Private or from a dealer – which purchase is advisable??

W hen a new Vehicle bought must be purchased, most people first ask themselves the question of which car to buy. Once this question has been answered, it is a matter of obtaining offers. Here interested parties can look at Dealers or on Private persons fall back. Both fractions offer their Advantages and disadvantages and it is not always possible to make a blanket statement about which person is preferable here. The following should give you a little insight Guidebook give!

Clarify the basic question

Car from private purchase

S hould you look at the trend on the national and international car market can be recognized that fewer and fewer private individuals are buying a new car. On the one hand this is due to the fear of economic crises, on the other hand many people use a Company car, which can then also be used privately. However, there are still very good reasons to buy a new car. In this case, however, you first need to find out where you can get such a car. Generally, you can’t get a loan with any private Person a New car order or buy. If it is offered to you after all, the seriousness may be doubted. a new car is usually always offered by a car dealership, i.e. a certified dealer. Depending on preferred make of car go to another Car dealer. In the case of a Used car but can also be private dealer be purchased, although here some criteria must be met.

Important tips for buying a car

new car

Whether you independently or a workers are, you can buy a new car from a car dealer with cash pay or go finance let. Often an individual leasing offer is also put together here, so that the own financial Situations are taken into account. Even with a year-old car, it makes sense to go to the dealer!

Used car

Used cars are all vehicles that are more than one year old and at least a previous owner had. You can either buy a used car from a certified dealer or look at it from a private person. The latter requires some preparation so that no Monday car is bought.

In principle, all Buyer of vehicles – no matter New or used car – inform before the purchase, which vehicle would like to buy and at what conditions this should happen. Especially with the Used car buyers should keep their eyes open.

Assessing the seriousness of a used car purchase

T he purchase of a used car directly from the previous owner can be a favorable alternative to the dealer be, with which mostly still additional Fees be charged. For this reason, vehicles can be purchased at a favorable purchase price on numerous online portals. In this case, however, it must be remembered that the vehicle is subject to a certain rule.

Serious car dealer

If you have found a private offer on the Internet or found in the newspaper, you should first contact the seller. In this case, you can already see the first indications of whether the Seller a fraudster is or is not. The first Viewing appointment should be on regular parking space of the vehicle takes place. Just if the vehicle loses oil, this can be recognized at the parking place. Should the seller urge to a purchase or the inspection with threadbare Excuses If you want to shorten the purchase period, we advise you not to buy. Take the necessary time and ask the seller all the questions that are on the tip of your tongue. Check the Contract of sale in peace, take several days. Let you besides the ID card of the seller show and compare it with the information on the purchase contract. The following points should definitely be taken into account when buying a vehicle privately.

  • Car must be in reasonable condition
  • vehicle documents must be able to be shown in the original
  • Checkbook should have been properly maintained
  • take experts to the inspection
  • Appraisers can offer further advice

A Vehicle purchase with private contract partner to complete is a trust transaction. Especially if the seriousness of the seller is not clear, a purchase is not advisable. After all, in this case we are talking about large Amount Money.

The purchase at the dealer

SUV from private purchase

W hen a vehicle is purchased from a dealer, in most cases this is also a Used or annual car. Fewer and fewer private individuals are buying a new car, because the high Investment for the car purchase often acts as a deterrent. Especially when a long loan with a high interest rate is imminent, interested parties think twice about the investment. More and more often people also take alternatives, like Car-Sharing or to the favorable public transport. On long ways is anyway the Airplane preferable, which is then Car rental is coupled.

However, if you still want to buy a vehicle from a car dealer, which may also be a new car, you should consider the Payment methods familiarize. First of all, a vehicle can of course bar paid be, which, however, is possible only by the fewest people. An exception is the Car loan.

The car loan of the house bank

With a car loan the money from an external Bank related – it is paid off and can then be taken to the car dealer in full. Even if a loan is used here, the Purchase as a cash purchase be taken out. Thus customers often receive special discounts at the car dealer.

The credit at the car dealer

If the loan is granted in the form of a Financing or a leasing at the car dealership concluded, no advantages can be obtained from the cash purchase. However, car dealers usually offer low interest rates and often accommodate customers with special financing offers. Often extras are also offered here in the form of motor vehicle insurance or service offered.

Ultimately, buyers must decide for themselves which form of financing the best variant represents. In the case of a purchase with the lowest possible monthly installments, leasing is certainly preferable, because here a higher residual value due at the end of the term. In the case of normal financing, however, the buyer is also the owner of the vehicle title, which makes resale at the end of the term easier. In general, customers should extensive in advance inform, so that best conditions can be obtained.

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