10 tips for long car journeys

No matter whether from Germany to the Mediterranean or in the vacation country on large journey along the most beautiful roads of the world: Long routes with the rented car can put the nerves of all vacationers on a hard test. But it does not have to be that way. We have ten useful tips for you that will make even the longest car trip a lot of fun will!

Planning is half the battle

Hard to believe, but the question of whether your next road trip will be a Feast or fiasco becomes, decide well before the start of your trip. Because as with so much in life, planning is everything. Before you put all the sights and especially the insider tips in your vacation country on your route, you should consider a few things. If you clarify these questions beforehand, there will be no nasty surprises:

  • Is toll due on parts of the route?
  • How fast am I allowed to drive abroad?
  • Can I pay tolls in advance?
  • Are there (halfway) well developed roads?
  • How far do I get in a day?
  • Are there any sights along the route?
  • Where to take a break or spend the night?
  • When searching for offers, also check the ratings of the individual providers!

Choose the right car

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If the route is fixed, you should necessarily the right car for the trip. Of course, no one wants to spend too much money, but a trip over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers in a small car packed to the roof goes fast to the substance. Who a few euros more Invest in a larger vehicle, travels at the end clearly more relaxed and has more from the vacation. At CHECK24 it’s easy; here you can simply select the class when booking a rental car.

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Sleep for hours instead of seconds

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Banal but especially important: Get a good night’s sleep before your trip. Ideally, start in the morning, when your body is at its fittest, and avoid driving at night. Others prefer to drive at night, because then there is usually less traffic on the highways and you get through faster. In this case, however, it is particularly important that the driver has had a good night’s rest beforehand. But no matter when you finally start, the driver of the vehicle must have gotten enough sleep beforehand and must not drive overtired in any case. You should take a break as soon as you notice one of the following symptoms, with which your body tells you that it has had enough:

  • Burning eyes and heavy eyelids
  • Frequent blinking and yawning
  • Sudden shivering at constant temperature
  • Concentration problems, daydreaming
  • Increasingly bad mood
  • Inner restlessness, urge to move

It’s easier to drive in a team

The better solution is of course a Driver change. By the way, you should already know this take into account when booking your rental car. Because while some providers charge per additional passenger, many also Offers, where a second authorized driver is required already included is. There is even a filter for this at CHECK24.

Man with Ostrich Pillow at the airport

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Attention: Make absolutely sure that only registered drivers actually get behind the wheel. If someone else drives the car and there is an accident, you risk losing your insurance coverage!

The- or the one, the straight break makes, should this really use to relax. It’s best to pack a neck pillow (like on the plane), a sleeping mask and earplugs for this. So you can rest a little and the rest of the occupants don’t have to sit by in silence.

Tip: With the so-called Ostrich Pillow you have a mobile resting room for on the go!

No K.O.-Risk blow from cell phone

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Not only the suitcase, also the car wants to be packed properly. Make sure that your rental car is large enough enough, so that all luggage in the trunk Fits. This way you don’t have to sit completely cramped between bags and suitcases, and it’s also much safer. Because at 50 kilometers per hour, objects and luggage that shoot forward develop 25 times their own weight! A smartphone flying around (about 130 grams) thus already hits you with a force of more than three kilos, more than two full 1.5-liter bottles of water! Ouch! What an unsecured 20-kilo suitcase can do, you can imagine accordingly.

Heavy luggage belongs therefore all the way down, All other things should also be neatly stowed away when not in use. For station wagons the trunk may therefore also load up to the upper edge of the rear seats at the most Become. They serve as protection in case of emergency. If you do want to pile higher install a luggage net. These are often available as standard accessories for many vehicles. If you’re traveling in a minivan, you should also make sure to Tension belts for load securing fall back.

Cool and dry instead of hot and sticky

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While there are plenty of opportunities to stop off at German freeway service areas, this is not the case in every country. In addition, menus at rest stops and fast food temples quickly go into the money. A good alternative are snacks from home! But do not pack just anything, because too heavy food is particularly heavy in the stomach when sitting for a long time. The proper travel provisions is varied, tasty, keeps you fit and above all is easy to prepare. Tips for ideal catering on long car journeys as well as on any other occasion on vacation can be found here:

Keep children occupied during long journeys

Car child emotion

Even if nature is one of the reasons for your road trip, you should consider alternatives for peeking out. By the way, this does not only apply to children. Besides classics like License plate rates and „I see what you don’t see” adults can pass the time by movie quote or song lyrics guessing drive away. Funny are also so-called Black Stories. Here, a fellow passenger poses the circumstances of a mysterious death and the rest have to guess what happened by asking yes/no questions. If you don’t want to make up the story yourself, you can buy books with ready-made stories in advance or Google them on the Internet.

Movies, music and video games are interesting for young and old alike. These can be used in the age of Tablets and smartphones can also be enjoyed in the car without any problems. For longer journeys, however, you should spare batteries, powerbanks or a USB charging cable for the cigarette lighter. If you travel with kids, small Magnet or card games pack. But also Paper and pens provide hours of entertainment, such as painting, Cheese box or city, country, river play. Classic books or cuddly toys can also be small lifesavers.

The way is the goal

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It doesn’t matter how well you have planned your trip and prepared your car, regular breaks are essential. It should not only be about going to the toilet, rather combine the stops with something Movement. go for a walk and do some stretching exercises. This not only loosens up the muscles that have been tense from sitting for so long, it also stimulates the circulation and prevents the onset of tiredness.

In the calm lies the power . and money!

Vacation time is unfortunately also frequent Jam time. By choosing your route and departure time wisely, you can avoid many problems, but heavy traffic, annoying tailgaters and notorious tailgaters can never be completely avoided. But instead of getting upset about the stupidity of others and the time wasted as a result, as usual, you should do it on the vacation trip just take it easy. By the way, this also applies to the trip to the family over Christmas or especially if you are driving in left-hand traffic for the first time in the vacation country! Without appointment stress, it doesn’t matter if you arrive twenty minutes late! Instead, enjoy the view, turn up the music on the radio and cruise through the countryside in a relaxed manner.

Let’s get out!?

You have finally arrived at your destination, the hotel, the beach and the sea are at your feet, but where to put the car? To ensure that your arrival doesn’t degenerate into total stress after a well-survived journey, you should inform about parking possibilities beforehand. There is at the hotel pitches and what do they cost? Are there in the surroundings possible public possibilities to park the car, from where you can walk to the hotel or take the bus. If you simply want to park the car in a side street, you should familiarize yourself with the parking regulations in the respective vacation country beforehand.

Note: CHECK24 does not guarantee the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the information provided. The content of our articles are carefully researched and written. They serve as inspiration, information and represent recommendations of the editorial staff. We take care not to discriminate anyone with our texts and always include all people in all formulations, regardless of their gender identity.

Who writes here?

Holger Zehden_Quadrat

Whether it’s a new flight route, bizarre traffic rules abroad or tips for a successful vacation: As online editor in the travel section of CHECK24, I’m responsible for news and blog posts about rental cars, vacations, flights and hotels. Since I was allowed to travel privately as well as professionally already criss-cross through Europe and the world, I can report much from personal experience.

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