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The Siemens EQ coffee machine.6 includes a series of five models that differ in terms of features and manufacturing materials. The higher the quality of the material, the higher the price for the particular model. The quality of the technology and the taste of the coffee are no different, so I can recommend any of the machines in the series simply because of the excellent value for money they offer.

The design of the devices is appealing to my taste. The simple Siemens EQ models.6 plus s300 and s400 are mainly made of plastic, while in the design of the models EQ.6 plus s500, s700 and extraKlasse more stainless steel has been processed.

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Siemens fully automatic coffee machine EQ.6 in test and comparison 2022

I have now tested all models of the Siemens EQ.6 Series. I already knew the previous models EQ.6 s300 and s700 and was eager to see what was new in the new machines called EQ.6 plus has changed. The design has been tweaked a bit and some of the new models are available in different color combinations. But more interesting for me were of course the taste and quality of the espresso and the structure of the milk foam.

Siemens EQ.6 models at a glance

Other criteria that I attach particular importance to are the spout height and thus the height of the cups and glasses that can fit under the spout nozzles, as well as cleaning. Can the new fully automatic coffee machines of Siemens be cleaned well and simply? I quickly noticed that the grinder is even quieter than its predecessors. It is the quietest grinder I have encountered so far.


  • Attractive design
  • Stylish lighting
  • Ceramic disc grinder
  • Very low noise level
  • Good processing
  • Spout adjustable in height up to 14 cm
  • Easy cleaning
  • Removable brew group
  • Very tasty espresso


  • No intuitive menu navigation
  • Somewhat wet coffee pucks

To test the various models of the Siemens EQ.6 fully automatic coffee machines you can find at Amazon partly at low prices. Detailed information about automatic coffee machines in general, buying criteria and care are available to you on my overview page.

Back in 2015, I had the pleasure of using the Siemens EQ.6 s700 to be tested, the predecessor model of the current EQ.6 series. In the meantime I also like the EQ.6 plus s700 available and I can finally determine what the “plus” is about these new models.

The new coffee machines of the Siemens EQ.6 series with the “plus” in the name were presented at IFA 2017. Instead of the two previous models, there are now a total of six available

  • EQ.6 plus s300
  • EQ.6 plus s400
  • EQ.6 plus s500
  • EQ.6 plus s700
  • 2 models EQ.6 plus extraClass.

What’s new about the “plus” machines?

At first glance, the slightly higher price is noticeable. But this is because the equipment is still relatively new and therefore more expensive. But with time you can expect cheaper offers. The design of the machines differs only minimally.

The color design is a bit more modern. The extraKlasse model comes in the new colors Ristretto Metallic and Dark Inox. Some of the other models are also available in color combinations with matte gray tones.

Siemens EQ.6 plus - machine view

One of the new beverages that the Siemens EQ.6 plus prepared, the Caffè Americano is. With this coffee, the machine first pulls the espresso and then fills it with hot water. The Americano is much clearer than a Crema because not all the water passes through the coffee puck.

The Flat White consists of espresso and milk foam just like the cappuccino, but due to the way it is prepared, milk, milk foam and espresso mix together. I was particularly curious about the result of this new beverage, because I wanted to know if the machine could really handle the subtle difference between the two beverages.

In fact, the result is a beautiful blend of the three components with a creamy light brown color. For my taste, the Flat White is also ideal when I prepare it with a double espresso.

Two of the new coffee machines from the EQ.6 series carry the name extraKlasse. Of course I asked myself what special features justify this name. In fact, the extraClass differs from the other models mainly by having more accessories, such as an external milk container and a jug function.

The secret of model names and serial numbers

Somewhat confusing for me is the model policy of Siemens. If you visit the Siemens website, you’ll find six models of the current EQ there.6. If you look around at Amazon and other retailers, you’ll find the predecessors without “plus” as well. Siemens also offers the plus extraKlasse with two different serial numbers at different prices.

If the machine is to have the range of functions of the plus s700, the decision is made for the more expensive model in Dark Inox. If the features of the plus s300 with its elegant milk container are sufficient for you, the more affordable machine in the Ristretto Metallic color may be the right choice for you. Finally, design and color can also be important for your purchase decision.

  • the larger drip tray,
  • the “autoMilk Clean” system and
  • some accessories

not so important, I would in your place at a much lower price a Siemens EQ.6-Buy fully automatic coffee machines of the predecessor series.

Call Out Image

We also tested the Siemens EQ3

The Siemens EQ3 is a simple, solid automatic coffee machine without a lot of bells and whistles, but with an unusual milk frothing system and appearance.

Differences between the Siemens EQ.6 coffee machines

The price difference between the automatic coffee machines s300 to s700 of EQ.6 series amounts to 100 to 200 euros. At Amazon you’ll find individual offers at attractive prices, so it’s not worth buying the simpler models.

