Police checks: what are the police allowed to do and what are they not allowed to do??

Most drivers probably feel a sense of unease and nervousness after driving into a general traffic jam Traffic control have come. Often this is not even because they have deliberately done something wrong and violated the traffic rules, but because they are simply not aware of which Rights they have during a police check. What these look like and which Fines You can find out more about the options available in our guidebook.

Table of fines: What penalties can be threatened in a police control?

Failure to comply with traffic control instructions or the instruction to conduct a police control 20 €
Obstructing an emergency vehicle with flashing blue lights and siren 20 €
Disregard of the stopping order of the police 70 € 1
Disregarding the sign of a policeman 70 € 1
First aid kit not carried or not shown 5 €
Warning triangle not carried or not shown 15 €
Warning vest not carried or not presented 15 €
Driving license or vehicle registration document not carried or not shown at a police control 10 €

Fine calculator: What can happen to me after a police check??

If you have defied the instructions of the responsible officers during a police check or if, for example, you were unable to present a high-visibility vest or a first-aid kit? You can find out within a few seconds which punishments the catalog of fines provides in such cases from our free Have a fine calculator determined!

FAQ: Police check

You must always answer questions about yourself. It is also different if the officers ask you, for example, where you are coming from or where you are going. Here you do not have to answer.

No search may take place without a search warrant. Unless there is “imminent danger”. What the police may check on/in your car without a warrant, you can read here.

The measurement of the breath alcohol with an appropriate device is voluntary. However, if a blood draw is ordered, you must accompany the officers and have the test performed. You can read more about this here.

Video: The most important information about the general traffic control

Attention traffic control: rights and obligations

What is the police allowed to do during a traffic control and what not??

Basically, a police check serves the Safety in road traffic. The roadworthiness of motorists and motor vehicles is put under the microscope in order to detect, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol or with worn tires to prevent. In general, it is only checked whether everything is correct.

Is a driver's license check always permissible during a traffic stop?

Is the driver’s license always permissible during a traffic stop?

However, even though the police have the right to carry out a traffic check at any time according to Section 36 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), drivers are not obligatory, to say yes and amen to everything.

Although in the course of the police check, they must provide information about themselves and Driver’s license and vehicle registration (registration certificate part I) to show, a However, you do not have to agree to an identity check.

May the police search my car?

In order to verify that the vehicle in question is in a compliant condition, officers are entitled to inspect it for roadworthiness in the course of a police inspection. The following points count for example:

  • Brakes
  • conspicuous damage
  • validity of the TuV sticker

Also the presence of High visibility vest, First aid kit and warning triangle the policemen are allowed to check. However, it is taboo, simply open the trunk search the interior of the vehicle. This always requires judicial search warrant. Only if there is a reasonable suspicion for a committed crime, they are exceptionally allowed to search a vehicle during a police check.

Alcohol or drug test by the police: Is this obligatory??

Do you have to agree to an alcohol test during a traffic stop?

Do you have to agree to an alcohol test during a traffic control??

As already mentioned, during a police check, the police not only check whether the vehicle has been roadworthy is – also the Driving ability of the respective driver plays an important role. In this context, some drivers are afraid of the so-called “blowing” in a alcohol measuring device.

In addition to a breathalyzer test, the police often also use a Quick test back, in order to be able to detect drugs in the urine of the driver in the event of suspected drug use.

Keep in mind, however: All of these tests are basically done on a voluntary basis. Accordingly, as a motorist, you have the right to do this during a police check, Drugs- or to refuse alcohol tests.

Also without your consent This step is permitted, for example, if the officers have a clear indication that the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol smell of alcohol has attracted attention. However, if you have not taken any drugs or alcohol, you can of course take part in one of the voluntary tests described above with a clear conscience. This way both the officers and you will get over the police check faster.

Are the police officers allowed to check my cell phone?

Is cell phone testing permissible during a police stop?

Is the cell phone check permissible during police checks?

In today’s world, smartphones are considered permanent Companion. So it’s no wonder that countless data, messages and contacts are stored on it. This aspect is precisely the reason why, during a police check, officers may find it not allowed is to confiscate the driver’s cell phone and examine it. After all, this would cause a Invasion of privacy represent.

However, if there is a well-founded suspicion, for example evidence on the cell phone are suspected, they are generally allowed to control the cell phone. But it always depends on the individual case. Often there is talk of “imminent danger” in this context. If this is not present, the phone may also not be collected.

Possible fines during a police control

Although motorists do not have to put up with everything during a police check and do not have to respond to any demands or questions from the officers, there are certain points on which they can refuse to take the police instructions must be followed in any case. If you do not do this and thereby obstruct the traffic control, you may be able to obtain a Warning money from 20 euros be due. For example, if the police have pulled you over as a motorist and given you clear signs to stop your vehicle, and you simply continue driving, you will have to pay a fine of 70 euros calculate. In addition you get a point in Flensburg.

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