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Rental car.Tips provides you with helpful information for your car rental search in Portugal. With the suitable tips and information we inform you at this point suitably all around the topic rent a car in Portugal with everything which belongs to it and which is important and worth knowing for you.

Car rental price comparison Portugal

Note on Portugal car rental price comparison: No matter if Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve or the island Madeira – If you are looking for a rental car for Portugal, you will be asked on the car rental price comparison site right on the booking screen, whether he is younger than 25 or older than 69 years of age. In Portugal it is common that a rental car driver under 25 years of age has a so-called Young Driver Fee must pay. Under certain circumstances, even older drivers may have to pay a so-called senior citizen surcharge. So here, if this applies to you, you should definitely check the box and indicate your appropriate age. Afterwards, our price comparison system can immediately pick out the right offer for your Portugal trip that perfectly fits your needs& Age is tailored. For you, this information means: less searching!

note: For some rental companies, the maximum rental age in Portugal can be 75 years old.

Resume: No matter which offer you prefer in terms of price, always look at the associated rental conditions. Because the most favorable offer can become fast also the most expensive one in the end, if possibly still surcharges etc. are. added. For this reason, set the hook at “You are under 25 years old or over 69 years old” – but still check the rental conditions again to see if the car rental company gives precise information about the age conditions.

How high the young driver fee in Portugal can turn out, we have for you further down, under the point upgrades& Extras, extra listed and compiled.

Tip to Time when renting& Levy: If possible, always choose the same time, i.e. rent and drop off 12 o’clock, otherwise you will be charged for an additional day if you drop off after 12 o’clock!

driving license

Holidaymakers who want to rent a car in Portugal or on the Portuguese islands must be in possession of a valid national driver’s license. In the rental conditions you will usually also find an indication of how long you must have held your driver’s license to be able to rent a vehicle. For the whole of Portugal, as a rule, 1 year of driving license possession applies without more important endorsements. It can also happen with certain rental companies that you even have to be in possession of the driver’s license for 3 full years. However, car renters who do not reside in Portugal or on the Portuguese islands should note that many car rental companies in Portugal additionally require at the time of rental a valid passport to the valid national driving license (EU driving license) want to see. Our tip: So for your safety, be sure to take your passport with you.

Note on the national driver’s license: If the Latin alphabet was not used on your driver’s license (z. B. this is the case for Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), you will need a international driving license in connection with your national driver’s license and should also have your passport with you. In other words, if you do not have a multilingual driver’s license, we recommend that you take an international driver’s license with you.

Note: The minimum rental age with many car rental companies in Portugal is 19 years old. In many cases even as late as 21.

Vehicle category

At the portuguese car rental stations you will receive the following car rental categories, which we have clearly arranged for you below. In addition, we also give you an overview of the relevant sizes to persons& number of luggage with it. In this way, you will get a good idea of what you can expect in the respective vehicle categories. Place and size depend naturally on it, which renting car (car mark) you will receive in the booked category finally.

  • Small car (2-door; Up to 4 persons; Offers space for 2 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Compact class (4-door; Up to 4 persons; Offers space for 3 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Middle class (4-door; Up to 5 persons; Offers space for 3 medium sized suitcases)
  • Upper/luxury class (4-door; 5 to 7 passengers; Offers space for up to 6 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Station wagon (4-door; Up to 5 people; Provides space for 4 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Off-road/ SUV (4-door; 4 to 5 persons; Offers space for 2 to 3 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Van (4-door; 5 to 7 persons; Offers space for up to 4 medium-sized suitcases)
  • Convertible (2-door; Up to 2 persons; Offers space for up to 2 medium-sized suitcases)

Note: The specification of the luggage pieces here are within the safety regulations& with full occupancy (z. B. in the van with 7 seats& 7 people there is room for ca. 4 medium-sized suitcases), d.h. the load does not go beyond the headrests! Of course, you can also rent a small car for 4 people, then fully load the trunk and hope that nothing slides forward in an accident& Injured passengers! But do you really want to expose yourself to this danger? We do not think, because otherwise you would not Rental car.Tips want to get extensive information about renting a car in Portugal!

