Mp3 cd and the car radio.

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I have a question, with which I unfortunately need help.
I wanted to burn yesterday a MP3 – CD for my girlfriend. She has to travel 3 hours to and from work every day, so she listens to a lot of music. Your radio (Pioneer) also normally plays MP3 CD’s, but somehow the one I tried to burn yesterday unfortunately not.
Basically I have actually only ne data disc burned, with the MP3s on it, and on the PC I can also listen to them wonderfully.
Now of course I wonder why it doesn’t recognize the CD in the car.

Blank was a conventional 80Min/700MB blank from TDK, I burned it with the integrated part of Vista (unfortunately have no other burning program, and also know except Nero none, here would be nen Freewaretip possibly nice^^). The disc was relatively full.

Does anyone have a clue what could be the reason for this?? Am I too stupid to burn, or I have overlooked something?
When rummaging on the Internet I have so far to the displayed error (Error 23) nix helpful found.In other forums was da only the directory name called. The file names are sometimes quite long, but can it be something trivial?Because even without individual folders he does not play the CD, even if all songs were simply copied over.



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Google also knows an answer to this ;-)

Just try the CD Burner


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Either the CD was burned too fast or .

On that or I want to go into more detail.

Where do these MP3 songs come from? So from which source?

The computer can play everything, only if it should be played somewhere else, you have to stick to standards.

Should therefore be a (here it comes)

Source material: WAVE @ PCM, 44100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo (AUDIO CD)
This WAVE can then be compressed into MP3 and is played everywhere, if MP3 is supported.

Should the WAVE deviate, there are problems.


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So the “burned too fast” may well be. I have basically done nothing other than to drag the songs over, the rest makes Vista then yes automatically. Since it has been good 670MB but only about 3-4 minutes I just assume that was burned at maximum speed.

The MP3 songs come from 2 different sources. Some are purchased (99Cent/song), and 2 other things I got sent from a DJ. Where they are exactly from, I can not say exactly.

As file extension I get everywhere MP3, and since I’m not particularly versed in such things I assumed that it should work. Especially since the PC as well as the IPhone and the IPod Touch play these files without complaining.

@ Nostray and Master Sai: My problem is that I have exactly 0 idea of such things. Just the quoted (from Master Sai) sounds to me like a mixture of Mandarin and ancient Greek.

@M.Knight: How “in the live system ? Vista makes it relatively easy, insert blank “Open window for recordable CD” (or something like that) select and drag files to the CD. And the CD is ready. What I have read, however, is that this can lead to some problems.

Will try again with CDBurnerXP, and hope that the then automatically knitted so that it works ,P
Because unfortunately I currently have no car there, so I have to wait then anyway until I can see obs now goes or unfortunately not.

Edit: Can I possibly use this as a “good” View characters,if the DvD recorder plays the latest DvD,but not the first try?K.A. how much playback difference is there between a DvD player and a car radio ;O


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