Buying a quad bike – off-road on four wheels

What types of quad bikes are available and what to consider when buying a quad bike

Buying a quad should be well prepared

To buy a quad should be well prepared.

Enthusiasts appreciate the freedom the vehicle offers them – it has neither a roof nor side barriers. Motorized is a quad mainly with a Engine capacity, which is in the range between 50 cc and 500 cc moves.

Four-wheeled vehicles are particularly interesting for young drivers. Because: Whether manufactured by quad brands such as Yamaha, Kymco, Suzuki or Kawasaki, who is in possession of a Driving license class AM (formerly S) is allowed to drive such a vehicle. However, one limitation applies: the approval relates exclusively to a Engine capacity up to 50 cc. Faster than 40 km/h are the motor vehicle drivers with it, however, not on the road. Quads may therefore also already driven by 16-year-olds become.

In our quad buying advice, you will learn below what to consider if you want to buy a quad bike.

FAQ: Buying a quad bike

No, it is not compulsory to have a driver’s license to buy a quad bike. When driving, however, it can look different.

A license for the road is not automatically available for every quad and must be applied for under certain circumstances. If driven in traffic without a license has this usually consequences.

If the desired quad is used, it should always be checked before buying for equipment, defects and damage. What else is important, show our tips here.

Quads buy – the agony of choice: these quad types there are

The off-road vehicle there is in different versions and types, differ in numerous points. So if you are thinking about buying a quad, you should first consider, which model is the right for him is. For a better overview, these are therefore briefly presented below and their characteristics are explained.

  • ATV: The All Terrain Vehicle is designed for driving on a rough terrain. It is characterized by its solid construction and size. Equipped with all-wheel and cardan drive, and the often existing independent suspension, it glides nimbly through the terrain, even off the road. Its fairing protects it from dirt adhesion. Not infrequently, the term ATV is also used synonymously with Quad. The transition is therefore smooth.
  • Mini Quad (Pocket Quad): As is already clear from the name, this is a quad in mini format. Despite their small size, they should not be driven by children in view of their motorization (displacement from 49 cc to 125 cc), because they are real powerhouses. From the purchase is in this case to refrain.
  • Kids QuadIf the quad is intended for a child, then the Kids variant should be resorted to. It not only adapts in size to the needs of the little ones, but with up to five horsepower and their light weight are also much more suitable for them. Nevertheless, wearing a helmet is not to be dispensed with.
  • 4×4 QuadWho wants to buy a quad of this type, a four-wheel drive is particularly important. Instead of driving only the rear axle as regular, here all tires are involved and thus ensure better traction. Sinking in unpaved ground such as sand or mud is thus a thing of the past.
  • Electric Quad: Quads are also available with electric drive. With what power the e-quad comes up, depends on the number of watts. The higher, the more power it has.

On the decision, which quad you buy, also affects whether you have a Need road registration or not. Since they are off-road vehicles, this is not automatically given, but can be subsequently requested. However, only if certain conditions are met. Thus, the participation in road traffic to the technical requirements of the road traffic regulations bound. The Quad must therefore Headlights, turn signals, brake lights parking lights and a speedometer have. If you decide only after the purchase to acquire a road registration, the conversion is accompanied by higher costs. Less problems you make themselves, however, if they already buy a roadworthy Quad.

What price to pay for a quad

Quad buy: Used vehicles are much cheaper

Quad buy: Used vehicles are much cheaper.

How deep a prospective buyer must dig into his pocket, depends on whether he wants to buy a quad used or new. Who chooses a vehicle without a previous owner, logically has to pay more than the one who wants to buy through a dealer or from private used quads, because through the use already various signs of wear have appeared.

In addition also the size of the engine capacity defines the price of a quad bike. Because: The more powerful the engine, the more power the vehicle has and the more money the manufacturers demand. While there are 50 cc quads starting at around 1000 euros to buy, call vehicles with 400 cc displacement and more substantially higher prices on. For an ordinary quad buyers must usually from 4000 Euro upwards pay. If a four-wheel drive is added, the expenses rise fixed to almost five-digit amounts.

Basically, however, the price should not be the top priority. After all, your safety is much more important than having made a real bargain.

Buying used quads – these are the things to think about before you buy

If, after careful research, you are faced with the agony of choice of which one to buy? However, before you give the go-ahead to a model, do not waive the Quad before buying to examine in detail. After all, you do not want to waste your money.

As with the purchase of a car Checklist help to keep all the important aspects in view. With its tabular representation it summarizes briefly and compactly your impression of the vehicle. Once the inspection has been completed, it thus represents a good protocol with the help of which you can make a profound decision.

First take a look at the exterior of the quad: Does the paint scratches on, which can lead to a any accident point out? This may have caused lasting damage to the vehicle, significantly reducing its quality and possibly also affecting your driving safety.

Furthermore, before buying the quad bike on Rust spots to examine. Especially on the frame and exhaust, the spots usually show up the most often, in winter salted splash water settles there but most likely. However, corrosion is also caused by condensation due to varying temperatures. If the vehicle is mainly standing around unprotected, the rust formation takes its course. If you discover during the inspection many of these spots, even just in cavities, you should refrain from buying.

Buy a quad used: Pay particular attention to the tires

Buy a quad used: Pay particular attention to the tires.

Also undergo the Tires a critical look. Finally, quad tires, if the vehicle is to be used on the road, must also have the necessary Minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm have. This value is considered the absolute lower limit to ensure the safety of all road users. Nevertheless, do not drive on edge.

Quickly leads to a worn tread to reduced grip and lurching driving behavior, which can become a danger to other participants in traffic. And not only that: For driving with too little tread depth on the tires also threaten up to 75 Euro fine and one point in Flensburg. Before you buy a quad, make sure that the tires comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act (StVO).

During your inspection, the Mileage not to neglect. Finally, the mileage indicates Information on how intensively the quad has already been used was. It also points out in which “life phase” where the vehicle is located. As a rule, the regular service life of a quad approx. 50 000 km – but only under the condition of average use. If the previous owner was excessively off-road, major signs of wear are already to be expected beforehand.

Buy used quad – also pay attention to the availability of spare parts

If you are thinking about getting a quad bike, and in view of limited resources, resort to a vehicle with previous owners, you should keep one thing in mind: Will there still be in the foreseeable future the necessary spare parts and accessories for the model of your choice? For vehicles that already have several years on the hump, this is often difficult, because always new series and copies are thrown on the market. Some manufacturers buy used quads, disassemble them and resell the individual parts. If you are a passionate screwdriver, of course, you also have the opportunity to go on a search for clues on the net and the purchased Disassemble the quad by yourself and bring it back to shape.

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