Car driving license: from registration to additional class

Going on vacation in your own car, inviting friends for a spin or simply being mobile without restrictions. For many, a driver’s license means one thing above all: freedom. Young people in particular long for this independence and begin their driver’s license training when they come of age. How the path to a driving license works, what costs can be expected and how novice drivers can obtain a driving license at the age of 17, read here.

Getting your driver’s license: From registration to the test

The car driving license begins with the search for the appropriate Driving school. Once you have found this, you start with the theoretical training. At the same time you can already start practical driving lessons get going. Take care in time to get a First aid course, Eye test, Passport photo as well as the Driving license and examination application. Then it gets serious: After passing the Theory test the admission to the practical driving test. If you have also mastered this successfully, you will receive the driver’s license and start with the two-year probationary period.

  • Registration driving school
  • Theoretical training (14 double hours)
  • Practical training (min. 12 driving hours)
  • Formalities: first-aid course, eye test, passport photo, driver’s license and test application
  • Theoretical test
  • Practical test
  • Probationary period (2 years)

Cost of driving license

The cost of the car driver’s license vary greatly depending on the federal state, driving school and individual learning speed. On average, the B driving license costs approx 1.500 to 2.000 Euro. Depending on the number of driving lessons taken, however, fees of up to 3.000 euros possible. The cost of the driver’s license is composed of:

Cost factorExample costs
Basic fee driving school
(incl. theory hours)
200 €
Learning material 50 €
Practice driving hours ca. 30 x 30 €
special trips ca. 12 x 50 €
Exam fee
(theory& practice)
150 €
Driver’s license application 35 €
eye test, first aid course,
passport photos
60 euros
Total 1.995 €

If you do not pass the driving test, you will have to pay the test fees and, if applicable, the driving test fee. further costs for additional driving lessons. Some driving schools charge a higher fee for driving lessons after a failed test than before. So read the terms and conditions of your driving school in detail before you sign the contract.

Mandatory hours driving license: theory and practice

The training for the driving license takes place in two areas, one in theory and the other in practice. Especially in the practical part, the motto is: practice makes perfect. How many driving lessons you need to pass the test depends on you individually. But every learner driver must pay a Minimum number of compulsory theoretical and practical hours before being admitted to the driving test.

Mandatory hours driving license: theory

The compulsory theoretical hours for the B driving license comprise a total of 14 double hours: 12 double lessons (90 minutes each) on the basic material as well as Two double hours of additional material. The two additional units are compulsory, while the 12 basic theory hours can be taken at will.

Compulsory hours for driving license: practice

Admission to the practical driving test requires the following special driving hours:

  • Overland journey (5 x 45 minutes)
  • Freeway driving (4 x 45 minutes)
  • night drive (3 x 45 minutes)

Tip: In the first driving lesson, you will learn how to adjust the car seat appropriately. Read already with us how to sit properly in the car.

traffic lights at night

In the dark everything seems different, that’s why night driving is part of the compulsory hours

There is no minimum number of “normal” practice hours. However, it is recommended to trust the driving instructor’s assessment before you apply for the driving test.

Note: As a rule, you will learn to drive with a shift car. Alternatively, there is also a driving license, with which you learn only automatic driving.

Applying for a driver’s license: Already before the exam dates

You apply for the driver’s license before the tests at the responsible application office as z.B. the registration office, the road traffic office or the district authority. Ask your driving school who is the right person to contact in your area. Sometimes the driving school itself takes care of the application for you. The processing of the application takes about four to six weeks in claim. Admission to the examinations will not take place until approval has been obtained. So take care of the driving license application in time.

Documents for driver’s license application

The following documents must be submitted with the driver’s license application:

  • Valid identity card/passport
  • Passport photo
  • Confirmation from the driving school
  • Certificate of attendance of the first aid course
  • eye test certificate (not older than 2 years)

Driving test: theory and practice

Once you have completed the compulsory theory hours and applied for your driving license, you can take the theory test. Subsequently, the practical test must be taken within one year.

