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What is actually the difference between sports cars and race cars?

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As Sports car is the term used to describe production cars that are also registered on the road. In order to comply with the road traffic regulations, certain conditions must be met with regard to minimum ground clearance, lighting, license plates, etc. be fulfilled. Well-known sports cars come, for example, from Porsche or Audi. A Race car on the other hand does not have to follow these regulations, because these cars were designed especially for the race track. They often have more than 500 hp. Well-known racing car brands are for example McLaren or Mosler.

A brief digression into the history of racing

Automotive sports can now look back on a remarkable history – because it has been around since over 125 years. In 1894, the first car race took place: 102 vehicles registered for the 126-kilometer route from Paris to Rouen, 15 reached the finish line. In 1906, the first Grand Prix of France took place and with it the first circuit race. The first reliability race was held in Germany in 1905, and the first race in the new Formula 1 World Championship was held in England in 1950. With this historical knowledge, your experience on the race track will feel even better, right??

Procedure for driving a race car – the race taxi

You even get your own chauffeur here! An experienced race car driver. He will be at your side during the whole experience. After a short briefing on the race car and the track, it’s time to go to the starting line. Here we go! With squealing tires you turn your laps. You can feel the adrenaline pumping. The brute force of the engine surrounds you loudly. The acceleration presses you firmly into the seat. You are spellbound by so much power. This is your ultimate racing experience. Race in your dream car on the most famous race tracks in Europe. It will be unforgettably racy in any case. After the racing experience is still time for a small snack. You can look back on your experience and have your picture taken with the sporty car. If you wish you can also get a HD video of the board camera. In addition, you will receive a certificate of participation to take home – so the experience is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time!

The best international race tracks

Not only among real Formula 1 fans and race car enthusiasts these names are known, and soon you can jet over these tracks yourself in your dream car with mydays:

  • Nurburgring
  • Hockenheimring
  • Salzburgring
  • Lausitzring
  • Spreewaldring
  • Slovakiaring
  • Bilster Berg race track
  • uvw.

The Nurburgring is considered with its almost 21 kilometers long Nordschleife and the 5 kilometers long Grand Prix track as a longest permanent race track in the world and is therefore undisputedly one of the most impressive professional tracks. The Nordschleife overcomes 300 meters of altitude difference and has up to 17 percent incline and eleven percent decline. This is not always completely harmless, but pure adrenaline is guaranteed here.

The Salzburgring on the other hand is a bit more manageable but not unspectacular. The Austrian motorsport race track was opened in 1969 and stretches over a length of four kilometers. A total of twelve curves and a difference in altitude of 25 meters await you. Just like the Nurburgring hosts the “Rock am Ring” festival, the Salzburgring is not a one-sided location either. Here you will find next to the Car and motorcycle racing also the international ski roller competition “Skate the Ring” as well as the Electric-Love-Festival instead of.

Important information: What are the requirements to drive a race car?

Prerequisite for driving a race car is absolute Fitness. The fast ride demands a lot from you physically and mentally. You should be prepared for this. You will find further requirements for maximum body dimensions in the individual location descriptions. For all horsepower-hungry racers and racers there is good news: Fuel and race track fees are included. So, why press on the brakes for a long time? Browse through the large selection at mydays: Whether you want to drive yourself or let an experienced driver take the lead in a race cab – here you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Choose the perfect race car and drive your laps on the fastest tracks with your dream car!

How old do you have to be to drive a race car?

To be able to sit behind the wheel yourself, you must have at least 18 years old to be, with some providers also 21 years or older. In any case, to drive a race car yourself you need to have a valid driving license can show.

Is there safety equipment in the race car?

In contrast to a sports car on the highway, a race car is not just a car that you can spontaneously get into and off you go – no: the amount of horsepower, the speed as well as the location on the road require appropriate safety measures. On site you will therefore be equipped with safety equipment such as Helmet, balaclava and gloves equipped, of course included in the price! So it can finally go off on the asphalt and you can enjoy this unique experience to the fullest!

Give away pure heart palpitations and let childhood dreams come true!

You know someone with the still unfulfilled childhood wish to race with hundreds of horsepower over a racetrack? Then you are exactly right here and can bring the eyes of a motorsport fan to shine with a voucher to drive a race car yourself. At mydays you benefit from a fast and reliable service, because we are:

  • quickly: available immediately or to print out at home
  • flexible: valid for 3 years and exchangeable
  • unique: over 11.000 experience vouchers for every taste

So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime experience like a racetrack training session, including instructor, that your friend, brother, sister or girlfriend will remember for a long time to come and be sure to talk about joyfully.

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