk frother induction by wmf

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The WMF Lono Milk& Choc is the best electric milk frother in the comparison, as it combines the most features and best quality.

The important features in detail

The milk frother Lono Milk& Choc from WMF is 23 cm high, weighs 1.1 kg and runs at a proud 650 watts, which allows it to heat milk particularly quickly. It also heats by induction and works quietly. The capacity is 150 to 500 ml of hot milk and 150 to 300 ml of milk foam or hot chocolate.

It can make hot and cold milk froth, heat milk and make hot chocolate. There is with this device the peculiarity that he can even melt chocolate chips, instead of making hot chocolate from powder only. The milk froth is creamy and very stable.

The milk frother is made of Cromargan, the stirrers are magnetically anchored and operated, which allows a smooth jug. The jug itself can also be put in the dishwasher. It is operated by only one button, but it has a label on it.

The negative features in detail

When finished, a fan still runs for a few minutes to cool down the motor. However, it is not particularly loud.


The WMF milk frother is a high quality and durable product with very good capacity for single to multi-person households.

Miroco double wall milk frother: Best cheap milk frother electric

electric milk frother in black double-walled

Best affordable model

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The Miroco double-walled milk frother without handle is the best affordable product in the comparison.

The important features in detail

The Miroco milk frother small and light. It also holds a volume of 80 to 115 ml for milk foam and 80 to 240 ml for hot milk.

It can simply heat milk, or produce cold or hot foam. When it comes to hot foam, you can even choose whether you want it soft and creamy or sting-proof. Working time per portion is about one minute.

The housing is stainless steel (inside and out) and comes in a sleek black design with fluting instead of a handle. This makes this frother very space-saving. The package already includes a replacement whisk and a replacement stirrer, as well as a cleaning brush.

The negative features in detail

The stirring inserts are unfortunately not for the dishwasher and the cleaning by hand is a bit complicated, despite the cleaning brush.


A great milk frother that can do a lot, especially at the price level!

Sage Appliances SMF600 the Milk Cafe: Best high-end milk frother electric

induction milk frother electric silver by sage

Best high-end model

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The induction milk frother Sage Appliances SMF600 the Milk Cafe leaves nothing to be desired, which is why it has truly earned the title of Best High-End Electric Milk Frother.

The important features in detail

The SMF600 the Milk Cafe milk frother from Sage Appliances is 16.2 cm wide and 26.1 cm high. Except for the clear lid with filler opening, almost all parts are made of stainless steel. The volume is 800 ml, although you have to reckon with about half that for the foam.

You can make hot milk, latte foam and cappuccino foam with different stirring inserts. The temperature is controlled separately with a dial, where there is a cold stage and then temperatures from less than 50 degrees to about 80 degrees. Once the set temperature has been reached, the device switches off automatically.

250ml can be frothed and 500ml can be warmed up. The frother is located at the bottom of the container and adheres magnetically.

On the side of the housing there is a practical suspension for the stirrers, so that no small parts can get lost. Everything except the base can be put in the dishwasher. In the lid there is a convenient opening through which you can add ingredients, such as chocolate during the stirring process.

The negative features in detail

Excellent quality unfortunately also costs its price, which is why this milk frother is by far the most expensive in this comparison. For this it is clearly more than just a standard milk frother.


A high quality luxury milk frother, especially suitable for frequent use and large quantities. If you are looking for something cheaper, you can compare it to the Severin induction milk frother or to the smaller one from De’Longhi.

De’Longhi EMF 2.W Alicia Latte milk frother

white milk frother electric

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The De’Longhi EMF 2.W Alicia Latte milk frother Is, like almost all De’Longhi products, elegant and practical at the same time.

The important features in detail

The milk frother EMF 2.W Alicia from De’Longhi has a diameter of 11.5 cm, with handle it is 17 cm and it is 19 cm high. It can either heat up to 250 ml of milk or whip up to 150 ml of milk into foam. The powern is 500 watts, which is definitely noticeable in this model.

Similar to a kettle, the milk frother sits on a 360° rotating base from which it can be detached to make pouring completely cable-free. There is only one button. Pressing it once produces hot milk foam, pressing it twice only heats milk, and holding the switch down produces cold milk foam.

The lid is transparent, so you can see what the milk foam is doing inside. A silicone seal in the lid prevents foam from possibly escaping if there is too much in it. It is very fast, hot milk is ready in only 2½ minutes, milk foam even after only 2 minutes. Removable parts can be put in the dishwasher.

The negative features in detail

Unfortunately, the non-stick coating is a bit prone to scratches, so you should be extra careful when cleaning it here.


A great milk frother that is very simple and produces the good Italian cappuccino foam at any time in any place.

LAVAZZA a Modo Mio MilkEasy milk frother

black milk frother from lavazza

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The electric milk frother a Modo Mio Milkeasy from Lavazza is an Italian classic: no frills, no extras, but good quality.

The important features in detail

The Lavazza a Modo Mio MilkEasy weighs only 862 grams and has a very compact design. It holds 120 ml for milk foam or 180 ml for hot milk and has 460 watts of power.

This device froths milk without leaving any residue and there is no sticky residue even when simply heating milk. As an Italian product, the Lavazza Modo Mio creates a very creamy milk foam that maintains its consistency. In all operating functions, this milk frother runs pleasantly quietly.

The body is made of black stainless steel, insulated and has grooves in the outer shell instead of a handle, which allows you to hold the milk frother practically and safely in your hand. The whisk works magnetically, so you can wipe out a smooth cup with a damp swab after taking it out. There are no corners where something can accumulate.

The negative features in detail

There is only one button, depending on how long or often you press it, then the functions are selected. This definitely requires a close reading of the instruction manual, as well as a little bit of practice before you can master everything even in the morning when half asleep.


A high quality milk frother at a medium price, which also becomes a noble eye-catcher in the kitchen. If you want a larger capacity, you can look at the Severin SM 9685 for example.

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