buy quad – tips for buying the off-road motor vehicle

Anyone who plans to buy a quad should be well informed in advance

If you plan to buy a quad, you should be well informed in advance.

Sporty and without a roof over your head over the roads or through the terrain to drive goes not only on two wheels. Quad or ATV call themselves four-wheeled motor vehicles, with which real driving fun is pre-programmed.

Before buying such a vehicle, however, many questions arise. What is the Difference between a quad and an ATV?

Which quad should I buy? What to consider if I want a buy a used quad would like? Are children allowed to drive quad? What is a LoF registration?

Basically, it is possible to buy a quad as a used car. It is advisable to compare several offers.

Here you can get an overview of the different models with their respective special features.

What license you need to drive a quad, you can read here.

Our Guide provides you with many important tips around the agile speedsters.

The quad – four-wheeled powerhouse

The term “quad” is a shortening of the English term “quadricycle”, what “quad bike” means. A quad bike is therefore a type of Motorcycle on four wheels.

A quad is often in motocross used as an off-road vehicle, but can also be found on the roads, for example, as a Recreational vehicle or as Replacement for a scooter.

If you want to buy a quad, you can usually choose between diesel and gasoline engine decide. But in the meantime you can also find electrically powered E-Quads on the market. There are both Manual transmission as well as quads with Automatic.

Furthermore, you need to choose a suitable motorization. A small quad has a Engine capacity of 50ccm with a Maximum speed of about 65 km / h. The most powerful vehicles have around 1000 cc and are therefore real racing machines.

A 4×4 quad has a All-wheel drive and is therefore also for off-road – gravel road, gravel pit or on the beach – suitable.

Which quad is right for me?

When deciding which quad you should buy, you need to consider what routes you want to ride it

When deciding which quad you should buy, you need to take into account what routes you want to travel with it.

Before you buy a quad new or used, you should first decide, for what purpose it is needed. Indeed, on the market you can find – in addition to the traditional quads – different types, which differ in their characteristics and areas of application.

  • ATVS: This All Terrain Vehicles are particularly robustly built and often have All-wheel drive (4×4 quad). Thus they are suitable for driving in especially rough terrain suitable and are often used in agriculture and forestry as a Commercial vehicles used. With the help of special accessories you can be equipped, for example, as a lawn mower or snow shovel. One such quad is usually called agricultural or forestry tractor (LoF) approved.
  • Racequad (racing quad): A racing quad is trimmed to high speeds and is therefore mainly used for competitions.
  • side-by-side: This type of quad is widely used, especially in the U.S. Here are two seats mounted on the vehicle so that the driver and passenger can sit side by side.
  • Mini Quad (Pocket Quad): The mini quad may be small, but it usually has a high engine power. It has 49 to 125 cc and is therefore not suitable for children.
  • Children’s quad: These vehicles suitable for children are not only Smaller and lighter, but also have a lower performance, usually about 50 cc. They are mainly used by the Motorsport youngsters used in tournaments and competitions.

Quads buy used – What you should look for

If you don’t want to spend so much money on the vehicle and you only want it to be from time to time for recreational fun would like to use, can buy an ATV or quad that is used.

Offers from dealers and private sellers you can on the Internet find at known portals. But also in the local classifieds you can discover models.

Which Price You have to expect for a quad or ATV, can be do not answer flatly. Depending on the make, model, engine, equipment, mileage, date of first registration and number of previous owners are large price differences to make out.

The used quad: When buying you should also examine the tires

The used quad: When buying you should also examine the tires.

Who wants to buy used quads, they should – as with the purchase of used cars – always thoroughly inspect. Pay particular attention to Rust, especially on the exhaust and on the frame. Be attentive when Scratches in the paint find, these could indicate an accident.

Pay attention to the Quad or. ATV also on the Tires. They should be in good condition, in no case porous, and about the necessary minimum tread depth have.

Also ask for, how much the quad was used by the previous owner. If this was mainly on paved roads or off-road, where a lot was demanded of the vehicle and the engine?

During a test drive you can then Check driving characteristics. Moreover, only the test ride with the quad or ATV allows to find possible defects that are overlooked by a mere inspection.

Important tips for quad beginners

Before you buy a quad, you need to think not only about the vehicle itself. Other important points, such as the necessary Driving license and the registration, are also to be considered.

Which driving license is required?

Who wants to buy a quad, of course, to drive the light vehicle also needs a driver’s license. Do you own the class B – so the normal car driver’s license – are you allowed with it also drive quad or ATV.

But also for many younger drivers it is possible to make their rounds with the off-road vehicle. Already from 16 years may in Germany the driving license of Class AM (formerly S) – also Scooter driver’s license called – to be made.

Holders of this class of driver’s license are allowed to drive vehicles which have an maximum speed of 45 km/h own and whose engine displacement not greater than 50 cc is. If this applies to the quad, the driving is allowed from 16 years old.

The approval of quads

If you want to buy and drive quads, you also need the right driver's license

If you want to buy and drive quads, you also need the right driver’s license.

So that quads approved for the road traffic can be used, they must be equipped with Turn signal, Brake light, headlights, Speedometer and Parking light according to EC standard be equipped. If this is not the case, often expensive conversion measures necessary.

To ensure that the vehicle is also well suited for road use, it should have Street tires, a wider track and a lowered center of gravity have. This is what you should think about before buying a quad bike.

Quads with an unladen weight of maximum 400 kg and a engine power up to 15 kW fall under the European provisions under Directive 92/61/EEC. This includes four-wheeled light motor vehicles (up to 50 cc and maximum 45km / h) and four-wheeled motor vehicles (more than 50 cc and more than 45 km/h).

A quad or ATV that does not belong to this category because it is a higher weight and more power usually comes with a LoF approval equipped. These are then agricultural or forestry tractors.

However, these must be certain requirements meet. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Trailer hitch with socket
  • required traction
  • Climbability
  • Holding effect of the parking brake

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Have to buy a kymko mxu 550i lof new at the dealer the price offer 7.083,36 without winch. Please inform me if is too much for this brand or is a good offer
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please note that we can not give information of this kind ourselves.

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I have a question .I would like to buy a quad bike of the brand Quad cf Moto 500 long .My question it has already 2100 km is that much baj.2014

Questions of this kind are difficult to answer in a general way, since everyone has a different idea of what mileage is too high.

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