meeting of the illschwang municipal council on the subject of fire trucks

The equipment vehicle logistics 2 is to replace in some years with the fire-brigade Illschwang the tank fire-fighting vehicle originating from the year 1996. But now a huge problem arose. The vehicle does not fit height-wise into the vehicle hall.

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An agenda point of the local council meeting in Illschwang provided for eddy; it concerned the new fire-brigade car and the vehicle hall. Is the new car too big, or is the hall too small? The problems are the sloping driveway, the short wheelbase of the vehicle and the fact that the vehicle hits the ceiling of the hall when it is driven backwards, which can lead to damage. In the committee there was an intensive discussion in this regard. Officials at the base fire department had been grappling with the question of what the new vehicle should be for the last few months. At the closed meeting of the municipal council in October, commander Thorsten Jobst had explained the desire of the fire brigade in detail. The equipment truck of the type “GW-L2” costs between 350,000 and 380,000 euros, depending on the equipment. Jobst: “The subsidy through state funds is 73,000 euros, from the district a financial support of 24,000 is to be expected. The remainder must be raised by the municipality”. Possible would be, so mayor Dieter Dehling, with the municipality of Neukirchen, which is currently also considering such a new vehicle, in the context of inter-municipal cooperation to bring a joint order on the way. Then the state subsidy would increase by another ten percent.

Technical equipment

Contrary to the old TLF is renounced with the new vehicle on a tank, the FFW Illschwang has still another car with water conveyance. Instead, great importance is attached to technical equipment in order to be able to react flexibly during operations. Up to nine roll containers, adjusted to the respective needs, find space inside. Even though there is no tank, the GW-L2 has hoses with a total length of 2000 meters. Thorsten Jobst stressed: “The always new tasks require a reorientation regarding the equipment and the vehicles.”

During the demonstration of such an equipment cart, which was also attended by some local councillors, the problem with the accommodation in the vehicle hall became clear. At the community council meeting, the question of what a solution might look like was also discussed. Into discussion came thereby, a possible extension of the fire station. Mayor Dehling was of the opinion that the building yard should then be enlarged at the same time. This is under the fire station. The conditions are cramped there, more space could be created. In addition, there would be the possibility to replace the electric heating, which no longer fits into the present time. The requirements for new construction and renovation of fire stations demand changing rooms and showers for the active firefighters. These are not available at the Illschwang fire station. They could be taken into account in the case of a conversion and extension.

Committee to take matters further

Second mayor Benjamin Hiltl spoke out for a longer-term project, whereby one should not shrink from necessary construction measures. He described the new vehicle as a well thought-out choice. Hans Pirner spoke out in favor of a basic financial assessment by an architect. Henner Wasmuth also considered it necessary to think about a replacement for the fire engine after 25 years. Christopher Herzog criticized that so far there is no overall concept for all fire departments in the community. He spoke out for it, the alternatives, like rebuilding and new building of the equipment house well through-calculate. Josef Margraf considered it important to find a common denominator between fire department and community. Stefanie Roth suggested to form an extra committee in the local council for the interests of the fire departments. Mayor Dehling took up this idea. The committee is to be determined in the December meeting. In addition, he wants to find a planner, who advises the municipality with the building measure until then.

Subsidy for partners

In the meeting there was another agenda item,which concerned the fire departments, which was unanimously endorsed. Here it concerns Wehrmanner, which were distinguished for 40 years of active service. Among other things, they received a one-week stay at the fire station in Bayrisch Gmain from the state. The partner had to pay for the stay herself so far. The councillors decided that the costs incurred will be borne by the municipality in the future. They are around 320 euros. Hans Pirner provided the decisive justification: The partners support the fire department in various areas.

In a previous meeting, the municipal council had already dealt with the construction of multi-family houses in Sandackerweg. A prospective buyer from the municipality of Pilsach presented more concrete information to the municipal council at the November meeting. To this end, an on-site meeting has already taken place. The investor is planning a four-story and a three-story apartment building there, which can reach total heights of up to 20 meters. From an originally planned underground parking was now no longer the speech. Josef Margraf criticized the very difficult access of construction vehicles, due to the narrow conditions in Sandackerweg. There should be, in his opinion, at least two car parking spaces per apartment, which is hard to do in this area. Margraf strongly opposed building apartment buildings in an area where there are only single-family homes. He received support in this regard from Gerald Habermehl. Henner Wasmuth brought two to three single-family homes into the conversation. Hans Pirner remarked: “Such stories do not fit on this property. The future belongs to space-saving residential areas. But this is the wrong place for the planned apartment buildings”. The municipal council unanimously rejected the building project.

New building area “Am Fichtelberg

The councils had no objections to a building application by the company ATH Heinl, which wants to expand the existing hall in the industrial park in Neuod, by a length of 157 meters and a width of 54 meters. David Neidl of the planning office of the same name presented in the meeting the comments of the public authorities and from the private area “Am Fichtelberg” before. The development planning is underway, and the tendering process could begin in January.

Mayor Dieter Dehling informed that recently the acceptance of the newly reconstructed road from AS 1 near Bachetsfeld to the hamlet of Bodenhof has taken place. From now on an Illschwang-App can be installed on the cell phone. Interested clubs or groups can post something current for a monthly fee of ten euros. It is planned that a QR code matching this will be printed in the next parish newsletter. The youth representative Selina Donhauser invited to the youth forum on 8. December in the meeting room of the city hall a. Benjamin Hiltl thought it right to cancel the Village Christmas. Basically, the clubs and groups should ask themselves whether it is not better in the Corona pandemic with highest incidences, planned events and celebrations not to take place.

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