Price comparison: rent a car for 99 euro per month – is that possible??

Price comparison: rent a car for 99 euros a month - gives

Do you already know the car subscription? This concept is increasingly considered an alternative to leasing, as the car subscription is more flexible and often involves less responsibility. Also with the price the offers differ both within the car Abos and to the leasing.

Here the prices depend to a large extent on the subscription or. leasing duration, the model, the equipment and the term from.

However, low prices are a common feature for both sides. Whether you however a rent a car for only 99€ per month you can learn in this article.

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rent a car 99 euros a month prices

Concrete prices at the car subscription

The car subscription is especially suitable for people who do not want to commit to a car for a long time and prefer to change the model or brand more often. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything with the car subscription. Additional costs and the effort for TuV, maintenance, tire changes or repairs are in fact borne by the manufacturer.

The more sellers you know, the better you can search for an offer that suits you perfectly. In another blog post you will find everything important about the car subscription providers in comparison and more info on this topic.

You must worry with the car Abo about nothing. you pay different prices for them depending on the provider, car model and subscription period.

Below you will find 5 providers and their cheapest car subscription offers. Do not forget here, however, that the prices include monthly amount to pay acts.


At ViveLaCar you pay for a car subscription 160€ to a maximum of 1045€ per month. This means concretely that you get for example a Peugeot 108 VTi72 Style Stop for 209,90€ or an Opel Adam Unlimited ecoFlex for 215,90€.


like2drive keeps financially within the range of 199€ to 529€ per month. This can be a Fiat 500 Hybrid Lounge for 199€ or a Fiat 500 Lounge for 242€.

The car subscription provider ASS has models available for 199€ to 679€ monthly, for example a Fiat 500 for 209€ or a Renault Clio Grandtour for 229€.


Carminga offers car subscriptions starting from 245€ per month. For example a Fiat 500 Hybrid Lounge for 259€ or a Hyundai i20 for 269€.


E-cars are also represented among the car subscription providers, but these are again more expensive. For example nextmove for a car subscription between 249€ and 849€ per month. Specifically, this can be the Renault Zoe R240 for 690€ or the smart ed Fortwo& Forfour& Convertible 2017 for 540€ be.

The prices vary greatly from provider to provider and also depend on the individual offer. However, the price quoted is the final price. Bad surprises are excluded here.

Take a look at the big car subscription comparison, there you will find all providers, prices and their features listed.

Rent a car 99 Euro per month Eyecatcher

Car subscription for 99 Euro?

First of all: There is no such thing as a car rental for 99 Euro per month.

This offer is more likely to be found in the leasing sector, for example from time to time at Sixt. However, this is usually a marketing trick and the car costs 99 euros per month without any equipment – so virtually naked. But you will find out later that you have to pay for the necessary equipment. Be careful with such offers – they are often too good to be true and you will have to pay afterwards to drive the car you were promised.

You should also know that leasing does not include repairs, MOT and other maintenance work on the car. You pay the monthly leasing rate, but have to pay for everything else yourself, which makes the car more expensive in the end.

Renting a car for 99 Euro per month vs. leasing

The decision: Car subscription or leasing?

The advantage of the Car subscription is that you get a Fixed price you have to pay monthly. Regardless of whether the car has to be repaired or you have to pay the insurance, because this is also included. The price may seem quite high at first, but you avoid all contingencies that could cost you more money again and you can adjust to this one monthly sum.

leasing, on the other hand, the price is lower for the time being. However, the offered cars are often only low equipped and you have to pay for everything else on it. In addition, there will be insurance, repairs, road tax, maintenance, tire changes, etc. you have to pay yourself. If you are unlucky, you will end up paying a large amount, which will cancel out the initial savings due to the lower price. You can never be sure what the price of the leased car will be next month. Because if something is, you are in the obligation and must pay for it.

Rent a car 99 Euro per month

Conclusion: car subscription from 199€ is possible!

In the end, of course, it is your decision for which model, car subscription or leasing you decide.

With a car subscription, however, you are more flexible and more secure in terms of costs. Leasing is cheaper at first glance, but can quickly become a cost trap. In addition, you are bound longer to the one car.

However, it is clear that it is difficult to get a car subscription or a leased car for 99 euros a month. From 199 euros per month, however, is already more than one car subscription provider again in it. You will definitely find the right provider for you.

What do you think is better: car subscription or leasing?? Feel free to write me your opinion and experience about it in the comments.

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