When will the parking zones for e-scooters come to Lubeck??

There are about 30 to 50 e-scooters on the road or parked in Stockelsdorf. The advantage here: They usually belong to a rental company. The municipality Stockelsdorf the discussion with the operator company Voi searched. Discussed in particular problems arising from incorrectly parked e-scooters on sidewalks and bike paths, causing obstructions for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as people with disabilities.

“On the part of the municipality Stockelsdorf under integration of the company Voi on problem solutions is worked”, so mayor Julia Samtleben. “As a pilot project, a first parking area for e-scooters was prepared in the immediate vicinity of the Gerhard Hilgendorf School, at the height of Ahrensboker Strabe 90/92.”

The company Voi has included this area as an “Incentivized Parking Zone” (IPZ) in its app as a virtual solution. The parking area will be suggested to the users as a suitable parking location and they will receive a bonus, provided that the scooters are parked there properly. Further parking areas (parking zones) for e-scooters in the center of Stockelsdorf are to follow.

In contrast to Lubeck, Stockelsdorf creates parking zones for e-scooters. Photo: Matthias Neff

Unlike Lubeck, Stockelsdorf creates parking zones for e-scooters. Photo: Matthias Neff

Text number: 149607 Author: Gem Stodo/VG from 25.01.2022 at 17.46 o’clock

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Gabriele Kissmann

(eMail: [email protected]) wrote on 25.01.2022 at 18.01 o’clock:
The solution is quite simple! Get rid of those e-scooters again. Hardly someone uses these things traffic law! They pollute the environment (by the accumulators) therefore away with it!!

K.-H. Kutschner

wrote on 25.01.2022 at 18.1:00 p.m:
This pollution should never have been allowed!


wrote on 25.01.2022 at 18.36 o’clock:
. hmmm. if I remember correctly, this problem was already feared before these scooters were allowed and the rental companies have committed themselves to collect the scooters every day and bring them back to their locations. what has become of it?
Vorallem:will solve the problem in the NEXT YEARS. that does not go at all that one is to live still the next years with these stolperfallen!
Bonus grant I find wishy-washy and does not really contribute to the solution that the scooter is parked in a certain place.
The whole system would have to be revised.
E.g., that the borrower has no more costs only when the scooter was properly parked on a place equipped for this purpose. About GPS certainly no problem.
If someone parks his scooter somewhere, the costs continue for him. so simple, but also so effective would be the solution. but. typical lubeck. the policy here is not for nothing behind held hand with that of the schildburger compared.

Waldemar Wagner

wrote on 25.01.2022 at 18.52 o’clock:

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that anything will be done about this problem.

Who in Lubeck should select and approve these zones?.

The already completely overloaded administration will surely need many years for it.

In connection with the scooter problem, I ask myself once again whether the operators of the scooters pay levies to the city that benefit all citizens.

Maybe someone knows something about it and can enlighten me.

It would be only fair if the operators had to pay for the use of public space.

After all, every market stall operator has to pay for every single meter of market space used!

Or do the operators pay nothing because they are part of the currently hyped traffic turnaround??


wrote on 25.01.2022 at 20.2pm:
In Lubeck these things are lying everywhere as trip hazards on the sidewalks.
Stodo should not let these bad habits break in the first place.

Tobias Moller

wrote on 25.01.2022 at 21.47 PM:
The system with these scooters is a single mistake.

It would be better this way:
The city annually puts out to bid which vendor gets to rent out their scooters.
The highest bidder then gets permission to rent scooters in the city area under conditions.
All others must remove their scooters.

In addition there are then fixed pick-up and charging stations, for example at bus stops or advertising boards, into which the scooters must be pushed. There these then lock in and are charged again.

Pickup and return only at these stations.
Leaving it somewhere and walking away is then just as impossible as tipping a scooter over or throwing it on a street.

And the city would still collect money.

But that would probably be too simple.

Keep Rolling

wrote on 25.01.2022 at 21.50 o’clock:
The scooters are not at all harmful to the environment. If you take a closer look at the subject, you will understand this very quickly. I bet everyone who commented here has a driver’s license and a car. Exactly how much space does this take up? How much infrastructure has been created for the car alone? Of course, we can continue to close our eyes and pretend it’s fine as it is. However, it makes more sense to think about alternatives. The conversion of the Fackenburger, the rental of the bikes or even the scooters are in my opinion the right approach. Likewise I find it super that at least one of the enterprises, is endeavored and takes care of the problem and looks for solutions. I have been riding the voi to work every day for the past two years. It saves me a lot of time, money and nerves. And my ass, no one uses the scooters, now 80% of my colleagues ride a rental or private scooter.

Matthias bad

wrote on 25.01.2022 at 22.57 pm:
The scooters themselves I find a great thing. I rarely drive a car and regularly ride a bike. And sometimes scooters. When I don’t feel like going to the city another time or simply so that the bike doesn’t have to stand unattended in the city any longer. So I have found that scooters are sometimes a sensible alternative for me, which also still make a lot of fun. It’s just a shame and not the scooters fault what some people unfortunately make of it!


wrote on 25.01.2022 at 23.12 o’clock:
Each, not on private ground standing scooter is collected and occupied with 1000€ penalty for the operator! Should the scooter (as usual!) standing in the way of traffic, z.B. in the middle of the footpath/bike path: 5000€! At the 3. violation, the scooter shop will be closed!
Otherwise, the useless scrap is quite obviously not to be mastered!

Hagen W.

wrote on 26.01.2022 at 01.00 am:
The best idea and it is suggested here several times: The scooters may be logged out only at certain places. Otherwise keep rolling at the expense of the lender. How and where some contemporaries just shoot the things, is not normal. The scooters could have been a good thing, but unfortunately fail because of various tenants.
Stupid I find, that one already immediately again a comparison to the car calls out.
Then go shopping with such a thing. It was not created for this purpose.
Create parking spaces – done!

wrote on 26.01.2022 at 06.55 PM:
Would be thrown everywhere despite parking zone.

wrote on 26.01.2022 at 09.03 hrs:
The PEOPLE themselves should simply times mitenken. Use the nonsense and then like sche. isse treat. Can not understand.


wrote on 26.01.2022 at 10.59 pm:
And again, the easiest and fastest (. ) Solution not even considered. Anyone who wants to can become a “collector” register the scooter. These people collect the things and bring them to fixed (charging) places. Money per scooter. However, very, very little. As a municipality, why not impose a minimum price on the operators for which it is worthwhile?! Then the problem would be solved and the city would be scooter-free within 24 hours.

wrote on 26.01.2022 at 11.57 o’clock:
Why try for a long time, in Malaga this has been implemented for a long time already.

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