Vehicle recommendations for couples

Note: With an appropriate budget there are naturally no borders upward with the rented car. In it we see from Rental car.Tips also not the art! We try to find for you and your loved ones a suitable& to find a comfortable rental car for as little money as possible for your trip in Portugal – Because that’s exactly where we see the challenge.

For city trips in Portugal: If you are a couple looking for a suitable rental car for the city, z. B. Lisbon, are, then of course a sufficient Small car Perfect from. With a small car you will hardly go wrong in cities like Porto, Braga or Colombra and you will fit into any parking space.

For intercity and highway travel in Portugal: If your trip through Portugal involves longer trips on the highway, then I recommend you already in the sense of safety, to bet on a somewhat larger specimen – with which also the comfort is not too short and which is perhaps still a little more space for your luggage. Here we offer especially vehicles from the Compact or mid-size rather.

Vehicle recommendations for families

Tip: With an appropriate budget there are no upper limits for car rental in Portugal. In it we also do not see the art. We from rental car.Tips try to find for you and your family a suitable& to find comfortable rental cars for as little money as possible in Portugal – Because that’s where we see the challenge.

For city trips in Spain: If you as a family with up to 4 persons need a suitable rental car to get from A to B within Lisbon, I recommend for city traffic the Compact class. If you are traveling with 5 people, I recommend at this point the Middle class which offers place for up to 5 persons.

For intercity and highway travel throughout Portugal: If you as a family with up to 5 persons have several hours of intercity or highway trips ahead of you, I advise you to choose at least one car from the Middle class to rent, in order to have in addition sufficient place for your luggage in the trunk. For more space and legroom there is also the Station wagon or van class.


When choosing a rental car, insurance plays a crucial role in the offer. For example, it can easily happen that your insurance coverage offers you too little, but the offer is temptingly cheap, then this can fall on your feet in the event of a claim and you have saved nothing at all in the end but just paid dearly in addition. At this point we advise you to check the Portugal rental car price comparison on the left side under the point “insurance coverage” all offers with “Premium protection” display. You pay for Portugal on average 2.74€ more per day in the smallest category (depending on location), but are optimally insured, as the following offer shows you:

Car rental offer for example for 8 days Portugal from Lisbon (incl. Premium Protection)

Car rental offer for Portugal

  • Third party liability: with premium protection, a minimum coverage of 1. Mio. For liability insurance, the higher the better. Some offers also provide unlimited protection. Tip: An unlimited liability sum should always be preferred if all other insurance points are as follows.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance/theft without deductible: Here you should pay attention and take another close look at the rental conditions. In many car rental offers, it is not uncommon to find, for example fully comprehensive insurance without SB in it, but read the following in the rental conditions: ” incl. Deductible (=SB) corresponds to the amount of the deposit; SB will be retained by the rental company in case of damage and reimbursed by the tour operator”. At this point please do not panic, because if something should happen to your rental car during your trip, the car rental company will keep your excess, which was blocked with the deposit. However, you will be reimbursed for this by your tour operator. So in reverse you did not have to pay any deductible, just as it is in your offer above also in there! Important note: If the car rental company offers you when renting on site that you can additionally exclude the deductible by an extra fee, then please decline kindly! You are already adequately insured through your tour operator and will be reimbursed for the excess in the event of a claim. Car rental companies earn more on additional insurances they want to push on you. The conclusion of an insurance to the exclusion of the excess, as in this example, is simply money cutting!
  • Glass/tire/underbody insured
  • Fair tank regulation (full/full): What fair tank regulation means, you can read under the point tank regulation.
  • All kilometers free: this means that there is no limit to how far you can drive without being charged extra (z. B. mileage allowance)

Upgrades& Extras

Have you found the right offer for your Portugal car rental through our price comparison portal and finally click further to “to the offer”, you can book the extras you need on the following page. For Portugal there are at the topic upgrades& Extras following things as well as prices to consider.

Important Tip: First of all, check if your rental car offer also provides you with the possibility for extras. With few offers it can happen that the car rental company does not offer you many extras (z. B. is not everywhere a child seat to get) or. there are even no extras! That you should consider allso additionally with your reservation.

