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With our largest vehicle models of Alis car rental you rent a lot of space for your move or furniture transport. The 7.49-ton truck is one of the largest vans we offer and is therefore suitable for large, heavy and bulky loads that cannot be easily disassembled, for example. Our offered commercial vehicles are perfect, whether for a small or large household, your furniture is quickly and in no time completely stowed and can be transported safely.

Please note that in order to drive a 7.49 ton truck, you need a driver’s license class C1 or higher! Do not have a driver’s license in this class? No problem: simply rent one of the larger transporters such as a Sprinter or a car trailer for your move. Especially for smaller moves these models are sufficient. With us you will find a wide range of vehicles.

Our vehicles and conditions

Thanks to our two locations, you can rent a high-quality truck at best conditions in Magdeburg as well as in Halle. In addition, we provide with the partner network “EUROPA SERVICE car rental”, nationwide at over 600 other rental stations in Germany and 1.439 rental stations all over Europe provide our service. We can always find an optimal solution for you. A modern fleet with models of all well-known manufacturers and a large portfolio of commercial and special vehicles is available for you at fair conditions and a high level of service and quality.

Simply contact us, you are welcome to make a rental request or reservation online or let us convince you personally and individually of our service!

Mercedes Atego T5 truck moving van rental - Alis car rental

Group T5

We are constantly updating the models we offer, both in the car and truck sector. Currently you can rent the Mercedes Atego in the group T5. This truck is characterized by its dimensions (LxWxH 6,05m x 2,42m x 2,35m) as well as by its equipment. The model has a box body separate from the cab and a hydraulic tail lift. This division promises safety and enough space for your transport or move. The tail lift, also called lifting platform, simplifies the loading and unloading of cargo or furniture. The permissible total weight of the Mercedes Atego is 7.49 t. The total payload is 2.2 tons. Our vehicles are reliable and are of course regularly maintained.
Loading dimensions: L 6,05 W 2,42 H 2,35

Note: Please observe the prescribed load securing while driving the truck.

Reliable service

Alis Car Rental has been a competent partner in car rental, van rental and professional complete removals for over 30 years. Especially the rental of vans offers many advantages. You want to move to another city and take your furniture with you? Or simply transport your shopping home after a visit to a furniture store? Then the vans and sprinters from Alis car rental are perfect for your needs! The simple renting promises uncomplicatedness and flexibility for your plans.

Alis car rental& Removals in Magdeburg and Halle offers you flexible special rates. How to find different conditions, such as favorable short-term rates, long-term rates, frequent driver rates or weekend rates. Of course, you can also rent a van or truck for just one day or a few hours. The pickup takes place at our locations in Magdeburg and Halle.

Ask us for the best offer and get competent advice from one of our experienced employees. With us you can book transporters by phone or online. Find out more details during your non-binding inquiry. Our employees will contact you as soon as possible!

Moving with the truck

Moving can be stressful. With our transporters, sprinters or even the truck, the move is fast and uncomplicated. You can easily transport your belongings from A to B or pick up new furniture from the furniture store. With our vehicles you rent service and reliability. Just send us a non-binding inquiry.

Renting with Ali’s car rental is as easy as can be. Please ask for your desired vehicle with corresponding desired date and your mileage. We will contact you immediately and make you an unbeatable offer. Then everything will be very simple: pick up, move and bring back!

If you wish, we will not only take care of renting the right vehicle, but we will also gladly take care of your entire move, including planning and transporting the moving boxes.

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