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The most important police and traffic news from the canton of Zug.

A car driver drove over a traffic island (message of Saturday, 29.01.2022, 11:06 h)

A car driver drove over a traffic island (announcement of Saturday, 29.01.2022, 11:06 am).

The following information comes from the Zug police:

Train: traffic island cleared and moved on (link)

Yesterday, 11:06 am

A car driver has driven over a traffic island. In the process, his vehicle was also severely damaged. Without taking care of the damage, he drove on.

Rosmarie Brunner, a local councillor in Wikon and now also a secondary school teacher. (Photo: Manuela Jans-Koch (Wikon, January 28, 2022))

Rosmarie Brunner-Zurcher graduated from PH

Once upon a time: The Zurich branch of Interdiscount XXL (January 28, 2022). (Valentin Hehli)

End for large stores: Interdiscount and Media Markt are shrinking

In the night to Saturday (29. January 2022), after 03:00 o’clock, a car driver drove on the Chamerstrasse coming from Zug in the direction of Cham. At the level of the pedestrian crossing near the Rank neighborhood, he ran his car into a median island and cleared both median island posts. Although his vehicle suffered severe front-end damage in the collision and the windshield was also damaged, he continued driving.

Police investigations during the night led to the person responsible for the accident, who admitted that he had caused the accident. The 37-year-old must answer to the prosecutor’s office of the canton of Zug. The resulting property damage amounts to about 10,000 francs.

Source: Zug police

Baar: Self-accident on the highway (Link)

Friday, 28.01.2022, 09:00

A car driver lost control of his car on the highway. He was injured in the collision with the guardrail.

In the night from Friday (28. January 2022), at 00:30, a driver had an accident on the A14 freeway between Walterswil and Baar. The car veered on the overtaking lane, whereupon the car crashed sideways-frontally into the central guardrail. The car finally came to a halt on the hard shoulder. The 35-year-old man was slightly injured in the accident. The rescue service Zug cared for the man and transferred him to the hospital. The vehicle suffered property damage of around 10,000 Swiss francs. It was removed by a private towing company. Employees of Zentras were also on duty to clean the roadways and repair the damaged guardrail system.

Source: Zug police

Baar: Two times total loss in underground parking (Link)

Wednesday, 26.01.2022, 18:03

A female driver hit a parked car in an underground car park and then crashed into a concrete post. Both cars are a case for the scrap yard.

While trying to leave the public underground car park on Marktgasse in the municipality of Baar, on Wednesday afternoon (26. January 2022) a 65-year-old woman driver rammed a car parked there, pushed it to the side and then crashed into a support pillar. Due to the impact, the accident vehicle was thrown several meters to the rear, where it came to a standstill.

The person who caused the accident was slightly injured and taken to hospital for a check-up. This could leave them however already again.

Both cars were total losses. The exact cause of the accident is the subject of further investigations. The driver’s license was taken away from the offending driver for the attention of the administrative authorities (Road Traffic Office).

Source: Zug police

Steinhausen: Two drivers on the road without valid driver’s licenses (Link)

Wednesday, 26.01.2022, 11:02 a.m

The Zug police stopped two foreign drivers who were driving without valid identification documents. They were forbidden to continue driving.

On Wednesday, 12. January 2022, specialists of the traffic police in Steinhausen have controlled a Polish articulated vehicle. It was found that the Polish driver’s license of the 38-year-old driver has been expired for more than a month. In addition, he could not provide the required driver qualification certificate, as it had also expired.

Further was checked last Tuesday (24. January 2022) in Steinhausen checked an articulated vehicle from Spain. In this case, too, the traffic police specialists found that the Spanish driver’s license was also no longer valid. In addition, the driver has repeatedly violated the work and rest time ordinance. In the previous 28 calendar days, the 47-year-old Spaniard had exceeded the daily maximum driving time of 10 hours once by more than one hour, had not complied with the driving break once, had exceeded the two-week maximum driving time of 90 hours by more than seven hours and had not complied with the weekly rest period once by more than 19 hours.

Both men were banned from driving in Switzerland, both had to organize a replacement driver and each had to pay a fine deposit of several hundred Swiss francs. For their misconduct they will be reported to the public prosecutor’s office of the canton of Zug.

Source: Zug police

Canton Zug: unfit drivers controlled (Link)

Monday, 24.01.2022, 10:39 h

Two drivers were intoxicated when they were checked over the weekend. They had to hand over their driver’s license.

Last weekend (22./23. January 2022), the police checked two drivers who were not fit to drive. On Saturday (23. January 2022), at 1:45 p.m., a 54-year-old motorist on the Seestrasse in Unterageri struck. The breath alcohol measurement carried out on him showed a value of 1.12 mg/l.

And in the night to Monday (24. January 2022), shortly after midnight, a police patrol checked a 30-year-old car driver on Sihlbruggstrasse in Baar. The breath alcohol measurement carried out on him showed a value of 0.61 mg/l.

The driver’s license was withdrawn from both drivers for the attention of the administrative authorities (Road Traffic Office). They have to answer to the public prosecutor’s office of the canton of Zug for driving a vehicle in an unfit condition to drive.

Source: Zug police

Cham: Crash barrier stops drunk driver (Link)

Saturday, 22.01.2022, 12:41

Under the influence of alcohol, a car driver crashed into the guardrail on the highway. He remained unharmed. He had to hand in his driver’s license.

In the night to Saturday (22. January 2022), shortly after 02:00 o’clock, there was a self-inflicted accident on the A4 freeway in Cham, direction Lucerne. A 56-year-old driver lost control of his car, whereupon it ran onto the guardrail at the Lindencham exit and came to a halt there. The man was unharmed. A breath alcohol measurement carried out on him showed a value of 0.71 mg / l. The driver’s license of the 56-year-old was taken away for the attention of the administrative authority (Road Traffic Office). He must answer to the public prosecutor of the canton of Zug.

On the vehicle and the guidance system, property damage of over 10,000 francs was caused. The car had to be removed by a private towing company. For the cleaning of the roadways were also Zentras employees in use.

Source: Zug police

Cham: Flames and smoke in an apartment building (Link)

Thursday, 20.01.2022, 11:23 h

A fire broke out in an apartment. Nobody was injured. The apartment is no longer habitable.

On Thursday morning (20. January 2022), shortly before 09:00 o’clock, several reports have been received by the operations control center of the Zug police that an apartment on Sonneggstrasse in Cham was on fire. At this time the resident was in the apartment. Immediately the fire department Cham as well as the rescue service Zug were called out. When the first members of the Cham fire department arrived on the scene, the resident had already managed to extinguish the flames with the support of local residents. Because of suspected smoke poisoning five people were medically examined by the rescue service Zug. However, these investigations were negative, no one had to be hospitalized.

The fire had caused a strong smoke development in the apartment. The affected apartment was cleared of smoke with a fan by respiratory protection teams from the Cham fire department. The property damage is considerable, but can not yet be quantified. The apartment is no longer habitable.

For the clarification of the cause of the fire, the forensic service of the Zug police was called in. The investigation showed that the fire had broken out on the seat and furniture had caught fire because of not completely cooled ash.

50 members of the Cham fire department as well as members of the fire department inspectorate, the Zug rescue service and the Zug police were deployed.

Source: Zug police

Baar: Missing man is well – Revocation (Link)

Wednesday, 19.01.2022, 22:51

The man missing in the city of Zug is well.

Late Wednesday evening (19. January 2022), shortly after 22:30, the missing man was found at the train station Baar. The 68-year-old is well. The missing report of Wednesday, 19. January 2022 is therefore revoked.

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