Below we have compiled the overview of what you need to do in Portugal as well as the Portuguese islands to Extras be able to get.

[accordion title=”Under 25 years” load=”show”]If you are under 25 years old when renting a car, you have to pay an additional fee at all rental car companies in Portugal: The so-called young driver fee. For the young driver fee, please be sure to check the rental conditions individually in each case! The fee is about 5 to 7,50€ per day in Portugal. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Second or third driver” load=”hide”]If the second or additional driver is not included in your offer, an extra fee will be charged for it. Note that the additional driver must also be of an appropriate minimum age in most cases. The second driver fee in Portugal is in each case between 15 – 49€. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Kindersitz und Babysitz” load=”hide”]According to the Portuguese traffic regulations, children up to 135cm must sit in a child seat. The fee for baby and child seats alike is on average 60€ per rental and is either payable at the time of booking or only when picking up on site.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Navi / GPS” load=”hide”]If you do not use your own navigation system, you can book a navigation system additionally. The fee is approx. 70€ – 98€ per rental and is payable either at the time of booking or only at the time of pickup. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Dachgepacktrager” load=”hide”]If you additionally need a roof rack for your rental car trip, you can click on it when booking. However, the price will be determined in most cases only on the spot at the time of rental.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Skigepacktrager” load=”hide”]If you need an additional ski rack for your trip through Portugal, it can be specified at the time of booking. Prices are determined, however, only on site.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Schneeketten” load=”hide”]Snow chains can also be added to your trip. However, the price will be determined when renting on the spot. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Border crossing” load=”hide”] A border crossing fee of 25 EUR is charged per rental. Please note: the border crossing is only allowed on request. [/accordion]

Tip: At this point, we are just trying to give you a price overview, by giving minimum and maximum prices. The exact prices can be found in the extras of their offer. Here each car rental company has listed its exact price.

Saving tip

We often find that the prices for extras become cheaper with the duration of the rental. For example, this is often the case with winter tires. For example, winter tires cost about 32€ + car rental for a day rental, for 2 days together they cost only 39€ + car rental, on the 3rd day they cost only 39€ + car rental. day only 40€ + car rental. The price therefore does not increase linearly.

pickup& Drop off

The most important part of the pickup& When dropping off a rental car in Portugal, of course, the pickup. In the end, the pickup is where the most can go wrong. Here are especially topics like Fuel regulation and the Deposit a very requested and popular topic, because they can raise questions again and again with vehicle renters.

Fuel regulation

If you want to rent a car for Portugal or for one of the Portuguese islands, you have the possibility to choose between a gasoline or a diesel vehicle. A diesel is usually more expensive in the vehicle rental (about 24€ per day), but cheaper when refueling. Tip: Here it may be worthwhile to compare the two fuel types in relation to the route length and rental duration.

Worth knowing: From time to time you will also find in the rental conditions a reference to a fee for the guarantee of a vehicle with diesel engine – This means the customer can pay for an additional fee of approx. € 3 per day incl. VAT. request a vehicle with a diesel engine guaranteed. However, the request must be made at the time of booking. So if you absolutely want a diesel vehicle, you can play it safe this way.

There are Fuel regulation of the rental vehicles in Portugal the following option, which has become popular with car renters:

  • Fair refueling regulation (full/full)You must return the vehicle with the same level as when you picked it up. So you avoid the usually expensive refueling by the landlord.


When renting the car on the spot, the main driver must have at least one valid credit card issued in his name at the time of rental. Credit card is required for the deposit, which is blocked by the rental company on site. The amount of this deposit consists of at least deductible in case of damage or. in case of vehicle theft (the higher amount in each case) + costs for a tank filling + taxes together. The amount of the deductible can be found in the rental conditions again. Once you have returned your rental vehicle in the same condition as when you hired it, the deposit will be released in full.

No deposit

Many vehicle renters do not always have a credit card. In this case you can for your rental car in Portugal on the left side in the price comparison under the point Inclusive services the point “No deposit” select and then receive only offers with “without deposit” renting.

Tip: If you do not have sufficient funds on your credit card, you can choose from the following options. B. at Rental company Auto Europe take out the SUPER RELAX INSURANCE offered on site so that the deposit can be waived.

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