Theoretical driving test

The theoretical driving test for vehicle class B includes 30 multiple choice questions, based on a questionnaire of about 1000 questions. You can collect between two and five demerit points per question. Out of 100 possible demerit points you may maximum of eleven otherwise the test will be considered as failed. Exception: If you answer two questions incorrectly with five points each, you also fail the test.

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Repeat theoretical driving test

If you do not pass the theoretical driving test, you are allowed to take it repeat as often as necessary. The Fees for registering for the test, however, you have to pay each time again. Between the tests there is a A break of at least two weeks, in case of an attempted deception even six weeks until the next examination attempt are prescribed.

Practical driving test

Prerequisite for the practical driving test is theory test a maximum of 12 months ago may. In addition to the external examiner, the driving instructor is also present. The driver sits in the passenger seat, but is not allowed to intervene in the driving action. Otherwise the test is considered failed.

cars on the road

Also the lane change in flowing traffic must sit with the practical driving test

During the approximately 45 minutes long driving test you will usually be three basic tasks provided, such as z.B. parking, emergency braking or driving on the freeway. Avoid serious mistakes at all costs such as running a red light, disobeying a stop sign or endangering other road users.

If you successfully pass the practical driving test, you will receive your driver’s license immediately afterwards – provided you are at least 18 years old at that time. For the driving license with 17 (BF17) special rules apply, which will be explained in more detail later on.

Repeat practical exam

Similar to the theory, you can also repeat the practical test if you fail it. This also applies here: Each additional test costs additional fees and between the tests must at least two weeks lie. During this time you analyze together with your driving instructor the mistakes and take new practice lessons. After the third failed attempt, an interruption of at least three months is mandatory, after that you have another three attempts at your disposal. Should it If you still haven’t passed the test on your sixth attempt, you will first have to undergo an MPU (medical-psychological examination), to be allowed to take the exam again.

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Driving license at 17: Accompanied driving (BF17)

driving license at 17 timeline

According to accident statistics, young novice drivers are particularly affected by accidents. To protect this group of people, the driving license BF17 was introduced in 2004. Accompanied driving at 17 is intended to give minors the opportunity to gain driving experience under supervision at an early age.

Often the parents take over the function of the accompanying person, but this is not a requirement. Grandparents, neighbors and acquaintances can also accompany the novice driver. It is important that the accompanying person does not replace the driving instructor and is therefore not allowed to interfere with driving.

By the way, the registration and the exams can already be done before the 17. you must be at least 18 years old. Six months in advance you can register, three months in advance you can take the theory test and one month in advance you can take the practical driving test.

Requirements for accompanying persons

The accompanying person is already named in the application for the BF17 driving license and must meet certain requirements:

  • Mind. 30 years old
  • Class B driving license for at least. 5 years without interruption
  • Max. 1 point in Flensburg

In addition, the accompanying person must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the identity card
  • Copy of the driving license
  • Completed application with signature

Several accompanying persons can also be entered. Should you ever caught in traffic without one of these accompanying persons become a failure, you will be threatened 70 Euro fine, one point in Flensburg As well as the Extension of the probationary period incl. Advanced seminar.

BF17: Validity of the test certificate

At the end of the driving test, instead of the B driving license, you will receive a test certificate in which the names of the accompanying persons are noted. This certificate valid until three months after coming of age. So make sure to apply for your driver’s license in time. Note: In contrast to the normal driver’s license, the certificate for accompanied driving at 17 recognized only in Germany and Austria.

Driving license probationary period: duration and rules for novice drivers

After passing your driving test, you will receive your driver’s license – but first on a probationary basis. During the Probationary period of 2 years to prove to novice drivers that they are up to the task of driving on the road. The same rules apply during this period, but there is a threat of Tougher consequences than for longtime drivers. Depending on the severity of the violation, z.B. a follow-up seminar, extension of the probationary period or an MPU is required. During the probationary period also applies 0.0 per mille limit. For experienced drivers, on the other hand, this is 0.5 per mille.

