The solution portfolio in the area of planning. Building. Operation.

The name pit – cup GmbH has been a household name in building services since 1992. The software company in Heidelberg, which emerged from a planning office for building services engineering, made a name for itself in Europe with the successful placement of its CAD software for building services engineering.

pit – CAD

Together with users who have been using this CAD solution for years in planning, execution and administration, the CAD software has been continuously developed and adapted to the needs of the market.
  • Support of the latest operating systems
  • 32bit and 64bit capable
  • HLSE-TGA application for the AutoDesk platforms, ACAD (AutoCAD), ACA (AutoCAD Architecture formerly ADT), MEP (AutoCAD MEP formerly ABS)
  • HLSE-TGA application for Bricsys platform, Bricscad
  • Output and import formats: DWG, DXF, DGN
  • IFC interface (IAI compliant according to BIM manual, for import of architecture from systems of Nemetschek, Graphisoft, Bentley…) following buildingSMART e.V.
  • pit – Skriptworker
  • Preparation of architectural plans
  • Testing of CAFM standards
  • Greying’ of plans
  • layer conversion according to layer standards
Different planning requirements demand flexible design options. So in pit – heating z. B. a line routing in the layer-related single line method is sufficient for the pipe network calculation.
  • Continuous solution from the heating scheme / sanitary scheme, through 2D floor plans to 3D execution planning
  • Extensive standard symbols (flexibly expandable) in the area of 2D heating symbols, 2D cooling symbols, 2D sanitary symbols, as well as 2D laboratory building symbols
  • Convenient symbol placement
  • objects for detailed laboratory planning, as well as medical technology
  • Radiator manufacturer data according to BDH
  • integration of VDI 3805 manufacturer data
  • heating- cooling load calculation EnEV from 2D model via pit – LMK
  • Cross-project creation of strand groups, as well as control groups and standards
  • creation of cover areas for graphical verification of z.B. Sprinkler planning
  • Automatically color sanitary objects according to connection medium, for a quick graphical overview
  • Automatically connect radiators and sanitary objects in floor plan and scheme
  • 276 predefined media in uniform layer structure (supply, return, cooling, process media, waste water, service water, etc.).)
  • Generation of schematics from the floor plan
  • Automatic generation of DIN moldings (DIN2440, DIN2448, SML…)
  • Associative labeling by means of preconfigured stamps on lines, fittings, objects, systems (designation, length, pos. no., etc.) is possible., Diameter, capacity, mass flow, flow velocity, AKS number…)
  • System definition and view switching of the configured network
  • Calculation and design of radiators (VDI6030)
  • 3D heating center planning, plant construction and shaft planning
  • gradient planning, construction of gradient pipes for waste water
  • Cross-trade route planning
  • 2D/3D isolations or. Insulations, as well as bulkheads
  • Sectional design across all trades
  • Collision check over all trades
  • Mass determination
  • Legend creation
  • Interfaces See technical calculations
During the development of pit – cup ventilation/air conditioning the original way of working on the drawing board served as a basis. For example, the construction of canal routes is carried out, depending on the situation, (depending on the structural conditions) either by means of a canal train or using the add-on method of individual shaped sections.
  • Continuous solution from the ventilation scheme, over 2D floor plans up to 3D execution planning
  • Extensive standard symbols (flexibly expandable), in the area of 2D ventilation symbols as well as 2D climate symbols
  • Convenient symbol placement
  • Objects for detailed ventilation planning as well as air conditioning planning (canvas, heaters, coolers, silencers, cross-talk silencers, fans, swirl diffusers, plate valves, ventilation grilles, volume flow controllers, throttle dampers, fire dampers, etc.). Drives, etc.)
  • Integration of VDI 3805 manufacturer data
  • Calculations of surfaces according to VOB and differential pressure calculation, minimum outside air volume flow calculation.
  • Duct hatching for better visualization of the media
  • Automatic connection of outlets
  • Predefined media in uniform layer structure and color scheme according to DIN EN 13779 (supply air, exhaust air, exhaust air, circulating air, outside air, etc.).)
  • Dimensioning of ducts according to duct slide
  • Automatic generation of manufacturer moldings (Lindab…)
  • Extensive generation of fittings (duct, pipe, symmetrical and asymmetrical bends, tees, transition tees, floors, Y-pieces, reducers, collars, end caps, flanges, etc.).) in 2D and 3D
  • Associative labeling by preconfigured stamps on air ducts of all kinds, devices, plants (designation, flange dimension, length, pos. no., etc.)., Diameter, power, volume flow, air velocity, AKS number…)
  • System definition and visualization of the configured network
  • 3D ventilation center planning and shaft planning
  • Inter-trade route planning
  • 2D/3D Insulation or. Insulation, as well as partitioning
  • Sectional design across all trades
  • Collision check across all trades
  • Mass determination according to VOB DIN 18379, mathematical trunking measurement
  • Legend creation
  • Interfaces See technical calculations
pit – Elektro is the tool for economical CAD design of circuit diagrams / distribution schematics and 2D/3D installation plans.
  • Consistent solution from electrical schematic / circuit diagram / wiring schematic, via 2D floor plans to 3D execution planning in the field of electrical engineering
  • Extensive standard symbols (flexibly expandable), in the area of 2D electrical symbols
  • Convenient symbol placement of installation devices (automatically at doors). )
  • Low voltage, PV collectors, ELA, antenna, burglar alarm, MSR, VdS compliant hazard alarm systems, transformers
  • EIB, video, burglary, fire alarm, light call and intercom systems, data and telephone networks, lightning protection systems
  • Illumination simulation from 2D model
  • Cross-project creation of installation groups, as well as device combinations and standards
  • Creation of effective areas for graphical verification of z.B. Fire alarm or loudspeaker positions
  • Intelligent circuit, address, LOOP, identifier, system number assignment with graphical overview of assigned elements
  • Automatic generation of schematic diagrams from the floor plan – Automatic adoption of planning changes, e.g.B. Creation of fire alarm schemes from floor plans
  • Associative labeling through preconfigured stamps on installation devices, luminaires, objects, systems (designation, circuit number, pos. no., etc.)., power, lumen, installation height, AKS number…)
  • System definition and view switching of the configured network
  • 3D electrical central planning and shaft planning
  • Planning of 2D/3D cable trays, channels and ducts, as well as insertion and empty conduit planning
  • Cross-trade route planning
  • 2D/3D penetration seals
  • Section creation across all trades
  • Collision check across all trades
  • Mass calculation
  • Creation of legends
  • Interfaces See Technical calculations
  • General
  • Bidirectional interfaces to technical calculation programs
  • EnEV (energy certificate)
  • Heating load
  • Heating surface design (radiator design according to VDI6030)
  • Pipe network calculation (from floor plan and schematic)
  • Cooling load
  • Duct fabrication directly from CAD plan (CAD-CAM process)
  • Duct measurement according to VOB
  • Duct compressed air calculation
  • Lighting simulation with Dialux
  • pit – CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) for use in the technical room book, basic calculation for the integral planning of HVACR, mass evaluations
  • pit – FM (Facility Management) for space management, maintenance/maintenance, equipment management, key management
  • pit – KOM (communication room book) for area management and data acquisition during construction

