Personal loan online

* Example: 5.63 % effective annual interest rate at 10.000 Euro net loan amount for a term of 84 months and a fixed borrowing rate of 5,49 % p. a.
Lender: Sparkasse Mainfranken Wurzburg, Hofstrabe 7-9, 97070 Wurzburg, Germany.

** The offer of the switching premium applies exclusively when taking out a new Sparkasse personal loan that is used to redeem loans that were not taken out with Sparkasse Mainfranken Wurzburg. It amounts to 50 euros from a minimum loan amount of 5.000 Euro and at least 1.000 Euro redemption resp. 100 euros from a minimum credit amount of 10.000 Euro and at least 3.000 Euro redemption. Only one premium payment per customer is possible. Offer subject to change

Questions and answers

With the Privatkredit-Online you can apply online for a loan for private persons. You can choose between credit amounts of 3.000 to 50.000 Euro and a term of 12 to 84 months.

Tell us online all the data for your desired amount. If you subsequently receive a commitment online, you can benefit from the favorable online condition.

The debit interest rate is fixed for the entire term. So you know from the beginning what the financing will cost you, without any interest risk at all.

You can make unscheduled repayments at any time free of charge. Unscheduled repayments shorten the term of your loan.

In addition to the monthly installments, you can make additional repayments free of charge. Complete repayment before the loan agreement expires is also possible at any time.

If you have difficulties to pay the monthly installment, please contact your savings bank as soon as possible 0931 382-0.

You can protect your private loan online with a KreditSchutz. This protects you from inability to pay in the event of incapacity to work, unemployment or death. In these cases, the insurance will step in and pay back your credit partially or completely in the event of an insured event.

Mastercard Gold (credit card)

Well insured when traveling

Pay online and on trips cashless or have cash paid out abroad free of charge. With the travel all-round protection your whole family is safe on the road.

Credit optimization

Safe as a grizzly wrestling. Made of cloth. In the dream.

Credit on number savings bank: your loans bundled at one monthly, fair rate.

Electronic mailbox

Receive account statements digitally

Store and manage your account and credit card statements conveniently in your electronic mailbox.

CHIP Best Desktop Banking Seal

The computer magazine CHIP awarded the online banking service of Sparkasse Mainfranken Wurzburg top marks and named it the test winner.

Seal Capital Top Maker

Top brokers 2021: Sparkasse Mainfranken Wurzburg is one of the top brokers in the region.

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