I would always go for the EQ if there is only a slight price difference.6 plus s700, because this machine offers the most comprehensive comfort and is robustly equipped with a lot of stainless steel. The basic differences between the six different model variants are mainly in the pump pressure and the material of the outer casing anyway, as the table shows:

ModelPressureBeverages simultaneouslyProcessingWeightOthers
EQ.6 plus s300 15 bar 1 cup mainly plastic 9.6 kg
EQ.6 plus s400 15 bar 2 cups mainly plastic 10,1 kg
EQ.6 plus s500 19 bar 2 cups Plastic and stainless steel 9.8 kg
EQ.6 plus s700 19 bar 2 cups a lot of stainless steel 10.3 kg
EQ.6 plus extraClass 19 bar 2 cups much stainless steel 10.5 kg with milk container
EQ.6 plus extraClass ristretto metallic 15 bar 1 cup plastic and stainless steel 9.6 kg with milk container

Basically, the devices with stainless steel equipment look very elegant and professional. They are particularly robust and durable. But if a lower price is more important to you than the professional look, I would choose the EQ.6 plus s300 or EQ.Buy 6 plus extraClass in Ristretto Metallic.

The brewing groups and other technical equipment are the same on all EQ.6 coffee machines identical. The only difference is the pump pressure. The high-priced coffee machines have a pressure of 19 bar, the less expensive ones have 15 bar. Since a pressure of 9 bar is sufficient for a good espresso, you won’t notice any difference between 15 and 19 bar.

To the test of the EQ.6 plus s700, because it is the most expensive and most comprehensive of the EQ.6 machines is. The visual appearance is very valuable thanks to the processed stainless steel. In this price range you will hardly find an automatic coffee machine with such a high quality stainless steel shell. This also applies to the predecessor model.

The EQ.6 plus s700 also has a separate compartment for filling with coffee powder. This is practical if you want to prepare a different type of coffee now and then, for example decaffeinated coffee.

For me the Siemens EQ.6 plus s700 clearly the test winner. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this vending machine. Only the milk foam could be even finer, but is already very good. The taste of espresso is unsurpassed.

By the way, you can find this coffee maker in an identical design at Bosch, under the type designation VeroAroma 700. Externally, the only difference is the control panel, which is labeled and not illustrated on the Bosch VeroAroma.

Also to the plus s300 you will find an identical model from Bosch, the VeroAroma 300. Since the models are identical, you can simply choose the less expensive brand. Even the accessories and spare parts are interchangeable between the two brands.

Technical data of the EQ.6-coffee machines

plus s300plus s400plus s500plus s700extraClass
Dimensions 385 x 280 x 465 mm
Weight 9.6 kg

The manufacturer’s recommended prices are non-binding. At Amazon you can find all models at significantly lower prices.

The EQ.6 also offer you various memory options for

  • Switch-off time
  • Beverage and cup size
  • Coffee temperature
  • Operating language
  • Touch tone
  • Water filter
  • Water hardness

With the one-touch function, a light touch on the sensor buttons is enough to select the desired beverage. The child lock blocks an unintentional brewing process. If you look at the test of the Siemens EQ.6 in the video, you can find it on YouTube.

You can find a short instruction manual on the device. You can also find the detailed operating instructions as a PDF document under the link.

Advantages of the Siemens EQ.6

  • Appealing design
  • Stylish lighting
  • Ceramic disc grinder
  • Very low noise level
  • Good workmanship
  • Up to 14 cm height-adjustable spout
  • Easy cleaning
  • Removable brewing group
  • Very tasty espresso

Disadvantages of the Siemens EQ.6

The many practical advantages of the EQ.6 fully automatic coffee machines face only a few disadvantages. I was bothered by the following points:

  • No intuitive menu navigation
  • Somewhat wet coffee pucks

Scope of delivery and commissioning of the Siemens EQ.6-Coffee machines

If you have one of the Siemens EQ.6 fully automatic coffee machine, you will find the following scope of delivery for all models:

  • 1 water filter cartridge
  • Measuring spoon for coffee powder
  • Silicone connection hose to the milk nozzle
  • Test strips for the water hardness level
  • Operating instructions

Commissioning is quick and easy. First, you should take a look inside the brew group compartment and see if there are any possible transport locks in place. After that you can rinse the water tank once and insert the included water filter. The filter is advantageous if you live in an area with hard, chalky water.

Siemens EQ.6 plus

Siemens EQ.6 plus - attach milk hose

The display of the EQ.6-coffee machine is visually very appealing design. However, the operation is a bit confusing. The images of the drinks and the buttons are static. You only recognize a change when you look at the display.

The quality of the milk froth is an aspect that I am particularly interested in with any fully automatic coffee machine. It is by no means self-evident that every model produces a firm and fine-pored foam.