pit – CAE

Fast and exact TGA – planning on the basis of room data

pit – CAE is a multi-user capable tool, with which masses and calculation bases for plant planning can be determined as quickly as precisely on the basis of area information and room types.

In case room types and the associated room – plant – allocation change during the planning phase, all plant data can be updated in no time at all. pit – CAE can also be coupled bidirectionally with the CAD – software.

The advantages at a glance:
  • optimal planning aid for cost estimation and calculations according to DIN 276 T2
  • fast calculations of TGA masses
  • Asset management according to DIN 276 T2
  • Standardization and stabilization of planning processes
  • Determination of key figures for technical decisions
  • Definition of (quality) standard also for follow-up projects
  • Design of safety, communication and heavy current technology
  • Elimination of isolated applications prevents storage of redundant data
  • Power calculation of the plants by assignment of the rooms
  • Integrated plant identification system AKS
  • integrated local identification system (OKS)
  • Room and function program
  • Document management
  • Evaluation like room book, plant report, door lists, area verification DIN 277
  • Excel output
  • bidirectional coupling between CAD and room book
  • automatic coloring of the CAD rooms according to the assigned facilities
  • u. v. m.

pit – cup GmbH
Speyerer Street 14
D – 69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 6221 / 53 93 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6221 / 53 93 – 11

Judenstrasse 50
D – 10178 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 / 84 71 18 69 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 84 71 18 69 – 99

Lankower Street 6
D – 19057 Schwerin
Tel.: +49 (0) 3 85 / 485 04 – 0
Fax : +49 (0) 3 85 / 485 04 – 99

Hamburger Str. 65c
D – 01157 Dresden
Tel.:+49 (0) 3 51 / 40 79 05 – 20
Fax:+49 (0) 3 51 / 40 79 05 – 48

Communication with the pit – cup team.

