passenger car & motor vehicle – what is the difference? Clarification

PKW & KFZ - what is the difference

The abbreviations PKW and KFZ are often used in everyday life. But only a few people know the difference between the passenger car and the motor vehicle. While the motor vehicle includes a large group of motor-driven vehicles, the passenger vehicle is mainly used for transporting people.

Definition car

The abbreviation KFZ stands for motor vehicle. Under it are understood all land vehicles, which are equipped with an engine and thus are machine-powered. In addition to machine power, motor vehicles are also not bound to rails. While the term KFZ is mainly used in Germany and Austria, in Switzerland the word Motofahrzeug resp. MFZ used.

While KFZ mainly includes motor cars and motorcycles, boats, trains, streetcars and airplanes are not considered motor vehicles. Although trailers for motor vehicles exist as well, they do not fall under the same category. Motorcycles are mainly single-track motor vehicles such as motorcycles. Two- and multi-track motor vehicles are in turn divided into commercial vehicles or. NKW or passenger car or. Passenger cars subdivided.

Moreover, the classification of motor vehicles can be continued even further. Commercial vehicles respectively. Commercial vehicles include trucks or. Trucks, buses and. KOM as well as tractors. Thus, passenger cars belong to the group of motor vehicles in addition to commercial vehicles. To be allowed to drive a motor vehicle, appropriate proof in the form of a driver’s license or permit is always required.

Definition passenger car

Under passenger cars or. Cars are understood as motor-driven vehicles, which have at least four wheels. Colloquially they are called automobiles resp. Cars designated. Basically, the designation passenger car resp. Car small vehicles on. Nevertheless, strictly speaking, trucks also belong to the group of cars.

passenger cars are mainly used for transportation of people and for transportation of goods and luggage. In addition, cars are allowed to tow trailers in the same way as trucks. The Passenger Transportation Act includes under passenger cars motor vehicles which, due to their design and equipment, are intended and suitable for the transportation of a maximum of nine persons including the driver. If the vehicle is allowed to carry more than nine people, it is a different type of motor vehicle.

Difference to commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles or. Commercial vehicles are not only designed to transport a maximum of nine people or a small amount of goods. They are mainly used for the transport of goods or persons and for towing trailer vehicles. For example, small trucks, buses or short trains fall under the category of commercial vehicles, although they differ in size and load capacity.

Difference for insurance

Motor vehicles must be registered and insured for use. However, the insurance as well as the insurance premium differs depending on the motor vehicle. Passenger cars can be insured against damage and accidents by means of a liability insurance policy. This also applies to motorcycles. Insurance premiums are also due for the operation of commercial vehicles. As a rule, however, cars are used by private individuals and companies, and commercial vehicles only by companies, which means that there are different insurance possibilities.

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