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Good morning and already awake enough for fresh bread for breakfast? I have tested something and of course I don’t want to withhold the result from you. It is a bread maker. And what you can do with it, especially what a great bread I discovered through it, I want to tell you today. What basically speaks for the idea of buying a breadmaker: if you don’t really have the time to knead bread dough, let them rise, shape them, let them rise again and everything around that, you can happily reach for a breadmaker. If you want to make your own bread. You already have less work with your bread. But one must also live with compromises. But more about that, below. If you get a breadmaker in your house, there are of course also different price ranges and therefore also different experience reports. Today I would like to introduce the LAKELAND BROTBACKAUTOMAT PLUS*. So all my experience data is based on this device.

Data on the breadmaker

  • Number of programs: 12 (Basic, Wholewheat, French, Quick, Sweet, Cake, Jam, Dough, Ultra Fast, Bake, Gluten Free, Custom)
  • Bread size: 700 g or 1000 g
  • Integrated, removable scale
  • Extra compartment for automatic addition of ingredients (nuts, dried fruits – during the kneading process)
  • Timer function (more on this below)
  • Accessories for mini baguettes

Bread maker

Bread baking options

  • BASIC: This program is a standard program for white bread. Nothing special and also no fancy doughs are possible with it. More like ordinary bread for everyday use
  • WHOLEWHEATThis is a special program for wholemeal doughs. Since these need longer kneading and rising times.
  • FRENCH: One of my favorite programs. This makes it possible to make breads that have to rise for a long time and therefore have large air bubbles in the finished bread. Almost like a baguette.
  • QUICK: This program is suitable for quickbreads, which are made with baking powder and baking soda. ALso rather as a kind of mixture of cake and bread.
  • SWEET: My absolute number 1 among the programs. With it you can make wonderful sweet brioche-like breads. I also used this program for this recipe and it worked great.
  • CAKEYes, there is also the possibility to bake cakes in a bread machine. But here applies: It will not be as good as in a conventional oven. So there I would recommend to bake your cakes as before.
  • JAM: The possibility to make jam is of course also available. I could not really test this yet, because at the moment it is not the right time for jams. But I imagine it works well as this bread maker can keep the temperature even and therefore the canning process goes smoothly. If I get to cook something with it, I will of course report to you.
  • DOUGH: The machine can also be programmed to knead only dough and let it rise. This possibility can be used for pizza doughs or to make a dough suitable for the mini baguettes.
  • ULTRA FASTA program that I cannot recommend. With the help of this machine you are already fast when it comes to bread. And bread needs as well known some time around flavors to develop. If you then also take the super fast level, you get a not very satisfying result. In my eyes.
  • BAKEA program that is only intended for baking dough that has already been kneaded and risen. Although the preset baking time is 60 min. but by pressing a few buttons on the display, you can lengthen or shorten them.
  • CUSTOM: Here you can make your own settings. This program point is something for experienced users, who already experiment around with own recipes and have their fun. Or also for people who get recipes from forums or other internet sources. I will give you a few links for it at the end.

My experience with the bread maker

So about this I have to tell you a story: The day it finally arrived at my house, I wanted to “play” with it immediately. Quickly skimmed the manual, made preparations for the first use and quickly prepared one of the recipes from the manual to get started. However, the recipe said something about powdered milk, which I didn’t have at home. So I thought to myself that it would certainly work with milk only. No Kevin, wrong thought. I mean, the result, the bread, was great in taste, only in appearance, it has not really appealed to me and there I was of course a little disappointed in the first moment. From myself and also a bit from the bread machine. That’s why he had a few days of peace from me.

When I then dared my second attempt and really followed the recipe and also followed all the tips and tricks from the instruction manual (in relation to liquids necessarily keep away from the dry yeast) it has worked. I was thrilled. How can something so simple become so great. You just throw the ingredients in the machine, push a few buttons, and a few hours later you have a finished loaf without having to do much work yourself. It’s amazing what you can do with the help of a machine these days. Then, of course, my spirit for discovering new recipes and testing the machine was awakened again.


The next recipe, was also then already this here. And not from the manual, but simply on it loose searched, from the Internet. I know, very risky, but you see: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Everyone was so enthusiastic about this bread that it really quickly disappeared from the scene again. There I just had to pat the machine and praise. I know, embarrassing. In the following days, again and again, only this bread was requested and of course also made. It was so simple. Throw ingredients in the machine, wait just under three hours and you have a delicious sweet bread.

And what is great about this machine: It has a timer function. Let’s say you want delicious fresh brioche on Sunday morning, but you’re either a morning person or just too “lazy” to do it. The machine can plan something for you. In the instruction manual you can read exactly how it works. But let’s put it this way: you throw all the ingredients into the breadmaker in the evening, set the timer function so that the bread is ready at 9:00 the next day, and then quickly go to sleep so that you can smell the great smell of fresh bread in the house again in the morning. This really stumped me. And in the manual it says that you should not use this function on doughs with milk, egg and butter, but it still worked for me and I’m still alive.

My conclusion

The bread maker is not exactly a cheap solution to bake bread, but if you have a little extra money or a birthday coming up, you can afford it. I’m really happy with this product and you also really have a lot of options to use him. At first I was a bit deterred by the size, because where to store such a large machine in the kitchen, if you are so already tightly calculated, as far as space is concerned. But if you want, you can find a nice place for it. And a tip: really leave it in the kitchen, then you’ll always come back to using it. If you use it, then put it away again, it just gathers dust and was not worth buying. However, if you can make your own bread so easily, then that is already something useful in the kitchen. So from me a Recommended purchase!

Here are a few more useful links to recipes so you have a little more choice:

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