Protest against food waste : activists block highway access – car driver beats demonstrator

Demonstrators of the “Essen Retten – Leben Retten” campaign protested again in Berlin. In the process, it came to a violent quarrel.

A few days ago, activists blocked roads in Berlin

Climate activists temporarily blocked access roads to highways on Friday for the third time this week. According to the police, demonstrators of the campaign “Essen Retten – Leben Retten” were Among others, at the Seestrabenbrucke at the access road to the A100 in Moabit, the access roads Sachsendamm and Innsbrucker Platz as well as at the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz in Reinickendorf at the access road to the A111.

On the driveway, as a result of the blockade, a situation arose in which an angry motorist hit an activist in the face with his hand. A video of the scene was shared by campaign activists on the short message service Twitter. A man can be seen who apparently got out of his car, which was stuck in a traffic jam, to complain about the blockade.

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Suddenly he hits one of the squatters in the face with his hand and shouts “Go on, now piss off, we have to work”. According to the “B.Z.” Berlin police are aware of the video and would currently review it.

The scene is said to have occurred at a time when there were no police officers on the scene. In a video statement also posted on Twitter, the woman attacked earlier said she was fine.

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However, the aggressive driver would not change the fact that the activists want to continue to fight for their cause, reports the victim.

Company of the attacker comments

In the afternoon, the employer of the man from the video also commented on the incident on Twitter. The car driver is clearly visible in the shot wearing a jacket of the company delivery company “Pickstar”. The company condemned the violent attack:

Activists also blocked the roadway in Pankow at the corner of Prenzlauer Promenade and Granitzstrabe. Only five to 10 people were involved at any one time, according to a police spokeswoman. But there were some obstructions in rush hour traffic. The traffic information center reported at times at least 45 minutes of traffic jams on the A114 into the city center.

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The activists demand a law against food waste and an agricultural turnaround to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. They call themselves the Uprising of the Last Generation.

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