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Man sets Porsche SUV on fire at gas station while wife is still in car

30.12.2021 updated: 14:30

A man rescues a woman from a burning Porsche SUV

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All of a sudden, the SUV is on fire: A video shows a man setting a Porsche on fire while refueling, with the female passenger still in the car.

Stuttgart/Shenzhen – Porsche AG, based in the state capital of Stuttgart, is best known internationally for its popular sports cars. In 2002, the traditional manufacturer expanded its product range for the first time with the Porsche Cayenne, a “sport utility vehicle” (SUV). Although the main market for the Cayenne is the U.S., the large vehicle enjoys great popularity worldwide. Although Porsche AG is celebrating great success with the all-electric Taycan and the legendary 911 is still considered a Porsche classic, the Cayenne is still the best-selling model from Zuffenhausen.

With the presentation of the Taycan last year, Porsche AG initiated the advance of the electric car into electromobility. In addition, the company is also working on an alternative propulsion system that is neither an e-car nor hydrogen. In addition, some models, like the Porsche 911, will continue to be powered by an internal combustion engine.

A driver of a Porsche SUV experienced a real nightmare a few days ago. As he was refueling his vehicle at a gas station, a man approached the car and set it on fire. The Porsche driver’s passenger was sitting still in the car at the time, as a video from the South China Morning Post shows.

Crazy incident at gas station: man sets fire to Porsche SUV and flees

In Germany, it’s currently a bit of a horror scenarioto go refuel at all. Indeed, in recent months, the price of gasoline has risen extremely. As a result of the gasoline drama, the first service stations in Baden-Wurttemberg have already run out of gasoline.

At a gas station in the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, this was apparently not the problem. A video shows a man refueling his Porsche SUV. He is standing behind the large vehicle while the car is being refueled at a gas pump. Suddenly another man joins the scene. He removes the nozzle, from which gasoline continues to flow at high pressure, from the gas cap and apparently holds a lighter in front of the jet of gasoline.

A driver escaped from a burning Porsche car at a gas station in southern China’s Shenzhen city. The vehicle was set on fire by a stranger when it was being refueled.

— South China Morning Post (@SCMPNews) December 20, 2021

The fact that you are not allowed to handle fire or even smoke a cigarette at a gas station because of the highly flammable gasoline is actually well known. As the unknown man had directed the gasoline jet to the right side of the Porsche AG SUV and ignited it, it was instantly on fire. When the driver notices the fire on his car, his first reflex seems to be to flee, while the unknown perpetrator also takes flight. But the Porsche driver thinks better of it and opens the passenger door, which at this point had not yet been engulfed in flames. As it turns out, a woman was sitting in the passenger seat, which flees with the driver.

Porsche SUV is extinguished by courageous service station employees

A burning car at a gas station can have devastating consequences. Due to the gasoline, the fire is fed again and again and could in the worst case spread to other vehicles or even to the entire gas pump. In the case of the burning Porsche AG SUV, it is probably thanks to the courageous intervention of the service station employees that worse was avoided. In the video, two men can be seen fighting the flames with fire extinguishers immediately after the ignition and the escape of the driver along with his female passenger.

Due to the quick action of the employees and the presence of mind of the driver, who rescued the woman from the burning car, apparently no one was injured. The employees were able to quickly extinguish the fire at the SUV of Porsche AG, but the damage is likely to be not insignificant. According to Focus Online, local police officials have already apprehended the unknown arsonist and are investigating the incident. Although gasoline in combination with fire is a particularly dangerous mixture, other drives are not immune to fire: A battery burned to a blaze on a Porsche factory site.

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