policeman shoots twice at car : car chase in neukolln – driver wanted on four arrest warrants

A traffic control escalates in Neukolln: A driver flees from the police. He rams cars and a bus, shots are fired. What’s behind it?

After a spectacular car chase in Neukolln, where police officers shot twice at a fleeing car, it has emerged: The 32-year-old driver, who is a Serbian, was wanted on four arrest warrants. Among other things, it was about drug offenses, moreover, the man should be deported.

The driver is also known to the police for burglary, theft, fraud, resistance to law enforcement officers and extortion. According to the police, he has no fixed abode.

The BMW in which the man tried to evade a traffic control had been sold in Greifswald at the beginning of May. Whether the car belongs to the Serb is unclear. The car was therefore impounded for the time being.

In the car, investigators also found a forged passport. On Friday afternoon, there were also indications of a higher sum of cash, which should have been found in the car – the Tagesspiegel had also reported on it. Police now dismissed these reports as speculation. Investigators have not yet been able to establish a connection to organized crime.

During the police check, he suddenly accelerated

The chase took place on Thursday at noon in the Hermannstrabe in Neukolln. The driver wanted to evade a traffic control in the Hermannstrabe on the bridge over the S-Bahn. At first he let himself be guided into the checkpoint and also stopped briefly. But then he suddenly drove directly at the forces and fled, it was said.

Two bullet holes on the BMW with the license plate Greifswald

According to the police, the man caused a traffic accident at the intersection of Hermannstrasse and Siegfriedstrasse during his getaway. In the Silbersteinstrabe he then had to stop because of a red light. Finally, he had tried to turn between two vehicles, damaging them in the process.

Two shots in the hood

As can also be seen on videos, a police officer fired two shots at the vehicle in this situation – into the hood of the car. The driver did not let himself be stopped and tried to flee in the direction of Hermannstrabe.

The 32-year-old drove the car into other vehicles, including a BVG bus. A video posted on Twitter by a resident shows how the man climbed out of the passenger door. Two police officers in high-visibility vests and three other men followed the man, who now fled on foot.

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A 50-year-old passer-by then grabbed the Serb at the intersection of Silbersteinstrasse and Walterstrasse and brought him to the ground, the police said. Responding officers eventually arrested the 32-year-old man. The passerby suffered minor injuries to his knee and elbow as a result of his intervention.

The man fled on foot, but was stopped by police shortly afterwards

As the police explained, the Serbian was injured in the collision with the other cars, but outpatient treatment at the hospital was sufficient, they said. Police are now investigating on several charges, involving dangerous interference with traffic and hit-and-run driving. Officers’ use of firearms also under standard investigation.

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Due to the police operation, there was traffic chaos around Hermannstrabe on Thursday at noon: The rail replacement service of the S-Bahn lines S41 and S42 had to be rerouted. The Hermannstrabe station was not served.

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