Bernhard Wallner, FAIR – Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH

I have been working for four and a half years as IT coordinator at Axel Springer Services& Immobilien GmbH, the in-house FM service provider for Axel Springer SE.

Thomas Bender, as head of products& Innovation and 2. Board of Directors at CAFM RING e.V. strengthens the team of pit – cup GmbH since 2019.
In this function he drives the further development of pit – products to a sustainable IT ecoSystem.
By integrating current methods and new technologies such as BIM, , AI or Cloud into pit – solutions, the basis for a digital building twin is created.
Through his activities as 2. Executive committee in the CAFM RING e.V. he actively pushes the digitalization topics in the industry.
Thomas Bender is author of numerous technical articles. Most recently, he wrote the chapter “BIM in Facility Management” of the new and 4. Edition of the CAFM manual “Using IT in Facility Management Successfully.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frank Pohler started his career with an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Plansee. After several positions within the Plansee Group as a group leader for production management, group leader for process optimization and project manager for international projects, he has now been responsible for the last three years as a department manager for facility management, including the planning and execution of maintenance and improvement measures. Responsible for placing orders at the Reutte site.

With its three divisions Plansee High Performance Materials, GTP and CERATIZIT, as well as its stake in Molymet, the Plansee Group is one of the world’s leading powder metallurgical industrial companies, covering the entire value chain for the materials molybdenum and tungsten – from ore to customized components.

Robert Umshaus, Managing Director of pit – cup GmbH, has been working in the field of facility management for more than 20 years and has been working for the implementation partner, Ing. Gunter Gruner GmbH, played a major role in the establishment of the Facility Management business unit. He is looking forward to the challenge of advancing digitalization in building operations together with the pit-cup team.

I have been working in the field of HLS for more than 40 years. Experience in MicroStation, AutoCAD and BricsCAD gained over the years. CAD and techn. Calculations are my passion. In the techn. Sales and training manager at pit for over 25 years now.

Today, my specialty is FM service providers. With almost fifteen years of experience in the pit project business, I design the requirements together with the customers and give them control over their processes. With the help of our good basic functionalities but also creativity in development we master all problems. I also like to do some programming myself.

Andreas Malec studied geography at the University of Hanover and subsequently completed both an in-service training course to become a facility management agent (IHK) and an in-service course of study to become a business economist (IWW) at the Distance Learning University of Hagen.

From 2002 to 2005, he worked for RMK in Celle as a project manager for facility management and CAFM/CAD/GI systems.

Since the end of 2005, Mr. Malec has been working in sales at IP SYSCON GmbH and has many years of experience in the development of CAFM and GI systems for pit – FM and pit – Kommunal.

Marvin Sautter has been responsible for the creation and rollout of a global corporate real estate management template as Global Process Owner Asset Management at MAHLE International GmbH since October 2019. After his studies in industrial engineering at DHBW Stuttgart and ESB Reutlingen, he was responsible for the introduction of pit-FM at MAHLE’s corporate headquarters in Stuttgart starting in 2017. The software is operational at the group headquarters since summer 2019.

Been a pit – CAD user since 1997 and a part of the pit team myself since 2012. The new developments and issues in the field of CAD and BIM present us with new challenges every day. At a time when our customers are changing, more than just technical support is required from us.

I am an IT and software enthusiast. With many years of experience in IT, software development, CAD and BIM, I am trying to help shape digitalization in the construction industry with full vigor. Innovations and modern approaches in the implementation and motivation of our team are part of my guiding principle.

In the past, Johannes Messner has held several positions in the management of international medium-sized companies. He was able to gain experience in building digital business models as well as taking responsibility in the management of companies in the range of 200 employees. His career to date has taken him to locations in Asia, Europe and the USA in the areas of production, manufacturing automation and management of a software company. In his new position at pit – cup GmbH, Johannes Messner is looking forward to working with a motivated and innovative team in order to develop new technologies and commercialize future-oriented products.

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