Polestar 2 one year later: what is important in an electric car??

Over the holidays and the turn of the year, the Polestar 2 accompanied me in everyday life and I could test the electric car as good as no other. More than a year has passed since the first test, but at that time there were still some teething problems.

Most of them Polestar has eliminated in the last months, I actually only noticed an old and well known bug (seat heating for the front passenger just goes off from time to time). And CarPlay is unfortunately still missing, but will come in 2022.

In the last days I thought about what is important to me in an electric car and I would like to enumerate this on the basis of the Polestar 2. In addition, there is of course an assessment of whether the Polestar 2 meets all these requirements.

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Polestar 2: A very good car

You can feel that behind Polestar is the experience of Volvo and Geely (China) as a producer can build good cars. The Polestar 2 is a very good car, it is quiet on the road, is super finished and almost everything feels high quality.

Here and there I would have used even higher quality materials, for example on the buttons on the steering wheel, but basically I like it very much. I especially like the use of fabric, because I’m not the biggest fan of leather in the car.

Polestar 2 page

As a car, the Polestar 2 has definitely convinced me and it’s nice to see a classic sedan again, because with the electric offensive there were definitely too many SUVs for me in the last year (Polestar now also brings).

But is the Polestar 2 also a good Electriccar? I tested a lot of models last year and now I have a clear idea of what this means for me personal is. It doesn’t have to be that way for you, this is a subjective list.

Polestar 2: A good electric car

  • Range: The most important point is the range in an electric car, I also notice this in the environment, because this is always the first question. My version (dual motor, big battery) comes ca. 450 km far, if you look at the WLTP value. In everyday life, that’s around 350 to 400 km now in winter, which is okay for me, but rather average considering the battery size (78 kWh). However, there is only one mode that always has full power, so an eco mode (could be added via update) might not be bad. On average my consumption was mostly about. 20 kWh per 100 km, so there’s still room for improvement. Okay and sufficient, but it can be better (a Model 3 comes for example ca. 100 km further).
  • store: After the range, the charging performance is very important to me. At the AC charger it is up to 11 kW, which is okay (22 kW can not be booked) and at the DC charger it is up to 150 kW. The peak power is passable, but I have noticed in everyday life that the charge curve drops off very quickly, especially from 50 percent, and sometimes even before that it was just 100 kW. At the beginning the charging curve is good, towards the back out it could be optimized. The position of the charging port I find also not optimal, he is back left. I prefer the connection in the front, because I charge a lot in parking garages and there you can hardly park in reverse. Whereas there an extension cable can help as an emergency solution at wallboxes (but does not work at the fast charger).

Polestar 2 Ionity

  • Software: Android Automotive is running well now and I like it when you can just download an app like that. The charge planning via Google Maps is for example good, but who wants it even better downloads ABRP. Spotify or Tital is available as a native app (Apple Music and co. missing only because the providers don’t want it) and there is also a browser, we liked to watch a video at the fast charger, for example. Since there is the Google Play Store, this is a great strength of the Polestar 2, there are also things like pocket casts and more. The range of apps is not huge yet, but there is something happening at the moment, the YouTube app is coming now for example.

Polestar 2 Android Automotive
Polestar 2 Youtube

  • Space: Polestar doesn’t use an electric platform, in essence it’s an (albeit well) optimized combustion engine platform. You can feel that in the space inside, which is good, but not as good as other cars of this size that use their own platform. It would be enough for me, but it’s hardly better than in a much shorter VW ID.3 and that is a pity.
  • Frunk: I have come to expect a frunk on electric cars, i.e. a “trunk” under the “hood” . The Polestar 2 has one, even if it is very small. But enough for the AC and Schuko charging cable and that’s all I need there. However, I want to place the cables in the front, because especially in winter it can happen that they are wet and dirty and then they have nothing to lose in the trunk with fabric cover.

Polestar 2 Front

  • Sound: In an electric car, the insulation has become much more important to me, there is the Polestar 2 well insulated. However, there would still be room for improvement, because I have seen this in this price range also better (z.B. Audi Q4 e-tron) experienced. What is not available, but what I would like to see in a performance electric car, would be a sports sound. This one should be optional, but it’s fun for me if you’re a bit more sporty on the road.
  • One Pedal Driving: That’s become very important to me, and that’s what the Polestar 2 does quasi-perfectly. In recent months, I have hardly ever driven a car in which I have so rarely actively used the brakes. The recuperation provides a very pleasant braking behavior and the Polestar 2 also comes to a complete stop. And if you don’t want that, you can regulate it in several stages or deactivate it altogether. That’s how it should be, well solved.

Polestar 2: My conclusion in everyday use

During the first test drive in the summer of 2020 and first week in early 2021, there were still many bugs and that even caused me to forgo a test last year on our blog. I wanted to give Polestar the time to fix all of this.

In the meantime, one has almost everything fixed and delivers there a very good electric car. It’s not as efficient as a Tesla Model 3, but it’s much better on the road and quieter inside. And that is both very important to me.

Polestar 2 Google Maps

I like Android Automotive. Maybe not visually yet, but I like it when you just download an app when you need it, like with a smartphone. And at some point there will certainly be all the necessary apps in the Polestar.

The software in a Tesla Model 3 runs a little better, but who wants to use there not only Spotify, has bad luck. And the Polestar 2 was solid with me on the driving assistance systems as well, it just doesn’t recognize traffic signs rather well.

Polestar gets a lot of points right and above all delivers an electric car, which is extremely fun to drive. This version has more punch and power than the base Taycan and you can feel that in everyday life (you can buy more power).

Polestar 2 Ac Charger Electric

For me the Polestar 2 is one of the best electric cars on the market. Sure, a few things like charge curve and efficiency may still optimize and where is the head-up display, which you know from Volvo? But the overall package is super.

As a car, I would classify the Polestar 2 as very good, especially if you like to be a little sportier on the road. As an electric car, unfortunately there is still some room to go, but for the first electric car Polestar is already doing a lot right here.

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