Tip: Regardless of whether a driver is a novice or an experienced driver, a driver safety training course helps to brush up on the knowledge they have learned and to behave correctly in dangerous situations.

Driving license validity: Where and how long?

The driver’s license is valid indefinitely, but the driver’s license card expires after 15 years. Your driver’s license is also recognized across borders, but depending on the country, only in conjunction with an international driver’s license.

Where is the driver’s license valid abroad?

The German driver’s license is in valid throughout the EU and in Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. For all other countries such as z.B. in the Asian or African area, however, you need an international driver’s license.

International driving license

The international driving license is no independent driver’s license but is only in connection with your driver’s license valid. It serves as a translation, so to speak, so that officials abroad can trace the driver’s license. After three years, the international driver’s license expires and must be reapplied for. This usually takes place in the responsible citizen’s office.

How long is the driver’s license valid?

While the “rag” was previously valid indefinitely, must driving licenses issued from 2013 renewed every 15 years become. But do not worry, the passed test is still valid indefinitely and does not have to be repeated. Only the driver’s license card is replaced so that the data and passport photo remain current. Motorists who obtained their driver’s license before 2013 must exchange it within a certain period of time. The exchange period depends on the year in which the driver’s license was issued. Changeover to plastic cards to be completed by 2033 at the latest.

Exchange deadline for driver’s licenses before 2013

When the driver’s license is exchanged depends either on the year of birth of the motorist or the date of issue.

For people who have lost their driver’s license up to and including 31. December 1998 If you have received a driver’s license in the past, the year-of-birth rule applies.

Year of birth Exchange period
Before 1953 31. January 2033
1953-1958 31. January 2022
1959-1964 31. January 2023
1965-1970 31. January 2024
1971 or later 31. January 2025

For persons who received their driver’s license after 31. December 1998* have received, the year of issue rule applies.

Year of issueExchange deadline
1999-2001 31. January 2026
2002-2004 31. January 2027
2005-2007 31. January 2028
2008 31. January 2029
2009 31. January 2030
2010 31. January 2031
2011 31. January 2032
2012-18.01.2013 31. January 2033

*For drivers born before 1953, the exchange period is valid until 2033, regardless of the issuance of the driver’s license

Driving license class B: B96 and BE for trailers

The passenger car driving license class is called class B and Automatically includes vehicle classes AM (“scooter driver’s license”) and L (small tractors). Extensions form the trailer driving license classes B96 and BE.

Trailer regulation for B, B96 and BE vehicles

The normal car driver’s license of the Class B allows towing a trailer of up to 750 kilograms. The trailer may weigh more, as long as the total permissible mass of the combination does not exceed the maximum permissible mass 3.5 tons exceeds.

The Addition B96 allows a total towing weight of 4.25 tons and is often “Driving license for caravans” denotes.

If you are interested in camping with a trailer, also read our article on towing a caravan!

car with caravan as trailer

Who would like to drive with caravan into the vacation, needs the driver’s license addition B96

If that is not enough, you have to take an additional test for the driving license class BE lay down. Then you may have a Trailer of maximum 3.5 tons pull.

Tip: You can find more important information in our article Trailer driving license!

Acquisition of the driving license classes B96 and BE

For B96 becomes a Additional training in the form of 2.5 hours of theory As well as 3.5 hours of practice graduates. A test is not provided for B96.

The requirements for obtaining a driver’s license class BE on the other hand are somewhat more extensive:

  • 3 cross-country trips
  • 1 night drive
  • 1 Motorway trip
  • Additional practice hours for reversing, parking, city driving
  • Check from ca. 45 minutes

Used car leasing: Leasing your first car cheaply

Your driver’s license is in your pocket and you can’t wait to go on your first road trip? Then only the suitable car is missing.

Many novice drivers opt for a used car. This has good reasons, because a used car is usually much cheaper and is not subject to the rapid depreciation of a new car.

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