Siemens eq.3 test & comparison (11/2021): fully automatic coffee maker

Siemens EQ.3 coffeemaker with exceptional design

With many fully automatic coffee machines, a general design prevailed, which, apart from a few adaptations, could be found in many models regardless of manufacturer. The Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker says goodbye to this look very much and goes a new way visually. The tube, which is mounted in addition to the coffee spout, is striking. It ensures that the milk can be frothed directly in the cup. The equipment is innovative and offers many nice extras. For example, there are illuminated sensors that facilitate the selection of coffee drinks. Furthermore, a one-touch function for selecting latte macchiato and coffee is available.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee machine

The Siemens EQ3 coffee machine is visually, but also in terms of equipment, a modern device with many extras. However, the advantages are found less in these points and more in the handling:

Advantages of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker

At first glance, the following features are convincing:


  • Its compact size makes it easy to set up.
  • Although the brew group is permanently installed, it can be removed and thus cleaned if necessary. Milk foam and coffee have a good taste and an intense aroma.
  • Comfort function for the selection of individual coffee enjoyment.
  • Drip tray is removed to the front and is easily accessible.
  • Cup warmer can be activated.


  • Cup warmer is too small
  • Bean hopper has no fill indicator
  • Cleaning of the milk system must be done quickly, as it is otherwise very time-consuming
  • The water tank is very small at 1.4 liters.

Siemens EQ.3 Display

A big plus point of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee machine compared to many other machines is the design of the cup warmer. Although many manufacturers advertise a cup warmer. However, this is not heated extra, but heated by the normal vending machine operation. However, this temperature is often not enough to heat the cups noticeably. This is different with the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker. Here the cup warmer is active. That means it can be turned on if desired. This allows it to reach a much higher temperature. But the cup warmer also has negative sides. For example, it is simply much too small to be used for several cups. In addition, it is not for spontaneous decisions, because it takes quite a long time to reach a usable temperature.

Disadvantages of the Siemens EQ3

In summary, the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee machine has the following drawbacks:

Many fully automatic coffee machines that can now be found on the market have a water tank of 1.8 liters. Siemens opted for a smaller version for this model, probably also to better implement the compact design.

However, in a small household this should not be a real obstacle. It would also be very practical if some parts were dishwasher safe. For example, the drip tray would be more thorough to clean.


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Technical details and scope of delivery

The Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker is delivered with the operating instructions and test strips, which are used to determine the water hardness. Other accessories are not included. However, Siemens offers some accessory solutions in addition for the machine:

  • Care set for fully automatic espresso machines
  • Water filter
  • Descaling tablets
  • Cleaning tablets

The technical data of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker is also convincing. With 378 x 247 x 420 mm, the device itself is very compact. The gross weight is 8.5 kg. This makes it a lot lighter than many other machines on the market. It is offered in different colors and color combinations. For a good coffee it works with 15 bar steam pressure.

The most important technical details:

Manufacturer Siemens
Designation EQ3
Dimensions 378 x 247 x 420 mm
Net weight / Gross weight 7.3 kg / 8.5 kg
Length of connection cable 1 meter
Material Stainless steel
Water tank volume 1.4 liters

How does the espresso taste?

As it is typical for Siemens machines, the preparation of an espresso is very simple and convenient. One press of a button is basically all it takes to get the desired awakener. The settings for the taste can be easily selected and the espresso aroma is also convincing in itself.

Siemens EQ.3 with cup warmer

How does the milk foam turn out?

For best convenience, the Siemens EQ3 coffee machine is equipped with an integrated milk system. This should enable even non-professionals to prepare a good milk foam. Apart from the desired function, nothing else needs to be done for this either. The milk foam is relatively firm, but perfectly adequate for home use. There are no clearly noticeable differences between milk containing 3.8% and 1.5%. It achieves a convincing result with both fresh and UHT milk.

Other components of the Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker

The Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker is not only visually very appealing, but can also be operated innovatively and conveniently. It prepares a really good coffee that convinces with a pleasant aroma. The espresso brewing temperature used by the machine ranges between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius and is thus in the perfect range. This allows the important aroma substances to be quickly released from the coffee. Siemens again relies on the sensoFlow system, which is unique and protected worldwide.

The display of the Siemens EQ3 coffee maker is quite clearly arranged. All beverages are easy to overview and select with the coffeeDirect display, which shows both texts and symbols. This speeds up the operation. The desired coffee is selected at the touch of a button. This also works with the coffee specialties. Here the milk must first be poured into the cup. The milk frother is then adjusted to the cup. It froths the milk directly in the cup.

Siemens EQ.3 fully automatic coffee maker

Click on the photo for details

The Siemens EQ3 fully automatic coffee maker comes with the comfort package

In addition to the 2-cup function, the package also includes five coffee strengths that can be selected. The 2-cup function allows two coffee specialties to be prepared at the same time in a single operation. Furthermore, there is the active cup warmer. It is activated when needed, preheats the cups so that the drink in the cup stays warm longer.

When it comes to hygiene, there’s hardly anything to complain about in the Siemens EQ3 coffee machine. The brewing unit is removable. The unit can be cleaned quickly and, above all, thoroughly under running water. The rinse program ensures that the inside of the machine is cleaned regularly. The machine rinses both when it is switched off and when it is switched on. Siemens has come up with a very practical solution for cleaning the milk frother. This can be easily removed and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The Siemens EQ3 coffee machine also has the calc’nClean program. This provides an automatic cleaning descaling program.

The processed ceramic grinder is absolutely wear-free and does not require maintenance. Siemens hasn’t skimped on coherent details either. The bean hopper is equipped with an aroma protection cover. The bean hopper with 250 grams corresponds to the standard.

Siemens EQ.3

My personal conclusion: Compact Siemens EQ3 coffee machine with nice details

One thing the Siemens EQ3 coffee machine doesn’t lack is practical details. The machine looks very puristic at first glance. The design is straightforward so that clarity is not lost. Operation is quick and above all comprehensible. The display is a great help here. Only the water tank and cup warmer could be a little larger, so that they can be used really efficiently. The aroma of the coffee is again convincing.

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