In all models of Siemens EQ.6 series, however, I am very satisfied with the milk foam. Consistency, temperature and quantity are good. Only on the surface remain some larger bubbles.

If you make two drinks at the same time, it will take longer, but the quality will remain the same. Even the type of milk used does not affect the quality. I tested the following types of milk and was satisfied with the overall result:

  • Fresh whole milk with 3.8 % fat
  • Organic UHT milk with 3.5 % fat
  • Organic soy milk without added sugar with 2.1% fat
  • Fresh whole milk with 1,5 % fat
  • Fresh lactose-free organic milk with 1.5% fat
  • Homemade almond milk and hazelnut milk.

In the standard setting, the beverages have the optimal temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Espresso from the EQ.6

So that the coffee does not clog the coffee machine, the espresso beans are ground less finely than in the coffee grinder.

Nevertheless, the grinder delivers in the EQ.6-devices from Siemens a very good result. The coffee is not as fine as with my Mazzer Mini coffee grinder, but much finer than in other fully automatic machines like the Krups EA8808.

In my opinion, fully automatic coffee machines are optimal if you like to drink a quick espresso, a cappuccino or latte macchiato. However, if you generally prefer filter coffee, then brewing with a hand filter or French press is still the best solution.

Apart from my own creation, I like the Yirga Santos from Coffee Circle. The organic espresso is a blend of 75 percent Arabica and 25 percent Robusta beans. In addition, this espresso is low in acidity and well tolerated.

In my large 2022 you will find many other varieties that I have tested, including certainly the ideal espresso for your taste.

Individual settings for your favorite coffee

Siemens EQ.6-coffee machines offer you numerous options for customizing the taste of your coffee and espresso.

The grind

If you want to adjust the grind, it is only possible during operation. You get the desired result only one or two cups later. However, this is the case with all fully automatic coffee machines. You will find the small adjustment wheel in the bean hopper.

Siemens EQ.6 plus - button on the grinder

The amount of coffee

The strength of the coffee depends on the amount of coffee used. To the EQ.6 models you can adjust the amount of coffee in three steps.

Optimal amount of milk foam

Also for the amount of milk you want to froth, you have three levels available. In addition, you have the option to choose a large quantity and then cancel the process when there is enough milk for your taste. This way you can vary the amount of milk steplessly.

You can set the brewing temperature for your coffee in three levels. As a standard the machine gives 60 degrees Celsius. I find this temperature optimal. If you like it hotter and are satisfied with the overall result of a higher brewing temperature, “high” and “max” are still available.

Siemens EQ.6 – Cleaning and care

Also important for me is the cleaning of a fully automatic coffee machine. It should not be too elaborate and yet thorough. This claim is fulfilled by the EQ.6-Machines. They are easy to clean and all areas that come into contact with milk you can easily disassemble.

Hygienically it is advantageous that these machines draw the milk from an external container, which is easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Removing the brew group

Another great advantage is the removable brew group. It facilitates cleaning and, in case of a defect, it can be easily replaced by a new one without having to send the whole machine for repair. Before removing the brew group, always disconnect the power plug from the socket.

Siemens EQ.6 plus - brewing group in the coffee machine

After a certain number of prepared drinks, the machine indicates the need for cleaning. You should do it regularly. When you switch off the coffee machine, a rinse takes place automatically.

The devices also automatically indicate the need for descaling. I only use the Siemens descaling tablets recommended by the manufacturer.

Hose and nozzle cleaning

Hose and nozzle for milk and milk foam must be regularly cleaned of residues. For this purpose all components can be disassembled very well. Despite the automatic cleaning program, you should rinse these parts daily.

The water tank is located on the left side and is equipped with a handle for removal. You can also simply pull the drip tray out to the front. Inside is the box for the used coffee pucks. Since they are very moist, you should remove and wash them out regularly. An occasional cleaning in the dishwasher contributes to hygiene.

Siemens EQ.6 plus - water tank

To express my enthusiasm about the Siemens EQ.6 fully automatic coffee machines, I once compared the s700 with the Krups EA8808. You can watch the test in the Youtube video.


One of the advantages of the Siemens EQ.6 series is the choice of different models and price classes. Each of the EQ fully automatic coffee machines from Siemens is equipped with high-quality technology and offers you various functions.

Siemens EQ.6 -


  • Appealing design
  • Stylish lighting
  • Ceramic disk grinder
  • Very low noise level
  • Good workmanship
  • Up to 14 cm height-adjustable spout
  • Easy cleaning
  • Removable brewing group
  • Very tasty espresso


  • No intuitive menu navigation
  • Somewhat wet coffee pucks

So you have the choice between a simple model that offers you different options, and a feature-rich machine. The quality of coffee and espresso is excellent and the discreet noise level also convinced me along with the attractive design.

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